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Murod Jurabek

( People's Artist of the USSR, Professor)

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Biography Murod Jurabek
photo Murod Jurabek
Born December 24, 1942 in the village Kurud Ayni district of Tajikistan. Father - Golibekov Murodbek (1904 g.rozhd.). Mother - Fathuloeva Bibioisha (1900 g.rozhd.). Wife - Ismoilova Musharraf Abdugafarovna (genus. 20.02.1947 g.). Children: Firdavsbek Dzhurabekovich (rod.23.09.1966), the Husravbek Dzhurabekovich (rod.11.01.1973), the Parvizbek Dzhurabekovich (rod.31.07.1977), the Jonibek Dzhurabekovich (rod.29.05.1986 g.).

. After Leninabad State Pedagogical Institute (1962) until 1963 worked in the institute's assistant chair of pedagogy and methodology of primary school
. From 1963 to 1992. soloist - vocalist of the Tajik State Philharmonic. In 1992 he became a soloist-vocalist Theater im.K.Hudzhandi (Khujand). He is currently artistic director of the ensemble 'Shashmaqom' State Radio and Television Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Tajikistan. Jurabek Murodov from early childhood he studied the basics of music and performing skills from their parents and older brother and later developed them, . studying the rich heritage of the great singers of the past and modern: Abdulaziz Khoja, . Sodirhona Hafiz, . Domullo Halima, . Shohnazara Sohibova, . Sharif Dzhuraeva and Boymuhammada Niezova,
. Skill and talent Djurabekov Murodova opened and amplified in the process of working in the Tajik State Philharmonic. The success and the achievement of the great singers of our time lie in his velvet voice and understanding of both classical and modern Tajik poet. Creativity Djurabekov Murodova of three styles of performance: classical and folk songs and poems of modern Tajik poets. Imperishable songs truly a folk singer express joy and bitterness of life, . natural beauty, . patriotism, . the purity of love and t.d.Osnovu its rich and diverse repertoire consists of lyrical, . Tajik classical folk songs and songs of peoples of the USSR (Russian, . Azerbaijani, . Armenian, . Kyrgyz, . Kazakh, . Turkmen, . Georgian, . uzbek, . Ukrainian, . Lithuanian),
. Critics and connoisseurs of modern Tajik music artists think Djurabekov Murodova singer of an innovator. During 35 years of his creative activity famous singer performed more than 1000 songs, of which 300 belong to the entertainer. Jurabek Murodov studied and implemented in their repertoire not only the works of great artists of the Tajik people (past and contemporary) as well as with great success performing songs of the peoples of the former Soviet Union. His repertoire includes a special place such songs, . a Russian folk song 'Kalinka', . world-famous 'Katyusha' (in Russian, . Tajik, and Japanese), . Armenian folk song 'Mekhak' (Gvozika), . Georgian folk song 'Suliko', . Kyrgyz 'Tumar', . Turkmen 'Elpesse', . Azerbaijan 'Galba sandader' (You're in my heart) and many songs of other peoples of the world,
. High performing skills Djurabekov Murodova known not only in the former Soviet Union, but also outside. Favorite singer of the Tajik people in the various performing groups toured with great success in many countries, . including in Afghanistan (1966, . 1979, . 1982.), . Canada (part of the Soviet delegation at the World Exhibition "EXPO-67 ', . 1967), . Bulgaria (1968), . Belgium (1969), . Iran (participation in the World Song Festival in 1972, . 1996), . India (1976, . 1985.), . Pakistan (1976, . 1985.), . Syria (1977), . Iraq (1977), . Austria (1975, . 1990, . 1993.), . Lebanon (1973), . Italy, . Malta, . Cyprus, . Egypt (1973), . Japan (1982, . 1987.), . Thailand (1986), . United States (1989, . 1991, . 1993, . 1995.), . Israel (1993), . Turkey (1995), . United Arab Emirates (1997),
. Jurabek Murodov perform their songs accompanied by the orchestra of folk instruments and symphony orchestra. He has trained a galaxy of famous singers such as K. Sodikov, M. Nasriddinov, N. Makhkamov, D. Alimatov, H. Ortikova, S. Mukhtorov, J. Zarif, A. Shodiev and others which are very popular among the people. Jurabek Murodov was a participant in decades of literature and art of Tajikistan in Moscow (1967), . Uzbekistan (1969), . Lithuania (1970), . Kyrgyzstan (1976), . International, . -Union, . national festivals and concerts, . and also ceremonial and celebratory events and concerts,
. Despite his busy Jurabek Murodzhov takes an active part in public life of the republic. Since 1988 he is chairman of the Music Society and Chairman of the World Republic. Since 1991, he was first deputy chairman of the All-Union Musical Society (now the International Union of Musicians). Numerous community organizations, . such, . as: 'Society of Russian-speaking population of Tajikistan', . Society Uzbeks, . Society 'Hover', . Georgian Society, . society Ossetians and other societies of national minorities in Tajikistan repeatedly elected a member of the famous singer of their organizations,
. In 1990, residents of District 7 October district of Dushanbe from 18 candidates selected Djurabekov Murodova people's deputy in the Parliament of Tajikistan 12-th convocation. He is a member of Preziziuma Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Chairman of the Committee of the Supreme Council for Cultural Affairs, Ethnic Relations and Foreign Relations. The popular actor is an honorary citizen of the cities of Samarkand (1980), Bukhara (1980) and Nurata (1982). For his outstanding achievements in the field of multicultural art Djurabekov Murodova the high rank of the People's Artist of USSR (1979), People's Artist of the Tajik SSR (1974) and Honored Artist of the Tajik SSR (1967). He was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor '(1980), the medal" For Valiant Labor ". In 1975 he was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Tajikistan, and in 1987 - State Prize of Tajikistan im.A.Rudaki. In 1987 he became the winner and a gold medal of the Concert Association of Japan 'Ming-he' (Silk Road - 1987). Repeatedly awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan Kirga. Creativity Djurabekov Murodova the focus of several books (in '100 songs Djurabekov Murodova '(1982),' Olimakom '(1996), the film' Our Hafiz '(' Our singer ') (1979, rezh.A.Kudusov) , a TV movie 'Heart Strings' (1980, rezh.L.Naloeva). In his spare time likes to read the classics of world literature and Tajik, as well as recording vystupdeny watch the world-famous artists. He likes to relax with his family in nature. Do not miss opportunities Visit a favorite football matches Kamanda Pamir (Dushanbe).

Lives and works in Dushanbe.

Address: Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Chapayeva, 4, fl.2 Phone: (3772) 21-57-54, 21-57-71.

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Murod Jurabek, photo, biography
Murod Jurabek, photo, biography Murod Jurabek  People's Artist of the USSR, Professor, photo, biography
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