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Krasnov Boris Arkadevich

( Artist-designer, president and artistic director of the company `RED-DESIGN`.)

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Biography Krasnov Boris Arkadevich
photo Krasnov Boris Arkadevich
Born January 22, 1961, Mr.. in Kiev. Father - Reuter Arkady (1930 g.rozhd.), Was a prominent builder in Kiev. Mother - Reuter Nata B. (1931 g.rozhd.), Was a member of the Union of Artists, has worked primarily as an artist-designer of knitwear factory "Kiyanka". Spouse - Eugene, worked for many years a model for Vyacheslav Zaitsev, then at Valentin Yudashkin, is currently raising two children - Darina (1992 g.rozhd.) And Daniel (1995 g.rozhd.).

For Boris Krasnov fairest statement is the famous phrase: "Self made man" - "a man who made himself". He was not yet 40, but he was deservedly famous for his image as a leading artist and set designer in the modern domestic show business, no doubt. The name of the designer Krasnov, a well-known not only in Russia but also in Greece, the United States, Israel, Germany ...

Up to 5 th grade Boris Krasnov worked in the studio sculpting and painting in Kiev Palace of Pioneers. Then he graduated from high school art Republican Taras Shevchenko (Kiev, 1971-1978.) Theatrical decorative branch picturesque Faculty of Kiev State Art Institute (1979-1985).. He studied at the famous Soviet theater artist Daniel Leader.

Labor and creative activity, he began at the Kiev State Russian Drama Theater im.Lesi Ukrainki, which was the Acting Chief of the artist and costume designer (1985-1987 gg.). It should be noted that his father Boris Krasnov handle his professional choice extremely skeptical, considering the profession of the artist not for the men, and mother, a professional artist, has always believed in the success of his son. The first successful theatrical Krasnov enabled him to win recognition of the father and mother as well held rights, . and work on the design of the play "So we will win" Shatrova in Theater for Young Spectators Zhukovsky (1987) was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko,

In 1987. with the arrival in Moscow has begun a new and, perhaps, the main stage in the life of Boris Krasnov. In the capital he went in the direction of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine on a two-year probation. Here is an artist-intern Moscow theater im.Leninskogo Komsomol (1987-1989 gg.), . both graduated from Faculty of dramatic art theaters and TYuZov All-Union Institute of Advanced Training of Culture, Ministry of Culture of the USSR,
. From 1989 to 1991. works as the chief designer of the Moscow theater and concert association Lenkom under the leadership of Alexander Abdulov. In 1992. Boris Krasnov creates a company "Krasnov design" and becomes its president and artistic director. Red Design "now - a leading firm in Russia scenographic. His life becomes like a race - a constant work in ahead of schedule. Days are painted by the minute, regardless of whether it is weekday or weekend. He can come home after midnight and early morning already be in full combat readiness. To maintain such a pace not far from all - be able to manage a large team of people clearly do work schedule, keep in mind several completely different projects and stay with the artist-creator

