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ZYKIN Lyudmila G.

( vaudeville singer, People's Artist of USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor)

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Biography ZYKIN Lyudmila G.
photo ZYKIN Lyudmila G.
Born June 10, 1929 in Moscow in a working class family. Their parents singer recalls: "I loved my mother. She was a big peasant family, worked all his life in a hospital nurse. Very fond of her husband, my father, and forgave him a lot. He pogulival. And when she talked about it, she replied: "What, me jealous?" It is enough for all, and most of all to me ". Father is a valued. He was saving a family and cared about us. I remember he liked in the mornings is sour soup with buckwheat ... "

Singing 'universities' Zykina started in the same - in the family. Her grandmother was from the Ryazan Vasilisa song of the village, knew hundreds pripevok, rhymes, wedding, choral songs. Her daughter - mother Zykina - also loved and knew how to sing. They are father and Ludmilla - George Zykina - took to the house on the main principle for them - he understood the song and sang himself.

Another girl Ludmila was a frequent witness to this picture. Gather in their house, neighbors - even without a motive, but simply because - and issued an appeal: 'Come on, Zykina, sing'. Begins an amazing concert, which could last for several hours. Over time, these concerts began to take part, and Lyudmila. When she sang, senior silent, allowing her to express themselves. And there was in their house such that the singer broke, do not listen, kept him in the song just poured himself.

Lyudmila Zykina recalls: 'My grandmother and mother instilled in me a love for singing in nature, with no accompaniment, as if' himself 'quietly. One day at dawn in summer forest near Moscow, I sang very softly ... In the evening, a girl who worked at the near field, told me that he heard a note of each. Lesok once was a birch! When near the birches sing almost in a whisper, his voice seems shrill ... '

Before the Great Patriotic War was in school for working youth. When the war started, Zykina was 12 years old. By today's standards, age of children, and in fact not at all. Together with the older Luda Zykina autumn of 1941, was on duty at night on the rooftops - firebomb, which the Nazis bombed the capital, and from 1942 worked as a turner at the Moscow Machine-Tool Plant im.Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Thirteen girl helped the front, made its feasibly work in the defense of the homeland. One of the most expensive still remains for her the honorary title "Honored Ordzhonikidzovets", giving it a factory team in years. After working at the factory Lyudmila Zykina became a nurse in a military hospital near Moscow. Then she worked as a seamstress in a hospital im.Kaschenko.

Since 1947, the creative life as a singer Zykina. One spring day that year went to Lucy and her friends to the movies. And Mayakovsky Square girl saw the ad on a set of soloists in the choir Pyatnitsky. Some of her friends take it and say: 'A little to you, Lucy, try to play more in the choir? " Zykina started up with a half-turn: 'And there is not weakly. Bet on ice cream '.

In that year, the competition in the Choir Pyatnitsky was huge - about one and a half thousand people. Of that amount, wishing away the heads of the chorus in his group, only four people - three boys and one girl. This girl was Ludmila Zykina. In parallel with studies in the choir Zykina went to school for working youth.

In 1949 from the shock of the death of the mother Lyudmila Zykina lost her voice, she left the choir and got a job in the first exemplary printing. Soon his voice came back, and in 1951 she became an artist of the chorus of Russian song-Union Radio in 1960 - Mosconcert.

In 1960 L. Zykina becomes the winner of the All-Russia contest of pop artists, winner of the World Festival of Youth and Students, All-Union competition for the best performance of the Army song.

. Already being a famous singer, in 1960 Zykina entered the Music College
. Ippolitov-Ivanov, and then in the Institute. Gnesinyh.

Becoming Zykina as a professional singer and activist culture is inextricably linked with Moscow. In whatever city she did not come as a welcome and warm it did not take - better and more akin to the city than Moscow, it has never been. Few in Moscow enterprises, which would not have acted Lyudmila G.. The workforces of many Moscow companies enrolled in its Honorary Members. In those years the main theme of creativity Zykina - Russia, Moscow, war. Her songs were heard in military units and garrisons in many remote corners of our country. Name Ludmila Zykina - People inherently.

