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Jason Newsted

( Musician)

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Biography Jason Newsted
photo Jason Newsted
Born March 4, 1963 in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
Height 175 cm
Weight 56.8 kg
Marital status Single
Machines LandCruiser
Merlin Mountain bike
Food Thai Curry, cereal, bananas.
. Drinking red wine, Barolo or type of Bordeaux, cocktails Evain and MetRx
. Sports Team Phoenix Suns
. Chicago Bulls
. Detroit Lions
. Raiders

. Hobbies Cyclists
. Basketball
. Music Sepultura
. Soulfly
. Massive Attack
. Tricky
. Kiss
. Rush
. Black Sabbath
. Ted Nugenti more
. Groups of up to Metallica Dogz
. Gangster
. Flotsam & Jetsam
. Animals 2 dogs - Kobi and Kaya

. Jason Newsted - fourth musician, playing Metallica on bass
. Successful and happy collaboration with Cliff Burton did not last long - before the tragedy in Sweden. Metallikovtsy understand that they must continue to play even after such a loss ...
They did it with Jason Newsted. He was chosen by a group after listening to about 40 people, including Troy Gregory, Willy Lange and Les Claypool. Candidacy was proposed by Jason Brian Slagelom. Brian was a little familiar with the group of Jason, Flotsam & Jetsam, which was recorded in its Metal Blade Records.
Jason was a very difficult position - Cliff was more than just a bass player in Metallica. Jason was supposed to support a very high level of play group ...
He was born in Battle Creek and grew up in Niles. When he was 14, the family moved to Kalamazoo Newsted. He lived just 5 miles from the factory guitars Gibson.
The main reason that Jason took up the bass, was Gene Simmons from Kiss. Jason threw a few times to play, but then started to do it again - thirst for music prevailed.
Over time, Jason had saved money for a decent bass and joined a group of Gangster, a guitarist which was Tom Hamlin. Tom was Jason's mentor and taught him a lot.
In 1981, Tom and Jason moved to Phoenix. Jason found a job and often was on her busy. Soon they parted and Jason met with the drummer, whose name was Kelly David-Smith. They played together for a while, then moved to Scottsdale, and together with guitarists Mark Vasquez and Kevin Horton organized Dogz. Horton was replaced by Ed Carlson and in this part, they gave several concerts and recorded several demos.
In 1983, the group added vocalist Eric AK. and shortly afterwards they changed their name to Flotsam & Jetsam. Jason acted as a bassist, composer, lyricist and manager.
Flotsam & Jetsam signed up on a compilation Metal Massacre - exactly the same, like Metallica a few years earlier. Shortly thereafter, they signed to Metal Blade Records.
. While listening to Jason played not only all things Cliff, but also several times tried to improvise and make something of themselves, to show what he really a bass player ..
. In the end he was asked: "Do you want rabotatN" What he otvetilN It was a scream, which vusmert scared of all visitors to the bar.
Joining the group, his favorite band, Jason was given quite difficult. He passed through fire, water and copper pipes. And now it is - an integral part of Metallica.

What tools used DzheysonN
Jason uses a bass Sadowsky, La Bella strings and Ampeg Amps. Full list of instruments used here.

In addition to public records Metallica participated DzheysonN
Jason participated in many projects. Before Metallica, he recorded two albums with Flotsam & Jetsam. More Jason activities described in the FAQ.

Since then Jason started working basaN
His idol was Gene Simmons of Kiss - his riffs and learn Jason.

He wears ochkiN
Jason myopia and sometimes he wears glasses.

When he first played with MetallicaN
The first time he spoke to the group in early November 1986 at The Country Club. The next performance took place a day in Anaheim.

User comments
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  • Das Booter for Jason Newsted
  • Figure I know him, . I think Newsted was rightfully deserves such a great group as Metallica.Ya listen to them long ago and has become accustomed to Nyustedu.Berton I am not very familiar so his departure was a tragedy for me, . especially since he was replaced by bassist Ozzy Osbourna, . which I categorically do not like even when it kollosalnom ability to play and all that ..... But this is only my opinion, . the truth about uhodd Newsted only know of the legendary band METALLICA.,
  • cello for Jason Newsted
  • I also like Jason more than any other Metallica bassist. It is a pity that he had gone, for me it was not just a tragedy, a feeling that I had lost someone close. Ah, if he was back in Metallica ...
  • Metlloman for Jason Newsted
  • Not only that he was cool bass player, he is also a good back-vokolist! It is a pity that he ushel.Posle his departure, the group changed its image (the worse).
  • FRED for Jason Newsted
  • Yes indeed a pity that he was gone and in its place came a monkey ! but metallic potehonku is returned and becomes the great
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    Jason Newsted, photo, biography
    Jason Newsted, photo, biography Jason Newsted  Musician, photo, biography
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