. Behind him design plays the leading theaters in Russia, . Azerbaijan, . Belarus: Kiev pantomime theater (N. Bandello, . "Romeo and Juliet", . 1980, . Kiev), . Drama and comedy (A. Stein, . "Astoria", . 1985, . Kiev), . Kiev State Russian Drama Theater im.L.Ukrainki (V. Dozortsev, . "Breakfast with the unknown and A. Pisemsky, . Predator, . 1986), . Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of Drama (D.Mamin-Siberian, . "Gold mines", . 1987), . Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theater im.Sameda Vurgun (T. Williams, . A Streetcar Named Desire ", . 1987, . Babel, . Zakat, . 1988, . Baku), . Chelyabinsk Academic Theater im.S.Tsvillinga (Ibsen, . Ghosts, . 1988), . Gorky Academic Drama Theater named after M. Gorky (A. Dudarev, . "And the day ..." ( "Dump"), . 1988), . Kiev State Academic I. Franko Ukrainian Drama Theater (V. Merezhko, . "Women's Desk in the Hunting Hall, . 1988), . Belarusian Academic Theater im.Ya.Kupaly (G. Gorin, . "Memorial Prayer", . 1989), . Vitebsk Academic Theater im.Ya.Kolosa (E. Ozheshko, . "Ham", . 1990), . Yaroslavl Academic Theater im.F.G.Volkova (E. Ozheshko, . "Ham", . 1990), . Moscow theater-cabaret "Die Fledermaus" (Gurvich, . "Reading a new play", . 1990, . Gurvich, . "I STEP Moscow", . 1992), . Moscow Municipal Theater "New Opera" (V. Kolobov, . On Mozart, . Mozart, . 1993), . Moscow Academic Theater of Satire (A. Buravsky, . "Do you have another Globe", "Schizophrenia, . or as previously stated, based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita", . 1994), . MAT im.Chehova (S. Dovlatov, . "New American", . 1994), . The State Academic Theater "Moscow operetta" (V. sight, . "Siberian Yankees", . 1995), . State Academic Theater im.Evg.Vahtangova (M. Vorontsov, . V. Shalevich, . "Ali Baba and 40 Thieves", . 1995, . Moscow), . Theater School of the modern play "(Yuri Volkov" My Lady "(the novel by Alexander Dumas' Three Musketeers"), . 1997) and many others,

An amazing performance by Boris Krasnov illustrated, for example, that during the period of his artistic career, starting in January 1980. and to this day, he has successfully implemented more than 450, including unique, projects. His productions Boris Krasnov implemented throughout the country - about 80 performances in Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and many other cities in Russia, worked in the United States, Portugal, France, Greece ...