Her work has received rave reviews from such cultural figures as V. Muradeli, Rodion Shchedrin, O. Feltsman, Pahmutowa, T. Khrennikov. Leading composers created works specifically for her voice. Its music program - is the story of our people. Diverse and repertoire. In different years, it has been created thematic concert program: "You, woman," "You, the veterans," Russian Folk Songs, "" Evening of Russian songs and romances, "" Only you could, Russia and several other tracks.

Entire life Lyudmila Georgievna Zykina closely linked with the popular musical art, and performing her work earned fame not only in our country, but around the world. With art singers are familiar to all continents, she repeatedly visited most countries in the world. The popularity of its overseas confirmed by numerous references in the press of such countries as: Germany, Japan, Korea, Austria, France, etc.. Abroad, Russian singer was applauded as a major political figures (Jawaharlal Nehru, . Indira Gandhi, . Urho Kekkonen, . Nasser, . de Gaulle, . Louis Aragon, . Georges Pompidou, . Helmut Kohl and many others), . well as outstanding representatives of world culture (Charlie Chaplin, . Mireille Mathieu, . Charles Aznavour, . Marcel Marceau, . Frank Sinatra, . Salvatore Adamo, . Jean-Paul Belmondo, . Fernandel, . Louis de Funes, . Marc Chagall, . Rockwell Kent, . Van Cliburn, . members of groups "Beatles" and "BoneyM"),

"Tune" released a large number of disks, and in the collections of the Public Broadcaster is stored more than two hundred songs, sung Zykina. In 1982, Lyudmila G. Zykina was the winner of the prize "Golden Disc", awarded by the firm "Melody", she was awarded a "Golden Disc" Germany - 1969.

In 1977, Lyudmila G. graduated from the State Musical Pedagogical Institute. Gnesinyh (now Russia Academy of music. Gnesinyh). Academic qualifications, . its performing arts, . years of experience of creative work on stage and creative interaction with prominent figures of culture (AV Proshkin, . Zakharova, . P. Kazmin, . VE Klodninoy - in the choir im.Pyatnitskogo; AV Rudneva, . N. Kutuzov - Russian song in the chorus radio; conductors - E. Svetlanov, . VI Fedoseev, . VA Aleksandrov, . Yu Silantieva; composers - AG Novikov, . SS Tulikov, . EN Ptichkin, . AA Babadzhanyan and many others) found in a singer need to transfer their knowledge to young talents,
. Zykina conducted extensive pedagogical activities: teaching at the Moscow State Institute of Culture.

In the same 1977 Lyudmila Zykina creates its ensemble of Russian folk instruments 'Russia'. Particularly popular in the performance Zykina songs such as 'The River Flows Volga', 'Orenburg shawl', 'going home on leave a young sailor ...' other.

In 1989, the State Committee for public education she was awarded the academic title of Assistant Professor of the "People's Choir. She taught in Russia Academy of Music. Gnesinyh. Received an academic title of professor. Lyudmila G. Zykina held classes on specialty "Vocal" at the department "Choral and solo folk singing, and led the preparation of specialists for the creative teams

. Under the leadership of Ludmila Zykina on the basis of the State Academic Russian folk ensemble "Russia" received undergraduate and concert-performing practice, many young musicians, . including students and faculties People, . brass and percussion, . choral and folk singing of RAM,
. Gnesinyh. Many of them are already working on the professional stage. Among them are the: A. Sysoev, V. Kuschinskogo, I. Blumin, S. Woodpecker, EG Kalashnikov. Activities Ludmila Georgievna Zykina characterized as a teacher professionalism, perfectionism and mastery. Many of her students have become laureates of international and Russian competitions, . with distinguished artists and educators, . so, . example: S. Ignatiev - docent Russia's Academy of Music Gnesinyh; S. Gorshunov - Winner of the All-Union Competition "Young Voices", . Honored Artist of Russia, N. Krygina - won the Grand Prix and first prize at the All-Union Competition "Young Voices", . Honored Artist of Russia, V. Ftomenko - Winner of the All-Russia competition entertainers, . Honored Artist of Russia, etc.,

. It is a permanent member of the jury festivals and competitions at various levels both in the country, . and abroad (Vice-Chairman of the Jury of the Second and Third All-Russia competitions of folk songs in 1979 and 1985., . Chairman of the Jury of the First Moscow Competition entertainers in 1979),

. Along with the intense concert and teaching activities, Lyudmila Zykina respond to any public affairs with hunting and worked with great enthusiasm and impact
. She was a member of the Board of the Soviet Peace Fund (now Russia Fund for Peace), where her work to promote peace and friendship between nations is not just observed gratitude and diplomas.

