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KELDIEV Gulnazar Keldievich

( People's Poet of Tajikistan, a member of the Union of Journalists of Tajikistan, a member of the Union of Writers of Tajikistan)

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Biography KELDIEV Gulnazar Keldievich
photo KELDIEV Gulnazar Keldievich
Born September 20, 1945 in the village of Dar-Dar Tajikistan. Father - Mirzoev Keldi (1906 g. born.). Mother - Mirzoeva Lola (1906. born.). Wife - Dzhumaeva Sofia Kobilovna (1953. born.). Children: Keldiev DG (1972. born.) Keldieva DG (1973 g.rozhd.) Keldiev DG (1977 g.rozhd.) Keldiev DG (1982 g.rozhd.) Keldieva DG (1996 g.rozhd.).

Graduated from the Tajik language and literature of the Tajik State University (1961-1966 gg.). From 1966 to 1973. worked as a correspondent, deputy chief editor of the youth newspaper "the Komsomol Tojikiston". In 1968 Keldiev became a member of the Union of Journalists of Tajikistan. In 1973 he moved to the post of Deputy Division literary journal Sadon Shark "(" Voice of the East "). 1975-1977 he. - A translator of Soviet specialists in Afghanistan. In 1977 he returned to work in the literary magazine "Sadon Shark". In his role as head of the department of the magazine he worked until 1991. From 1991 to the present time is the chief editor of the weekly Adabiet va Sanat "(" Literature and Art "). In parallel with the work of journalist GK Keldiev wrote poems. His first published work was a creative collection of poems in the Tajik language: "Rasmi sarbozi" ( "Self-Sacrifice"), released in 1969. What followed were collections of poetry in the Tajik language: "Dastarhon" (1972), . "Nardbon (" Ladder ") (1975), . "Agba" ( "Pass") (1978), . "Pakhno" ( "White world") (1981), . "Langar" ( "Anchor") (1983), . Pai gift "(" Trace of the river ") (1985), . "Chashma Nigina" ( "Perstnik") (1988), . "Tabhola" ( "Blood Fever") (1992), in Russian: "Star Ulugbek" (1981) and "Unnamed Spring" (1986), . Published by "Soviet writer", . and "Shadow of mulberry" (1989), . published in Dushanbe,
. In 1988, in Dushanbe, was published collection of poems in Persian chart - Rustam Takht ". In 1973 he became a member of the Writers' Union and Tajikistan. Keldiev transferred to the Tajik language book of poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, Rimma Kazakova, Mikhail Svetlov, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Nikolai Gumilev, as well as individual poems and poems by Lermontov. As a result of a prolonged contest, held in Tajikistan, a new national anthem of the State of Tajikistan became a hymn, written Keldievym (1994). He is also the author of the anthem of Tajiks of the world (1996). Confirmation of the multiplicity of his poetry was writing his two pieces. The first of them - "Mansouri Hallaj" - about a man who at 10 went to Century Square and said: "I am God himself!", And was brutally murdered. Second - Itochu Ghazzali "- dedicated to the famous scientist of the clergy, victory in the dispute Khayyam, Forobi, Nizomulka. The poetry noted Lenin Komsomol prize of Tajikistan (1985), the premium they. Torsonzade (1991), and work on the anthem of the State - the State Prize of. Rudaki (1994). In 1995 he was awarded the honorary title of People's Poet of Tajikistan. Favorite book - "the Gazelle Hafiz", "Rubaie Khayyam, poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva. Likes Tajik classical and world music. It works like a modern author and pop songs - Oleg Gazmanov.

Lives and works in g. Dushanbe.
Address: Tajikistan, 734001, g. Dushanbe, pr. Somoni d. 10 sq.. 15. Phone: 24-56-78

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KELDIEV Gulnazar Keldievich, photo, biography
KELDIEV Gulnazar Keldievich, photo, biography KELDIEV Gulnazar Keldievich  People's Poet of Tajikistan, a member of the Union of Journalists of Tajikistan, a member of the Union of Writers of Tajikistan, photo, biography
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