Among the partners of the firm "Krasnov design" - Russia's stage superstar. He was the author of the scenery "Christmas meetings" A. Pugacheva (SC "Olympic", . Moscow, . 1991-1992, . 1997.), . recitals A. Pugacheva (concert hall "Russia", . 1998), . recitals F. Kirkorov "Atlantis" (BKZ "October", . St.Petersburg, . 1992) and "Best, . favorite, . Only for You "(Madison Square Garden, . NY, . 1997, . Friedrichstadt Palace, . Berlin, . 1997), . solo concert Samantha Fox (Izhevsk, . 1991), . T. Gverdtsitely "I thirst for a miracle" (concert hall "Russia", . Moscow, . 1993) and "Stronger than love ..." (Concert hall "Russia", . 1998), . J. Aguzarova and groups "Bravo, Bravo - 10 years" (concert hall "Russia", . 1993), . Group Lesopoval "(concert hall" Russia ", . 1992), . cabaret duo "Academy" "Do you want, . but silent "(concert hall" Russia ", . 1994) and "The Wedding" (concert hall "Russia", . 1997), . L. Leshchenko From Leshchenko to Leshenko "(concert hall" Russia ", . 1994), . A. Apina "Limit" (concert hall "Russia", . 1994), . I. Shvedova and I. Demarina "Two men walk in the light" (concert hall "Russia", . 1994), . A. Malinin Bal Alexander Malinin (concert hall "Russia", . Moscow, . 1995), . L. Vaikule (concert hall "Russia", . 1995), . V. Syutkina "7 thousand above the ground" (concert hall "Russia", . 1995), . Leontief "On the way to Hollywood" (concert hall "Russia", . Moscow, . BKZ "October", . St.Petersburg, . 1996), . L. Vaikule and R. Pauls "Lyme congratulates Maestro" (concert hall "Russia", . 1997), . V. Meladze "And on the ground again, spring" (SK "Olympic", . 1997), . Sviridova "At night all the way" (concert hall "Russia", . Moscow, . BKZ "October", . St.Petersburg, . 1997), . I. Ponarovskaya "A woman is always right" (concert hall "Russia", . 1997), . Larisa Dolina "I give you to Moscow" (Manege Square, . 1997), . I. Allegrova (concert hall "Russia", . 1998), . A. Choi flight to new worlds "(theater" Moscow operetta ", . 1998), . M. Shufutinski "Once in America" (concert hall "Russia", . 1998), . A. Rosenbaum "windows of the soul" (concert hall "Russia", . Moscow, . BKZ "October", . St.Petersburg, . 1998), . Shura (concert hall "Russia", . 25-27.12.1998 g.), . and evening, . devoted to Charlie Chaplin (the residence of U.S. Ambassador "Savior House", . Moscow, . 1989), . evenings in memory of Arkady Raikin (Central House of Cinematographers, . Moscow, . 1991), . Gala concert "Triumph of the winners" (SC "Olympic", . 1992), . concert-rally "International AIDS Day" (Moscow Youth Palace, . Moscow, . 1993), . concert, . devoted to the Independence Day of Israel (concert hall "Russia", . 1994, . 1998.), . Creative evening of I. Sharp (Moscow, . 1994, . 1997, . 1998.), . concert "Hit Parade" Harlequin "(concert hall" Russia ", . 1994), . concert Maya Plisetskaya and stars of Russian ballet "Straight from the Big" (City center, . NY, . 1996), . Commemorative concert, . on the 50 th anniversary of victory "Only you could, . My Russia "(CTAG, . Moscow, . 1995), . concert "Our Home - Russia" (concert hall "Russia", . 1996), . concert, . on the 300 th anniversary Rossiyskogo Navy (CTAG, . Moscow, . 1996), . concert series, . on the 25 th anniversary of the State Central Concert Hall "Russia" (concert hall "Russia", . 9-11.12.1996 g.), . concert "Surprise for Alla" (SC "Olympic", . Moscow, . 04.1997 g.), . anniversary concert, . 50-anniversary of creative activity L. Zykina (CTAG, . Moscow, . 04.1997 g.), . anniversary evening, . on the 90 th anniversary of the People's Artist of the USSR T. Ustinova (Concert Hall im.P. Tchaikovsky, . Moscow, . 1998), . concert, . 50-anniversary V. Vinokur (concert hall "Russia", . 1998), . anniversary concert, . on the 60 th anniversary of the double Olympic champion in boxing Lagutin (Palace of the Soviets Wings, . 1998), . concert, . on the 80 th anniversary of Komsomol (concert hall "Russia", . 1998), . concert "Militia Day" (concert hall "Russia", . 1996-1998.), . dozens of other activities,
. 7 - 8 February 1998. in the concert hall "Russia" have been creative in the evening and the receipts of the Boris Krasnov.

