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( People's Artist of the USSR, professor of the Kyrgyz Conservatory, President of the Kyrgyz branch of the International Academy of Art)

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Biography DZHUMAHMATOV Asanhan
Born June 16, 1923 in the small village of Chuy Issyk-Ata district, near the resort town "Arashan" Kyrgyz Republic. Father - Chalov Dzhumahmat (1888. born.). Mother - Chalova Artik (1893 g. born.). Wife - Satayeva Gulhan (1933 g. born.). Sons: Dzhumahmatov Ermek (1959 g. born.) Dzhumahmatov Eric (1963. born.).

From childhood Asanhan experiencing difficulties. His father - Dzhumahmat Chalov, at the time was an educated and fairly wealthy man. In 1926 his father was arrested with confiscation of all property, including house and cattle, and sent into exile in Siberia. And when Asanhanu turned 6 years old, his mother and elder brother Murathanom (also with the seizure of property) refers to the Ukraine. The difficult childhood, a reference to the Ukraine certainly influenced the attitude Asahana. That Ukraine Asanhan Dzhumahmatov seriously began studying music. Living in the village Chalbassy Skadovsk village, Odessa region, he plays guitar in amateur orchestra, and later - on percussion. In 1938, . lived for almost 8 years in Ukraine, . Asanhan Dzhumahmatov returns home and goes to study at the preparatory department Pedagogical School, . parallel runs orchestra First Kyrgyz music and drama theater, . subsequently Academic Opera and Ballet Abdylas Maldybaeva,
. A gifted musician was included in the Masters of Arts of the republic in the first decade of the Kyrgyz art in Moscow, which was held successfully in 1939. Trip to Moscow, communication with the greatest musicians of the time were for Asanhana Dzhumahmatova one of the pivotal moments in his life. In September 1941, the State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR was evacuated to the city of Frunze (now Bishkek). Principal conductor was an outstanding musician Nathan Rachlin. The orchestra continued to work and lead an intensive concert activity. Asanhan Dzhumahmatov was enrolled in its composition and playing percussion instruments. In late 1941 Asanhan Dzhumahmatov was drafted into the Red Army and fought in the Great Patriotic War. He was severely wounded and bruised. Has military awards: the Order of the Patriotic War I degree "(1985), the Order of the Red Star (1972), Medal" For Victory over Germany "(1970), Medal" For defense of Stalingrad "(1975) other awards. In 1944, following his discharge from the army, becoming Dzhumahmatov orchestra of the Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater. After the war ended with the September 1945 Dzhumahmatov study at the National office at the Moscow Conservatoire. Tchaikovsky conductor on the faculty. While still a student at the Moscow Conservatory Dzhumahmatov conducts the student orchestra. After successful completion of the National Office in July 1948 he was appointed chief conductor of the Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater. The young conductor directs his talents to stage performances, which would contribute to the growth of the creative arts team, and expand knowledge of the audience from the world, Russian classics and performances Kyrgyz authors. Under his direction the first time in the country were put sophisticated productions of "Carmen" Bizet (1949), . The Queen of Spades Tchaikovsky (1950), . "Mermaid" MA Dorgomyzhskogo (1951), . works Kyrgyz authors - Abdrayev-Amanbaeva "Kim-kantti" (1948), . Rauhvergera "Cocula" (1949), . Vlasov-Phare "Altyn kiz" (1949), . "On the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul" (1951),
