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Briantsev Dmitry

( People's Artist of Russia, chief choreographer of the Moscow Academic Musical Theater. Stanislavsky and Vl.I.Nemirovicha-Danchenko)

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Biography Briantsev Dmitry
photo Briantsev Dmitry
Born February 18, 1947 in Leningrad. Father - Bryantsev Alexander (1921. born.). Mother - Bryantseva Taisiya G. (1924. born.).

In 1957 he entered the Leningrad Choreographic School of Academic. Vaganova, and in 1966 he graduated. Specialty after-school ballet.

In 1968 he entered the State Institute of Theatrical Arts. Lunacharskogo (GITIS) on the choreography department. After GITIS, in 1976, receives a diploma director-choreographer. Since 1966. by 1977. worked Ballet at the State Concert Ensemble "Young Ballet (Moscow). In 1976. became a laureate of All-Union Competition choreographers. Since 1976, Mr.. by 1981. worked on labor agreements at the Theater of Opera and Ballet. Kirov (Leningrad), in the Operetta Theater (Moscow), in the State Concert ensemble "Classical Ballet" (Moscow), in the ensemble "Choreographic Miniatures" (Leningrad) State Academic Bolshoi Theater of the USSR (Moscow). Since 1981, Mr.. by 1985. worked as ballet master at the Opera and Ballet Kirov. From 25 February 1985. present - Chief choreographer of the Moscow Academic Musical Theater. Stanislavsky and Vl.I.Nemirovicha-Danchenko. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1983), People's Artist of Russia (1989). Member of the Union of theatrical figures (from 1981), Member of ISPA (since 1996). In 1969 he was on tour in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, in several countries in Latin America, Turkey, Iran, India, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Spain. In 1997 he was director-director episode "Leto.Klassichesky divertissement" Moreover, this installing musical "performance-divertissement" Moscow at all times, "dedicated to 850 anniversary of Moscow (7 September 1997, Luzhniki, Moscow).

. He is fond of horseback riding, downhill skiing, tennis, underwater fishing, hunting
. He likes classical music, chanson. Is admirer Fellini, Pasolini, Antonioni, Bergman, Mikhalkov, Sakurova.

Board books - the Bible, Plutarch, Montel, Cicero, Dostoevsky.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Address: Russia, Moscow, Pushkin Str., Q. 17, Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Productions of Dmitry Bryantseva

. May 29 1E77 g
. "Choreographic Novella Leningrad Academic Opera and Ballet Kirov.

"Origin" Music. Arvo Part; "difficult character" Music. Prokofiev, "Narcissus" Music. F. Poulenc, "Variations on the theme of" Macbeth "Music. G. Persepla; "Old Photo" Music. Shostakovich, "Road" Mua. E. John, "The double pas de deux" Music. Slovak composers, "Dedication" Music. Tchaikovsky

December 31, 1977, Mr.. "GALATHEA" Television balet.Variatsii T. Kogan to music. F. Low, The script and staging A.Belinskogo.Horeografiya D. Bryantseva.

April 4, 1979, Mr.. "Hussar Ballad" Music. T. Khrennikov. Production Bryantseva D..

April 30, 1979, Mr.. OLD TANGO. Television balet.Muzyka T. Kogan. Written and directed by Alexander Belinsky and D. Bryantseva

March 30, 1960, Mr.. "Hussar Ballad" Bopaoy teatr.Postanovka D.Bryantseva.Hudozhestvenny head Oleg Vinogradov.

April 29, 1961, Mr.. "HORSE Horse" Music. R.Schedrina.Balet in 2 acts. Leningrad Academic Opera and the Kirov Ballet Libretto V. Vainonen and P. Malyarevsky in the editorial O. Vinogradova, and DA Bryantseva.