As a member of the Moscow Children's Fund of. Lenin, Lyudmila G. most actively involved in the fate of orphans. Lyudmila Zykina was also a member of the Presidium of Rossiyskogo Cultural Foundation, a member of the Commission under the President of RF State Prize in Literature and Art, a member of the Council for Culture and Arts under the RF President.

She repeatedly elected people's deputy of the Moscow constituency N 1. As president of the Academy of Culture of Russia Lyudmila Zykina conducted extensive work on the opening of the Russian school of art in Germany, the twin city of Moscow - Berlin. Under her leadership in Moscow had started the construction meets the world standards Concert Complex on the banks of the Moskva River.

Creative, educational, social activities Lyudmila Georgievna been adequately appreciated by Russia and the international community. Over the years, creative and social activities Zykina were awarded the title: Honored Artist of the Buryat ASSR, . Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1968), . People's Artist of the Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1974), . People's Artist of Azerbaijan SSR (1972), . People's Artist of the Uzbek SSR (1980), . People's Artist of USSR (1973),

Lyudmila G. Zykina was awarded the Medal of Honor Board of the Foundation of Peace, medals "50 Years of Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." and "Veteran of Labor". More than all awards Lyudmila Zykina felt love and gratitude to the audience, to whom she bestowed her creativity.

Lyudmila G. Zykina - the author of several publications, which reflect the experience of performing and teaching work. She had written two books: "Song", . which highlighted the many challenges the execution of Russian and Soviet songs, . and "At the Crossroads of meetings - on numerous meetings on both a creative way for young musicians, . and with the outstanding figures of culture and art,

Its smooth and juicy, a beautiful deep voice remained remarkably expressive and emotional throughout life. She adored films of past years. Favorite actors: E. Matveev, V. Lanovoy, G. burning, M. Ulyanov, Yuri Nikulin, Yuri Borisov. Was the fan of ballet and classical music: R. Shchedrin, Plisetskaya, M., T. Sinyavskaya, M. Magomayev. From modern entertainers preferred to work A. Pugacheva and Kobzon.

Well drove car. Leisure time paid hobbies - reading books, embroidery, fishing, cooking various dishes, (favorite dishes - dumplings, and pilaf). She loved animals, especially dogs.


Like any beautiful woman in the privacy Ludmila Georgievna had many secrets, loves, disappointments. But, by her own admission, love gave her the shock stimulus to move forward, to improve.

In the prime of career Lyudmila Zykina attributed novels with big politics. 'In her admirer walked half of the Soviet government' - the buzz was envious.

Married Lyudmila G. was four times. First time played a wedding in 22 years with an engineer ZiSa Vladlen Pozdnovym, but three years younger scattered.

With the second husband - the photographer of the journal 'Soviet soldier' Eugene Svalovym - also lived long. When it was on tour in India, she was approached by an Indian and have foretold the imminent separation from her husband and great glory. Young singer laughed - she was sure of his wife, and the glory of a world no one could have imagined. But when he returned to Moscow, bitterly learned about treason and filed for divorce. A few years later created the folk song 'Russia', which toured the world.

Marriage to a third husband - a teacher of foreign language Vladimir Kotelkin - existed for several years

. But its biggest and long love Zykina called late husband - accordionist Victor Gridina, which lived for 17 years.

. Victor worked as an accordionist in Song and Dance Ensemble behalf of Alexander and liked the famous singer, who invited him to work with her in the ensemble of 'Russia'
. They became inseparable - always together. Love circled and encourages creativity. The time of love and courage to work together (together went on a tour), Lyudmila G. remembers as one of the best. Gridin, which was under his shefini for 14 years, said, they say, why do you want this 'old lady'!

But Zykina Gridin and loved each other and not listening to wicked slander. The strongest shock for Ludmila Georgievna became her break after 17 years of marriage with her beloved husband. The reason for the divorce called another woman.

