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Salah Taimur Tahir oglu

( Vice-President of the International Federation of artists to UNESCO, Vice-President of Russia Academy of Arts, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of State Prize, People's Artist of the USSR)

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Biography Salah Taimur Tahir oglu
photo Salah Taimur Tahir oglu
Born November 29, 1928 in Baku (Azerbaijan). Father - Teimour (1898g.rozhd.). Mother - Sona (1901g.rozhd.). Children: Lara (1949g.rozhd.) Alagez (1953g.rozhd.), Aidan (1964g.rozhd.).

Graduated from Moscow State Art Institute Surikov specialty painter (1957)

. He worked as executive secretary of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan (1960-1961), . Senior Lecturer, . Acting Assistant Professor, . Acting Professor, . then a professor of Azerbaijan State Theater Institute named after M. A. Aliyev (1963 - 1974),
. About 20 years directed the creative workshop of painting, in 1984 - 1992 he headed the department of painting and composition at the Moscow State Art Institute named after VI Surikov (up to 1992.) Trained a whole galaxy of famous artists. He was repeatedly elected first secretary of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1973-1992). From 1979 to present, is an academician-secretary of the department of painting and a member of the presidium of Russia Academy of Arts (until May 1992 - Academy of Arts of the USSR) in 1997 was elected vice-president of Russia Academy of Arts. Since 1996 - deputy chairman of the House of Science, Education, Health and Culture, chairman of the connection with the creative unions of the Political Consultative Council under the President of Russia.

Tahir Salah - the world-famous artist, keenly capture the rhythms of life, able to listen and hear the time. His art - an active dialogue with modernity. From portraits, landscapes, still lifes, multifigure large canvases, the master of clear construction of the composition, masterly Salakhov owns the line and color, has a concise and deeply personal manner of execution. The power and generalized images give his paintings a monumental character, in tune with fresco. Becoming an artist coincided with the atmosphere of social upheaval late 50's and early 60-ies. He was one of the founders of the "severe style" - an innovative movement in art of the time.

A significant part of his work is a cycle of works on oil production and workers of the Caspian Sea, over which it operates throughout the life. Public recognition received paintings "Morning train" (1958), "repairmen" (1960), "Over the Caspian Sea" (1961), "Women of Absheron" (1967), "Morning on the Caspian Sea" (1986) and others.

Tahir Salah - an outstanding portraitist of our time. Man, it shows a close-up as the main value of the Universe. With much love artist depicts the family and friends. Such works as "Aidan" (1967), portraits of his mother, a series of images of his wife - VA. Salakhova, "Portrait of Dan" (1983), "Portrait of E. Dunaevsky "(1997), radiate kindness and warmth. More than forty years Salakhov create a gallery of images of cultural. Widely known portraits of the composer Dmitri Shostakovich, Kara Karaev, Fikret Amirov, the artist Robert Rauschenberg, actor Maximilian Schell, writers Herman Hesse, Magsud Ibrahimbeyov. They handed a rich inner world of people, full of creative combustion and human dignity. In the still lifes and landscapes native Apsheron, in studies performed in the United States, Italy, Mexico, Japan, captures the joy of the creator from contact with the outside world.

With unerring intuition, the artist perceives the essential features of the nature of different peoples and the environment in which they live, as manifested in the paintings of Mexican corrida "(1969)," Spain. Cordoba "(1975-1976)," New York "(1993) and others.

TT Salakhov recognized as a talented theater artist. His productions are distinguished vivid imagery, and exceptional skill in resolving specific tasks set design, the ability to accurately recreate the era. Among them set for a play by William Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra", . "Hamlet" (1964), . Opera U. Hajibeyov "Ker-oglu (1975), . ballet A.Ali-Zadeh, Babak "(1986), . dramas D. Jabarli "Aydin" (1972), . D. Alibekova "Death in Gyulistane" (1990), . R. Ibrahimbeyov "Behind the Green Door" (1996),

The artist's palette can be intense and vivid in color or restrained ascetic, but she always carries a majestic nobility. In canvases Salakhova depth of feelings harmoniously balanced with the logic of the wise wizard. Every job he performs with a high degree of responsibility and demands of himself. His works joined the Russian school of painting and artistic traditions of the East with the achievements of European and world art

. Artworks TT Salakhova represented in major museums in Russia, . Azerbaijan, . Ukraine, . Kyrgyzstan and other former Soviet states, . among which the State Tretyakov Gallery, . State Museum of Oriental Arts (Moscow), . The State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), . Azerbaijan State Museum of Art named after R. Mustafaeva (Baku), . are found in many museums and private collections in the world,
. Since 50-ies he is a permanent member of the major union, national academic, thematic exhibitions