May 1982, Mr.. "HORSE Horse" Formulation D. Bryantseva in the Sofia opera with decorations M. Sokolova

January 1985, Mr.. "HORSE Horse" Formulation D. Bryantseva in Rome Opera with decorations M. Sokolova

December 15, 1982 "Pages of the past" Music. D.Shostakovicha.Balet in 1 akte.Leningradsky Academic Opera and Ballet mm.S.M.Kirova.Libretto D. Bryantseva.

April 1984 Seville passion, or Bravo, Figaro! " Music. D. Rossini in the free treatment T.Kogana.Balet in 1 akte.libretto D. Bryantseva.

"NINE TANGO AND ... Bach Music. A. Piazzola and Bach. Ballet in 1 Act.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Ballet, D. POSTAVLENNYK Bryantseva of the Moscow Academic Musical Theater. Stanislavsky and VL.I.NEMIROVICHA-Danchenko.

July 26, 1982, Mr.. "HORSE Horse" Music. R.Schedrina.Balet in 2 acts. Libretto by V. Vainonen and P. Malyarevsky in the editorial O. Vinogradova and DA Bryantseva.

October 31, 1985, Mr.. "Bravo, Figaro!" Music. D. Rossini in the free treatment T.Kogana.Balet in 1 act. Libretto D.Bryantseva.Hudozhnik M. Sokolova

"NINE TANGO AND ... Bach Music. A. Piazzolla and I.S.Baha.Balet in 1 akte.Libretto D. Bryantseva.

December 23, 1985, Mr.. "Optimistic Tragedy" M.Bronnera.Balet, in 2 aktah.Libretto Bryantseva and Matskyavichyusa explanation of the play Vs.Vishnevskogo. Artist B. Leventhal.

March 23, 1987, Mr.. EVENINGS contemporary choreography. "Costume A. Gabueva, muz.rukovoditel G. Pearls. "The Eternal Game" Music. C. Debussy in the treatment Motido I.. "The romantic duet to music. Chopin. "Old Photo" to music. Shostakovich. "Vocalise" on music. Rakhmaninov. "Romance" to music. G. Sviridov. "Difficult character" to music. Prokofiev. "Spell" to music. BartцЁk. 'Road' to music. Elton John.

June 3, 1986, Mr.. Ballet ... BALLET BALLET ... ... " Libretto D. Bryantseva. Artist V. Arefiev.

"SKIF" Music. Prokofiev. 'SWAN SONG' Music. E. Chausson. "Cowboys" Music. G. Gershwin.

April 9, 1989, Mr.. "Le Corsaire" Libretto A.Sen-Georges and Jean Mazils in wording D. Bryantseva explanation of the poem Dzh.Bayrona. Artist V. Arefeev. Music. A. Adam, L. Delibes, C. Tsuni, D. Drigo, P.Oldenburgskogo.Balet in 2 acts.

November 1990, Mr.. "Lonely Voice of Man" Music. N. Paganini. A. Vivaldi and Libretto Bryantsev. Artist V. Arefiev.

July 27, 1991, Mr.. "Cranes" Music. I. Kitaro and Shostakovich. Bapety in 1 step. Libretto D.Bryantseva.Hudozhnik I. Barkhin.

Choreographic Miniatures.

1976. "ORIGIN" Music. Arvo Part. "Difficult character" Music. Shostakovich.

1977. "Choreographic DIALOG Music. Liszt.

1981. "Romance" Music. G. Sviridov. Prodigal Son "Music. Trufimovicha. PA-DE-DE "Music. Rossini. "Ophelia" Music. B. Marcheppo. "Shaman" Music. BartцЁk.

1983. "The White Clown" Music. E. Morikkone.

1984. "Eternal game called Music. Debussix.


1990. "MEMORY Gerard Philippe" Music. F. Ley

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Briantsev Dmitry, photo, biography
Briantsev Dmitry, photo, biography Briantsev Dmitry  People's Artist of Russia, chief choreographer of the Moscow Academic Musical Theater. Stanislavsky and Vl.I.Nemirovicha-Danchenko, photo, biography
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