Among the creative works of B. Krasnov - television programs, prestigious competitions, festivals, presentations, ceremonies, etc.. etc.. Among them, the Miss photo-89 "(hotel" Eaglet ", . Moscow, . 1989), . International Beauty Contest "Mrs. America - Mrs. USSR" (Gorky Art Theater, . Moscow, . 1990), . Competition "Elite Red Stars" (World Trade Center, . Moscow, . 06.1992 g.), . Music Competition & Festival "Jurmala-92" (Jurmala, . 08.1992 g.), . competition of professional models "Elite Model Look-93" (CTAG, . Moscow, . 1993), . Contest-TV show "Morning Star" (MDM, . Moscow, . 1994-1995 gg., . 50 programs), . Contest-TV show "Song of the Year" (Ostankino, . 1993, . 1994.), . Moscow International Film Festival (1989, . 1991)., . International Festival-studios (Yaroslavl, . 1989), . Festival of Russian music in the "Stamps-Club" (New York, . 1990), . Arts Festival "Stars of Free Russia" (Sports Palace "Star", . Lipetsk, . 1992), . International music festival "Slavic Bazaar" (Vitebsk, . Belarus, . 1994), . Finals of the International Festival of creativity with disabilities "Together, we can no longer" (concert hall "Russia", . 02.06.1998 g.), . 10 competitive programs and the season finale KVN-98, . 10 th Festival KVN-99 in Sochi, . opening of the season KVN-99, . Competition KVN "Cup of Moscow" (1998), . all the solemn ceremony of the annual prizes Russia Television Academy TEFI "(BB" Pushkin ", . Moscow, . since 1989), . ceremony, . dedicated to the 60 th anniversary of Boris Lagutin (SC "Wings of the Soviets", . 06.1998 g.), . well as the ceremony: Award "Best Ballerina" (1996) and honor the winners of the International Prize "Divine" (Bolshoi Theater of Russia, . 1997), . wire Russia national football team at the World Championships in the U.S. (concert hall "Russia", . 1994), . Celebrating 20 years of division "Alpha" (MDM, . 07.1994 g.), . opening of the International Cup is "Spartacus" (MDM, . 09.1994 g.), . opening of the International chess tournament "Kremlin Stars" (1994, . 1995, . 1996)., . opening and closing of the International tennis tournament "Kremlin Cup" (1995, . 1996)., . wire Russia Olympic team in Atlanta (Central House of Cinematographers, . Moscow, . 07.1996 g.), . Award "Persons of the Year" (hotel "Metropol", . 12.1996 g.), . 5-anniversary celebration of the firms "Soyuzkontrakt" and "Lukoil" (1996), . design studios for television "station for a dream" (ORT, . 1992), . Nite astrolabe "(ORT, . 1993), . "To put it simple" (1993), . "Russian lotto" (RTR, . 1994), . "Seven days of sport" (ORT, . 1994), . "Mirror" (RTR, . 1997), . "Non-Stop New Year's Eve" (TV studio for the cycles of transmission, . TC "Ostankino", . 1997), . "TV-crossword" (1997), . "About That" (NTV, . 1997), . "Segodnyachko" (NTV, . 1997), . Old TV "(NTV, . 1997), . "Navigator" (TV-Center, . 1998), . Transmission "Montage-1, . 2, . 3 "(CT, . 1988-1989.), . program "Music in the Air", . dedicated to 125 anniversary of Tchaikovsky, . (Muz.tsentr VAZ, . Togliatti, . 1990), . TV film "Moscow Melodies" (1989), . L. Gurchenko feature film "Love" (1993), . presentation of the newspaper "Top Secret" (Central House of Cinematographers, . 1991), . Yugoslav firm "Pliva" (CTAG, . 1992), . spirits "Alla" (concert hall "Russia", . 1992), . "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" (Central House of Cinematographers, . 1992), . International Union activists stage "We - Variety" (concert hall "Russia", . 1992), . Russian edition of "Penthouse" (World Trade Center, . Moscow, . 1993), . MTV (SK "Olympic", . Moscow, . 1993), . popular game show "Russian lotto" (hotel "Eaglet", . Moscow, . 1994), . Books YM Luzhkov "We Are Your Children, . Moscow "(concert hall" Russia ", . 1996), . company "Peugeot" (Children's Musical Theater of Natalia Sats, . Moscow, . 1997), . project company "May Tea" - "Time - May" (Grand Club "Beijing", . Moscow, . 1998) and dozens of other,
In addition, B. Krasnov working in the field of interior design, industrial design, design exhibitions and design costumes. Its customers include restaurants Metropol (New York, . 1991), . "Ambassador" (1993), . "Benefactor" (1994), . "Under the piano" (1994), . Tropicana, . "Mario", . "Swan Lake", . "Jamaica", . Tiflis (1999), . malls and shops "Stolypin", . "007" (1993), . "Kochi", . Milan, . "Lindt" (1996), . Puma (1996), . M1, . boutique "Gianni Versace" (1994), . Clubs Arlecchino, . "Jamaica" (1998), . "Golden Apple" (1995, . Alma-Ata), . "Peter's Assembly" (1995), . "Monolith", . Entertainment Center "Madame Sophie" (1995), . Press Club of the publishing house "Moscow News" (1998), . firm "Intourtrans", . "PEUGEOT", . "Mersedes Benz", . "Dougan", . "Rot Front", . "May Tea", . BIZ Enterprises and many,
. He decorated booths at various international exhibitions, . including stand "Russian music" to "New Music Seminar" (New York, . 1991), . stands firm "Alla", . "Soyuzteatr" to "MIDEM-91" (Cannes, . 1991), . as well as the company "BIZ Enterprises" at the "MIDEM-91, . 92, . 93 "(Cannes, . 1991-1993.), . Exhibition Pavilion firms "UKS" (London, . 16.11.98-20.11.98 g.),
. In the city of Hamburg (Germany), the permanent exhibition of the foreign representative of the company "Dougan" executed by B. Krasnov in 1998.