. Working chief conductor of the Opera Dzhumahmatov realized that education, which he received at the National office is not enough to achieve genuine mastery of conductor. Thus, in 1952, he decided to re-enter the opera and symphony conducting the Moscow Conservatoire. Tchaikovsky. He was lucky to learn from prominent Soviet conductor Boris Khaikin. It is learning from Khaikina to reveal the true talent of a professional conductor Dzhumahmatova. Under the guidance of his teacher, he perfectly masters the most complex set of qualities of this great conductor. Most formative role in the further development of the Kyrgyz conductor played a par with Khaikin, Professor Ginsburg, Evseev, Vasilenko, Hortukanov and other. The atmosphere of student life, work on the post of musical director and chief conductor of the Moscow theater. Moscow City Council, where the principal director of a People's Artist of the USSR Yuri Zavadsky, and the actors - R. Plyatt, VP Marecki, Ranevskaya, Orlova, could not affect its aesthetic formation. In the years of study Dzhumahmatov actively engaged in social activities and the remaining permanent secretary of the Komsomol organization of the Moscow Conservatory. After successfully completing his studies in 1957, he returned home and again as chief conductor heads Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet. During this period in the republic is preparing for the second decade of the Kyrgyz Art in Moscow. Requests the leadership of the republic Asahanu Dzhumahmatovu its conduct and appoints its music director decade. Within two weeks, 14-26 October 1958, Muscovites had the pleasure of meeting an interesting and original art of the Kyrgyz people. Composed TN Khrennikov, Kabalevsky, musicians Vinogradov and Martynov praised the executive level singers and actors. For the success of the decade and a major contribution to the development of Soviet art of the Kyrgyz Supreme Soviet Presidium of the USSR awarded Asanhana Dzhumahmatova Order of Red Banner of Labor. Then he was given the honorary title "Honored Artist of the Kyrgyz SSR" (1958). In 1962 Asanhana Dzhumahmatova appointed artistic director and principal conductor of State Academic Orchestra of Kyrgyz folk instruments name Karamoldo Orozova. Experience of previous work has helped create in the popular conductor of the orchestra performing his style, which gave impetus to the further development of the orchestra. Arrangements of folk songs evoked a lot of feedback. Accustomed to hearing, they started to sound and power with new colors. Over 10 years of work in the orchestra, he raised the professional level of staff to a new level. With Dzhumahmatov team visited all corners of the Soviet Union. The outcome of the conductor - this assignment team title of laureate of All-Union Competition professional groups. Treatment of classical and popular instrumental works for komuz and kyyak prominent Kyrgyz folk musicians Orozova, . Murataly, . Niyazaly, . Sherkulova, . Tumanov and others (over 50 kyuu), . and the processing of famous songs, folk songs eminent Kyrgyz melodist Atay, . Musa, . Eginchieva, . Abdykadyrova, . Tagaeva and others (over 100 tunes) still constitute the basic repertoire State Orchestra of Folk Instruments Kyrgyzstan and systematically performed in concerts of the Symphony, . folk and pop groups,
. From 1972 to 1983 Asahan Dzhumahmatov led the Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater, and from 1970 to this day he is the artistic director and principal conductor of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Kyrgyz Television and Radio. With a team of the orchestra played outstanding conductors: BI Khaikin, R., Wigner, G. Rozhdestvensky, Evgeny Svetlanov, V. Chernushenko, A. Dmitriev, Yuri Simonov and many others. Soloists Orchestra performed outstanding instrumentalists: S. Rostropovich, E. Malinin, S. Dorensky, V. Krainov, V. Gudnikova, soloists, world-class singers: E. Obraztsova, I. Arkhipova, V. Solovyanenko, B. Minzhilkiev, A. belly Bogacheva and other. The orchestra, are the major symphonies of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Mahler, Bruckner, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Khachaturian and others. The creative way of conductor for more than half a century associated with the opera house. During this period he delivered more than 50 operas and ballets of the world, Russian, Kyrgyz and Soviet classics. Among them: the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" by Prokofiev (1962), the opera "Aida" by