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Lars Ulrich (LARS Ulrich)

( Musician)

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Biography Lars Ulrich (LARS Ulrich)
photo Lars Ulrich (LARS Ulrich)
Born on December 26 1963. in Gentofte, Denmark
170 cm
59 kg
Marital status
Married. Wife - Skylar Ulrich
. Son - Myles Ulrich
. Machines
. Chevy Blazer
. Porsche
. Range Rover
. Saab
. Food
. French cuisine, sushi, yogurt
. Drinking Coors light
. Merlot
. Bombay Sapphire Martinis
. Dry white wine, tea
. Sports Team
. San Jose Sharks
. 49ers
. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
. Hobbies
. Scuba diving
. Skiing
. Movies
. Music Diamond Head
. Deep Purple
. Oasis
. Black Grape

. Lars was only 10 years old when he visited the Deep Purple concert and learned what music could exist
. This was not the first musical experience Lars - his father owned a small jazz club. Legendary saxophonist Dexter Gordon - godfather to Lars.

Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore changed the world of Lars. He was so impressed with their concert, bought their album "Fireball" on the next day. Three years later, at age 13, he persuaded his grandmother to buy him the first set of drums.

Drums and music took over the top of tennis, the profession of his father. Lars was a very gifted junior in Denmark, when the family moved to Ulrich Newport Beach, California. There Lars became just another tennis player, not a known player, whom he was in Denmark.

Soon tennis became less important, and Lars fell victim to the other pleasures of southern California: sex, drugs and rock-n-roll ... Lars' passion for music grew and he began selling tapes to buy favorite tracks of the metal from Europe.

In June 1981, Lars came to England to see concerts of his favorite team - Diamond Head. He managed protusovatsya to the group as long as possible before returning to California. At home he found his friend Brian Slagela, who was looking for groups to record the collection for his record label Metal Blade records. Lars scored a spot on the album and for themselves.

The only thing he lacked - their group.
Before going to England, he played with James Hetfield, lead singer and guitarist. Those attempts were not terribly successful - a sense of rhythm with Lars was not the same - too often fall dish, and sticks scattered in different directions. But now he had a purpose: a place in the album.
Hatfield took - and Metallica was born ...
That's the boy who dreamed of playing at Wimbledon, was playing in the stadiums, only a little in another capacity.

What tools used, Lars?
Lars uses baranany Star Classic Maple Drums. Full list of instruments used here.

In addition to any records involved Metallica Lars?
He recorded the drums on the song's remake of Mercyful Fate "Return of the Vampire".

Is it true that Lars sings sometimes?
Yes. Sometimes, when performing the song "Am I Evil?" Musicians are reversed: Lars sings, James sits on drums, Jason plays the guitar, and Kirk - bass. This happens quite rarely (perhaps for all time - about five times).

Why during the Grammy Awards Prize in 1992, Lars thanked the group Jethro Tall?
In 1989, Jethro Tall received a similar award, even though many thought that she will get the Metallica. Therefore, in 1992 Lars thanked them for what they are not released in this year his new album.

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  • Lars Ulrich

Photos of Lars Ulrich (LARS Ulrich)
Lars Ulrich (LARS Ulrich)

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Lars Ulrich (LARS Ulrich), photo, biography
Lars Ulrich (LARS Ulrich), photo, biography Lars Ulrich (LARS Ulrich)  Musician, photo, biography
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