Successfully working in concert and theatrical costume. Over the years, working with the firm "Vali-Moda", making out its presentation in Moscow (1990), Paris (1990), the Beverly Hills Hilton, Los Angeles (1991) and Jerusalem.

Boris Krasnov combines just three hypostasis - the artist, set designer and director. Central to the work, thus, remains unshakeable credo - to do well. Hence, individual and creative approach to each person or project.

Boris Krasnov has acquired unique experience of design of street festivals and events. Among which are: presentation of arms of city of Moscow (Novy Arbat, . Moscow, . 1994), . "The Feast of Easter on Tverskaya (Moscow, . 1994), . "Christmas on Tverskaya (Moscow, . 1995), . "Day of Knowledge" (Gorky Park Gorky, . Moscow, . 1995), . Day of Moscow (Vasilevsky descent, . 1995), . solemn procession "On our street festival" (clearance passage columns of demonstrators in East County at a celebration of 850 anniversary of Moscow, . theme "Metro", . Moscow, . 1997), . Holiday "Hanukkah" (Pushkin Square, . Moscow, . 1997),

His landmark work was the design of the First World Festival Competition of Circus Arts "Golden Bear" at the Red Square in Moscow (1996). The idea to build on the main square of the country's 13 circus riding-halls (the height of each 12 meters, width - 25) - the idea of a crazy, daring, difficult - inspired by the artist. Each of the pavilions built symbolized one of the geographical locations where originated the foundations of modern circus. There were a pyramid of Cheops, which showed the public rooms with tame pythons, the Greek Parthenon, the Roman Capitol, associated with gladiatorial spectacles. In the vast Russian mansion was installed artificial ice, where his skills showed young artists from the "Circus on Ice". Compelling fantasy Boris Krasnov has shocked and stunned when not only the audience but also to fellow professionals, and pavilions built by circus already entered the history of modern art as the "13 Wonders of the World".

In 1997, after the resounding success of the First World Festival Competition of Circus Arts, B. Krasnov was invited to Athens. Here he received the order of the Government of Greece to the design of Opening ceremony 6-th World Championship in Athletics at the Central Stadium Kolomarmaros ". The proposal submitted in April, in May, was examined by the stadium, June 23 (!) All sets were ready for loading, all work was carried out in Moscow. For the sake of fairness, I must say that the idea of sets owned by a Greek architect Nikos Petropoulos, and made designer Boris Krasnov. Among the elements of design - two sculptures of Apollo and 6, . 5 meters, . 21-meter sculpture of the goddess of peace Irene, . special podium for the orchestra under the leadership of the great Greek composer, . multiple Oscar-winning "Vangelis and Montserrat Caballe performances,
. The main element of decoration was a triumphal arch in front of the stadium a width of 100 meters, height of 24 meters and a depth of 50 meters. The upper part was decorated with bas-reliefs, reproducing the Parthenon metopes of the temple. Inside the arch, decorated with plastic tiles, like marble, were mounted control panels with laser light plants - a computer center, elevator to the level of the eighth floor, spiral staircase, air conditioners, etc.. Over the course of the ceremony watched TV audience of about 2 billion people, and broadcast in more than 160 broadcasters world. Decorations stood until September 7, the date when the International Olympic Committee made its decision on the venue of the Olympic Games-2004, and the Arc de Triomphe Krasnov was in those days no less attraction in Athens, than the famed Acropolis.