They say the gap Lyudmila G. experiencing a very difficult and painful. But to save face, then in an interview with a smile, saying, they say, I was betrothed husband of his young wife.

- I think our marriage with Gridin collapsed because we were colleagues, but not spouses - confessed in an interview the singer. - When our relationship came to an end and I realized that in his life came another woman, I let him go ...

After 17 years of happy family life with Lyudmila Zykina Gridin carried away by the young singer Nadezhda Krygin and went to her. Then he began to drink ...

Lyudmila G. once said about hope:

- Well, what we do? Loved, then love. She's beautiful, young, talented ... At 20 years younger than Victor. If I did something and vinyl, it is only in the fact that she was unable to save Viktor Yanukovych. All 17 years I have always struggled with my friends husband, who fed him with vodka. And as soon as he married Hope, immediately went on the invitation that meal, then somewhere to the country ... I would like to ask all of you ... Help your friends and acquaintances, especially if they are musicians. Do not wear them vodka, better giving the new notes!

February 28, 1998 Victor Gridin died, he was 56 years old. Upon learning of the death of her former husband, Zykina immediately got in touch with his family and helped to organize the funeral. Later, with the support of Ludmila Georgievna in Kursk was carried festival named Victor Gridina.

Last Days

June 10, 2009 popularly favorite singer was celebrating her 80-year anniversary and received congratulations. June 12, she had to start his last grand tour across Russia - a two-month tour.

The first concert was scheduled in Vladivostok, and then had to be Khabarovsk, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Saratov, Cheboksary, Ufa, Kazan, Saransk, Orenburg, and many other cities in the vast country. She was supposed to speak with his ensemble "Russia, which he founded in 1968.

On that trip, the singer was supposed to accompany her doctor, Vladimir Konstantinov. Earlier Zykina declared to journalists that he had three times saved her from death, and hoped that in front of it long after the summer, but fate decreed otherwise.

At the end of June 2009 Lyudmila G. Zykina suffered a heart attack, and July 1, 2009 her heart stopped

. Prizes and awards

. 1967 Order 'Honor'
. 1979 Order of Lenin
. 1987 Order of Lenin
. 1987 Hero of Socialist Labor
. 1995 Medal of '50 Years of Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. ', The Medal "Veteran of Labor'
. 1997 Medal 'In Memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow'
. 1997 Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'III degree - for services to the state and the great personal contribution to the development of national musical art
. 1999 Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'II degree - for outstanding achievements in the field of culture and a great contribution to the development of the national song creation
. 2004 Order of St. Andrew - for his outstanding contribution to the development of national culture and musical art
. 2009 Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'I degree - for outstanding contribution to the development of the national musical culture and many years of creative and social activities

. Other awards

. 1968 People's Artist of the RSFSR
. 1970 Lenin Prize
. 1972 People's Artist of Azerbaijan SSR
. 1973 People's Artist of USSR
. 1999 Diploma of the RF Government - for the great personal contribution to the development of the national musical culture and years of creative work

. Name Zykina named asteroid (4879 Zykina) and diamond (55.02 carats), which has long been kept in State - the treasury, where the valuables are stored, not having the status of national heritage
. In 1999 diamond name popularly beloved actress Ludmila Zykina Decision Russia was transferred to the Diamond Fund of Russia.

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  • ZYKIN Lyudmila G.

Photos of ZYKIN Lyudmila G.
ZYKIN Lyudmila G.ZYKIN Lyudmila G.ZYKIN Lyudmila G.ZYKIN Lyudmila G.

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  • Michael for ZYKIN Lyudmila G.
  • A great man, a strong woman, a singer and favorite of all the people. We knew little about her personal life, but this is good. Perhaps the buzz to the right and left, and so she was our hero, a man of great human destiny. Its simplicity, voice, favorite songs remain in our hearts. Ukraine mourns.
  • Elena for ZYKIN Lyudmila G.
  • To the Administration of this site! Please read again the English version of the biography. The translation is made in a very poor language. L.Zykina deserves appropriate English and the biography should be composed using a good command of English, that the foreigners would not smile ironically reading this poor English. Shame.
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