. Personal exhibitions TT Salakhova held in Azerbaijan State Museum of Art named after R. Mustafaeva (Baku, . 1978), . the Central House of Artists (Moscow, . 1978), . in Gallery Gekkoso (Tokyo, . 1979), . Palais des Vireyna (Barcelona) and Madrid Museum of Modern Art (1979), . in Prague and Bratislava museums (1980), . Museum Trenton (New Jersey, . USA), . Museum Brendiuayn (Pennsylvania, . USA), . Konkoran-Gallery (Washington, DC, . 1988), . the Museum of Diego Rivera (Mexico City, . 1991), . in Gallery Frame (Istanbul, . 1992), . the Museum of Russian Art (Taipei, . 1994), . the National Museum (Beijing, . 1995), . at the Azerbaijan State Museum of Art named after R. Mustafaeva (extended exposure, . dedicated to the 70 th anniversary TT Salakhova, . Baku, . 1998 - 1999),

. The artist has participated in numerous international exhibitions: works by young artists, . on VI World Festival of Youth and Students (Moscow, . 1957), . of artists, . dedicated to the World Festival (Vienna, . 1958), . fine art of the socialist countries (Moscow, . 1959), . Biennale (Venice, . 1963), . Biennale of young artists (Paris, . 1963), . "Realist" (Helsinki, . 1978), . Triennale biased realist painting (Sofia, . 1979), . Triennale biased realist painting (Sofia, . 1982), . Biennale image (Rijeka, . Yugoslavia, . 1982), . Museum Ludwig (Cologne, . 1984), . Fine Art (Seoul, . South Korea, . 1992), . Fair (Istanbul, . Turkey, . 1994), . and exhibition of drawings, . organized by the Academy of the Arts of France (Montpellier, . 1997),

TT Salakhov participated directly in the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, working in the Arts Council of Russia Academy of Arts, who oversaw the process. The Council considered submitted for the competition works, to assess their artistic quality, monitored the performance of the work, participated in the discussion of the development and application of new technologies. Salakhov provided advice and practical assistance, including in addressing the monumental challenges in the calculation of future constructions as multi-image compositions, as well as individual images of the saints. Important paintings in the temple of the students performed TT Salakhova: VP Psarev, SN Prisekin, VI Nesterenko, S. P. Ossowski, N. Kochetov, etc.

. TT Salakhov is honorary president of the International Association of Art UNESCO, . Vice-President of the International Federation of artists to UNESCO, . active member, . a member of the presidium of the Academy of Fine Arts of Azerbaijan and a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kyrgyzstan, . corresponding member of Academy of the Arts of France, . corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Spain), . Academician of International Academy of Art (Russia), . honorary member of the International Academy Ekoenergia (Azerbaijan), . honorary member of the Society of Fine Arts Austria, . honorary member of the Artists' Union of Germany (Rhineland Pfelts), . honorary member of the Foundation of Culture and Education in Montana (USA), . Honorary Citizen of Trenton, . Santa Fe, . Billings (USA),

. Creative successes TT Salakhova awarded the honorary title of People's Artist of Azerbaijan, . People's Artist of the USSR, . People's Artist of Russia, . Hero of Socialist Labor, . USSR State Prize and twice in Azerbaijan, . Orders of Lenin, . October Revolution, . Red Banner of Labor, . Peoples Friendship, . "For merits before Fatherland" III degree, . as well as orders Istiqlal (Azerbaijan), . Cyril and Methodius I degree (Bulgaria), . Orders of Poland, . Mongolia and other countries, . awards in Trenton (New Jersey, . USA) and Santa Fe (New Mexico, . USA) etc.,

. He was awarded a gold medal Russia Academy of Arts silver medal USSR Academy of Arts, a gold medal MBGrekov, awards of the International Festival in Vienna, the International Exhibition of paintings in Sofia (Bulgaria) - First prize, etc.

Creativity of the artist is reflected in numerous publications and articles, among which are: Yu E. Osmolovskii "Tair Salakhov (Moscow, 1972)," Salakhov Taimur Tahir oglu. Rhythms of the new. Album reproductions "(Moscow, 1975)," Tair Salakhov. Catalog of the exhibition of paintings and graphics in Mexico "(author of introductory article Yu.E. Osmolovskii, . compiled Sh.M. Anarkulova, . M., . 1991), . A. Yu Sidorov "Wise art" ( "Baku Worker", . 28 November 1998.), . AI Rozhin "All shades of meaning" ( "Creation", . 2000, . with,
. 66-69).

Lives and works in Moscow, a creative workshop - in Baku.

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    Salah Taimur Tahir oglu, photo, biography
    Salah Taimur Tahir oglu, photo, biography Salah Taimur Tahir oglu  Vice-President of the International Federation of artists to UNESCO, Vice-President of Russia Academy of Arts, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of State Prize, People's Artist of the USSR, photo, biography
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