10, 11 and 12 May 1996. New York concerts were the Russian ballet star Maya Plisetskaya and. These concerts have become one of those events that are remembered by its creators, participants and spectators for life. Boris Krasnov great honor to be a painter and decorator gala presentation of the great Russian ballerina. Scenography reproducing hall of the Bolshoi Theater, explains the name of the concert - "Straight from the Big". When, under the solemn sounds of the polonaise from Tchaikovsky's opera "Eugene Onegin" on stage in New York City Center soared curtain and the audience saw the colonnade of the Great, . and quadriga, . and lights, . and shining lights of the chandelier, . many literally heart sank and tears welled in her eyes,
. This mood did not leave the audience to a dazzling finale, when the shocks display were shiny gold box Bolshoi. Maya came out of the main, the "royal", the lodge and went to the forefront, to meet long jumped up and enthusiastically roaring hall. Seven times during the performance varied scenery - four times in the first part, three times - in the second. This nostalgic background, and held a final parade alle members under the "Italian Capriccio" Tchaikovsky. Entered into the parade, along with all its participants Maya Plisetskaya in her regal dress by Cardin. It was kind of a world record among the spectacles with the participation of Russian actors both within Russia and abroad.

For 10 years, Boris Krasnov Arkadevich gathered for an incredible collection of show-business titles, ranks, awards. He - the winner of State Prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko in the field of culture (1987) for the scenography of the performance Shatrova "So we will win!", . TUZ Zaporozhye, . winner of the contest "Slavic Drama" (1989) for the scenography of the performance "Ham" on the play by E. Ozheshko in Vitebsk theater im.Ya.Kolosaya, . winner of Grand Prix "Golden Astrolabe" Festival of TV films, . shot on high definition equipment for work on the film "Moscow melodies" (g.Montre, . Switzerland, . 1989), . six-time winner of the National Musical Prize "Ovation" - in the nominations: Best Art Director "(1994), . "Best of Show at the concert venues of the country" (1994), . "Best scenographic Firm of the Year" (1994), . "Best Designer" (1995), . "Best Designer" for the decoration of the First World Festival of Circus Art "Golden Bear" and show Valery Leontiev "On the way to Hollywood" (1996), . Best director-set designer "for the super-show" On the way to Hollywood "(1996), winner of the Prize" Persons of the Year "in nomination" Designer of the Year "(1995 and 1996.) Winner of Moscow in the field of literature and art design of the performance for children "Ali Baba and 40 Thieves" at the State Academic Theater im.Evg.Vahtangova (1996), winner of the Russia Contest 'Manager of the Year' (1998) in the category 'Culture', . as well as many other prizes and awards, . including international,

. Boris Red is a member of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, the International Union activists stage, the Association of theater artists, Graduate Academic Board of the National Prize "Ovation" in the field of entertainment and popular music (1994)
. He is - by a series of lectures "Management in show business" (Russia Institute of Contemporary Culture, 1993) and "The role of the artist in contemporary television" (Academy of Television of Russia, 1994-1995)..

Main hobby - work. Free time he has practically no. The rare moments of rest are almost always related to physical activities, sports. Previously, a lot of play: water polo, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton engaged in sports. B. Krasnov enjoys collecting white milkmen. He brought them and give to the whole world. In this unique collection of more than a thousand copies of.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Krasnov Boris Arkadevich, photo, biography
Krasnov Boris Arkadevich, photo, biography Krasnov Boris Arkadevich  Artist-designer, president and artistic director of the company `RED-DESIGN`., photo, biography
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