Verdi (1960), "Boris Godunov" by Mussorgsky (1960), "Tosca" by Puccini (1962), "Mephistopheles" Boito (1978. - First in the USSR), . "Don Carlos" by Verdi (1979), . "Rhythms of Love" by Ravel (1982), . "The maid and mistress" Pergolesi (1982), . Pagliacci Leoncavallo (1982), . "Petrushka" by Stravinsky (1983), . Ak Shumkar "Ryauzova (1957), . "Toktogul" Vlasov, . Maldybaeva and Phare (1958), . "Murat" Knipper (1959), . "Zhamilya" Rauhvergera (1961), . "Ilskaya Night Hadjieva (1975), . "Dawns Here Are Quiet" Molchanov (1974), . "Peter I" Petrova (1976), . "Sheer Maisara" Yudakova (1960), . "Zaporozhez Danube" Artemuskogo (1961) and other,
. Famous opera singers, folk artists of the USSR Saira Kiyizbaeva, Huseyin Mukhtarov, Bolot Minzhilkiev, Artik Myrzabaev, Distinguished Artist of Chodron, Darik Zhalgasynova began studying opera under the leadership of the Party Dzhumahmatova. Almost all of opera and ballet performances set in the opera house since 1974, have been implemented conductor Dzhumahmatovym. A huge contribution was made by the conductor in the development of national opera and ballet. Under his leadership, were delivered to the main opera and ballet performances that make up the current repertoire of Kyrgyz Academic Opera and Ballet. Deep imprint on the work Dzhumahmatova left on stage Kyrgyz Academic Theater under the direction Asahana Dzhumahmatova renowned singers - Irina Arkhipova, . Elena Obraztsova, . N. Shemchuk, . M. Bieshu, . V. Polka, . Z. Biba, . Yu Mazurka, . A. Solovianenko, . M. Kalinin, . E. Serkevaevoy, . A. Tulegenova and many,
. In 1989 Asanhan Dzhumahmatov comes the chief conductor of the State Chamber Orchestra "Nasyykat" where the band opens up new vistas for the maestro is folk music. It is performed by the Orchestra gets a new sound. Chamber Orchestra Nasyykat "repeatedly represented sovteskoe and Kyrgyz iskuksstvo at international festivals and to distinguished foreign guests of the republic. Asahan Dzhumahmatov has tremendous social work, . He is president of the Union of Musicians of the Kyrgyz Republic, . Vice-President of the International Union of Musicians, . President of the Kyrgyz branch of the International Academy of Art,
. Since 1995, he was professor of the Kyrgyz Conservatory. Over many years of creative activity, he has trained many professional musicians musicians. His experience in the conductor, he gave the second conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of Radio and Television of the Republic IA Mashkeevichu. For a huge contribution to the development of the world, . Soviet and Kyrgyz art Asahan Dzhumahmatov was awarded the honorary title of People's Artist of the Kyrgyz SSR (1971), . People's Artist of USSR (1976), . State Prize of the Kyrgyz SSR behalf Toktogula (1972),
. In 1997 he was awarded the National Order of the Kyrgyz Manas 3-degree. All my free time Asahan Dzhumahmatov gives the collection, processing, arrangement and performance in concerts and recordings for radio and television folk tunes and works of folk musicians. In sport is not engaged in any, . but routine Asahana Dzhumahmatova truly Spartan: summer and winter sleeping on the floor with a balcony, . rises at 5.30 am, . engaged in a conductor's gymnastics, . Takes both hot and cold shower, . to and from work goes only by foot,
. Likes to go on a vegetable market, buy vegetables, fruit, yogurt and cottage cheese. Over a lifetime, not resting on any of the resort, motels or rest homes. While on holiday leaving his native village, walking through the mountains on foot. She speaks Kyrgyz, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Lives and works in g. Bishkek.
Address: Kyrgyzstan, Mr.. Bishkek Street. Razzakov d. 50, Kyrgyz branch of the International Academy of creativity.

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DZHUMAHMATOV Asanhan, photo, biography
DZHUMAHMATOV Asanhan, photo, biography DZHUMAHMATOV Asanhan  People's Artist of the USSR, professor of the Kyrgyz Conservatory, President of the Kyrgyz branch of the International Academy of Art, photo, biography
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