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NINTH Vladimir

( Honored Artist of Russia.)

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Biography NINTH Vladimir
photo NINTH Vladimir
Vladimir Devyatov was born on March 15 in Moscow in the family of a serviceman, and in all the objective facts of biography was to continue the military dynasty. After graduating from high school - Military Academy of Chemical Defense, and behind it - service specialty chemical engineer in the defense of Moscow Institute. However, parallel, other line - children's music school accordion, . school vocal and instrumental ensemble with unchanged for 60-70 years cliche of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, . participate in the musical drama student years and the scientific work,
. This period in Soviet musical stage - professional and amateur - was marked by the appearance of a large number of musical groups that connect to their style of folk songs with modern rhythms and techniques of playing. Obviously, this wave was audible surprise Russian Vladimir Devyatova voice that led him to the Faculty of folk song Musical and Pedagogical Institute Gnesinyh (now Russia Academy of Music).

Hence, it began a new creative artistic biography of Vladimir Devyatova. First, . the basis of this biography - a meeting with a remarkable teacher Prof. Ludmila Shamin, . which opened the horizons of creative opportunities for young singer, . The professional skills and become not only a benchmark in the profession, . and other senior,

Soon came the successes and recognition. In the second year at college in 1985, Vladimir Devyatov creates an ensemble of folk instruments "Russian Melodies" and as a soloist-vocalist became a laureate at the XII World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, . International Festival in Tbilisi and III All-Russia contest of singers of folk songs in Krasnodar,
. It should be noted that the victory in the All-Russia competitions of performers of folk songs usually get "weak half". Vladimir Devyatov - a rare exception, and this exclusivity is just yet another success. Ten years later, in 1995, the international recognition his talent was noted the title of "Honorary Master of Arts International Academy of Sciences of San Marino, and he is the sole representative of Russian folk singing schools, the award of this title.

Also in 1995, Vladimir Devyatova awarded the title of "Honored Artist of Russia", which was a high state assessment of his work in a decade. And in this decade came to work with the ensemble "Russian Melodies" in the system MGKO "Moskontsert" (he art director team and soloist): tour of Russia, . solo program in Moscow in the concert hall "Russia", . the State Variety Theater, . participate in the most prestigious concert programs in the Hall of Columns, etc.,
. In this decade, Russian folk songs and ballads performed by Vladimir Devyatova cuts in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, Austria, Israel, Thailand. His concert programs and movies concerts filmed and shown on Russia's leading TV channels - ORT, . RTR, . NTV, . His voice is familiar audience "Radio Russia", . Mayak, . "Youth", . Moskva, . Ekho Moskvy, . "Hope Radio" and other radio stations, . Russia's press notes to your kind attention,
. During this period, Vladimir Devyatov and ensemble "Russian Melodies" producing a giant plate of "Along the street youngster is" and CD "Russian songs and romances".

We can say that for 1995-96. Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir nine integrated and widely recognized as the owner of the brilliant Russian tenor, as a classical singer of Russian folk songs and Russian romances. He has a strong "own" place in Russia's musical scene, and you may say, the lack of "competition". However, the singer of "closely related" to the already-won artistic "niche" and he pushes its limits in the most seemingly opposite directions. In 1997, the Ninth and "Russian Melodies" released two new CD of Russian folk songs and ballads. One of them - "For the last five" as it confirms the loyalty of traditional performing style, but the other - "Perhaps" - is another, unknown Vladimir Devyatova. Russian songs and ballads arranged in the popular style, using modern means of recording and performed by a singer in pop, even "pops" style. What is it - a musical tribute to the conjuncture "market", the desire for more extensive coverage of modern listener, or simply "joyful nostalgia" for the musical yunostiN And maybe it all together ... In any case, followed by confirmation of success and this direction. The spring and summer of 1998 hit many radio stations began to Russia by Vladimir Devyatova song Oleg Molchanov "Rechenka-a river" - title track music album recorded by singer with a group of "Russian Melodies". New album "Rechenka-rivulet" released by a Soyuz in March 1999.

Serious, informed, creative Step Nine is doing in the opposite direction. He is preparing a concert program of classical music - ballads and even opera arias. Since the end of 1996 in music shops, lounges and clubs of Moscow lovers of classical music met with chamber singer Vladimir Devyatova - Executive songs by Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninoff. And in 1997-1998. with great success were his concerts in the Central House of Artists, at the State Museum of Musical Culture im.Glinki, in the Pushkin Museum, the Central House of Scientists, the Polytechnical Museum, etc.. As it turned out, his voice, his technical ability and an extraordinary richness of timbre Devyatova can sing almost anything that is given to sing tenor. However, the Russian vocal school, which is Devyatov, differs from the conventional system of training the singers of the academic trend. It is quite natural, when opera singers sing a folk song, but here's the opposite - it is probably the experiment. In this creative direction of Vladimir Devyatova still ahead. Hopefully, it will be a new, big success. But maybe, will dispute specialists. Already, sophisticated audience noted that the known works of Russian classical vocal sound in the performance of Vladimir Devyatova very clearly and convincingly, but differs from the generally accepted canons. Especially interesting and significant was the proposal by New Opera "(artistic director - Yevgeny Kolobov). In September 1998, Mr.. Devyatov first appeared on the operatic stage - in the premiere performances of Boris Godunov, he sang the role of Shuya. In March 1999,. singer took part in the opera Rubinstein's "Demon", where he was entrusted with the lyrical party prince Sinodal. Now V. Devyatov continues to work on solo parts in the Russian repertory theater "New Opera".

The last few years he Devyatov devotes much time and energy to community work. In 1995 he created the Center for Russian Culture and Art. His initiative was supported by the Government of Moscow, some creative projects included in the federal program "Preservation and development of culture and art" of the Ministry of Culture of Russia. The main ideology of the center, recorded in its name, is expressed in concrete, "quiet" cases. This work on the children's school of folk song, . Organization of concerts, . Competitions, . festivals and art exhibitions, . support for young musicians - in particular, . Vladimir Devyatova established a scholarship for the most promising students of Russia's Academy of Music Gnesinyh class folk song,

Recognition of the creative and public activities of Devyatova can be regarded as making his name in the encyclopedia "Modern political history of Russia 1985-1997 gg." (Volume 2, "Faces of Russia", Moscow, 1998). Become a landmark and a solo concert Devyatova in concert hall "Russia" in the spring of 1999, delighted the audience and a wide resonance in the media. Presented by singer solo program "Russian whim at the English club for the first time combined his success as an artist of the Opera," stars "of folk songs and romances, and pop singer.

Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Devyatov is now at a stage in the life and work, where we can say that he formed a master, and at the same time, there is reason to assume that the major successes still ahead in the XXI century.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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NINTH Vladimir, photo, biography
NINTH Vladimir, photo, biography NINTH Vladimir  Honored Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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