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Rostotsky Alexander

( bass guitarist, producer, composer, arranger)

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Biography Rostotsky Alexander
photo Rostotsky Alexander
Russia's jazz critic from 1989 to 1995. recognize the bass player Alexander Rostotsky the best in Russia for his instrument. Currently, Alexander Rostotsky - music director of a Moscow jazz club "Avantage" and he, along with Michael Green, head of the organizing committee of the First (1998) and Second (1999) Moscow jazz festival in the open air "Jazz in Hermitage",
. For organizing the first "Hermitage" (1998) Rostotsky together with Michael Green was the winner of the annual prize of the Moscow Association of Jazz Journalists Dzhaz'Uho-98 "in the category" Event of the Year ". She regularly in the club "Avantage", as well as a solo artist with his own project "Jazz Bass Theater, in a trio with Vladimir Danilin (accordion) and Alexey Kuznetsov (guitar) and with other trains. Experience speeches Alexandra Rostotsky abroad including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Britain, Cuba, Bulgaria and other countries
. Projects Alexander Rostotsky:
. "Jazz-Bass Theater"
. "Supertrio" (Alexey Kuznetsov - Vladimir Danilin - Alexander Rostotsky)
. Trio Alex Rostotsky (Yakov Okun - keyboards, Dmitry Sevastyanov - drums)
. Club Avantage "
. I Moscow jazz festival in the open air "Jazz in Hermitage, 21-23.08.98
. As a result of the festival in August 1999
. Company "L-Junction" released CD "Moscow's first jazz festival in the Hermitage Garden", produced by Alex Rostotsky.
Detail CD:
"Jazz-Bass Theater Alex Rostotsky -" Dervish "(Yuri Parfenov)
Yuri Parfenov - trumpet, Alex Rostotsky - 5-p. bass, Vitaly Solomon - 4-p. bass, Lev Kushnir - piano, Dmitri Sevastyanov - drums
II Moscow jazz festival in the open air "Jazz in Hermitage, 20-23.08.99

Album "Jazz Ballads": summer 1999. on the label "L-Junction" released an album in which Alex Rostotsky gathered all ever written by him (including and especially for this album) Ballads. The album includes tracks with saxophone and Stanislav Grigoryev Aleksey Nikolaev, . trumpeter Vitaly Golovneva, . Pianist Leon Kushnir and James Perch, . drummers Eugene pockmarked, . Edward Zizak, . Dmitry Sevastyanov, . Guitar Alexei Kuznetsov and Igor Zolotukhin, . accordionist Vladimir Danilin and most Rostotsky,

"John Fenton. Wind and Flower
"Do not let me go"
"Remembering Clifford"

NEW: Album "Oriental Impress": in August 2000. on the label "L-Junction" album of Alex Rostotsky and an outstanding trumpeter Yuri Parfenov, for the first time a significant amount represented "Oriental" direction in Russia's jazz. More ...>>>>

Jam with Roed Tal Farlou Mitchell Trio and Alex Rostotsky

Alex always impressive solo work. Pleasure to not only listen but also watch his speech.

. Tal Farlou
. Alex Rostotsky about yourself
. Several stories of Alexander Rostotsky on "stages of his jazz way" published in the north of the Jazz in Russia "as part of a collection of stories of jazz musicians" It was long ago - it was a long time "

. Fragments of an interview with Alex Rostotsky radio program Athanasius Terent'eva "Jazz Project" (Radio Alice ", Yaroslavl, 16 November 1998)
. Page Program "Jazz Project" with transcripts of previous issues, including on domestic jazz musicians - http://www.uniyar.ac.ru/ ~ dimak / jproekt.htm
. That music you play today - it's not jazz in its traditional sense, rather - is a modern chamber music
. How would you define the style, the direction in which you now rabotaeteN
This, in my opinion - the tradition of world music, the music takes in everything that the person who wrote it knows. I studied at one time many years, the classics, I love the classics and try to do something with it. I'm a jazz musician, and accordingly, I do not have very much to go beyond jazz: I love the rhythm, swing, jazz is a state where everything seems a little flap on the rhythm. Those pieces that I play, you are probably very accurately defined as a modern chamber music for five-string bass, and in this sense, this music is original. I totally agree with this definition.
I always continue to search: I like to play not only solo, but also in various small chamber music forms. We recorded the record with Alexei Kuznetsov and Vladimir Danilin. The first part is written in general without drums. In the second - Rhodes, piano, drums and accordion give absolutely amazing connection of the acoustic sound of an accordion and electric, soft sound Rhodes. In the near future, I want to record the disc its oriental music played by the Moscow festival with Yuri Parfenov, leading negotiations on the plate ballads, which will gather from all of their records. On this disc are nothing but ballads: duets, solos, with a chamber orchestra played some things, but only one ballad.
. Your sound is not the traditional sound of jazz bass, it is rather closer to the sound of jazz-rock guitar, you stranger "insinuating whisper of bass" N
. I just wanted to appear as the first voice
. At the usual bass voice in the first group of instruments to play hard, but my specific I can play the first voices. For example, today at the concert was well audible. When we play the chords: the first was with me, in the second tenor trombone in the third.
I really like the accompaniment, all my life I did, and suddenly I get a completely different state: I - soloist, and I have to accompany. I'm constantly working on timbres, because I - a computer person, and I compose music for computers, and for advertising, and radio. I even worked as a radio broadcaster six months and led the program "Songs of the moon" about the music of the German company ECM.
A few words about your rather unusual instrumenteN
I play on three very original instruments made specially for me. First - fretless bass, Leduc, a French company, which brought me exactly 17 years ago and since then I never part with it for a second, more, I'm over the years it very much modernized - kicked out of him all the electronics. My second bass is made by outstanding Russian master Valery Gulyaev. Third - semi-acoustic - the American company "Black" too, especially for me. It has an elongated neck and carved soundboard, and the sound is such that at a very good hardware seems to play the lower notes of the piano.
. Why, when all this started, you chose a bass, and not, say, a traditional leader in jazz "pipes" N
. Bass - the foundation of the vertical
. The lowest note - bass, and it is built on it the whole harmonic, melodic, vertical. I wanted to control the vertical. The more sophisticated bass playing the bass line, the music of the entire ensemble can be more original, sophisticated.
What was the last record you kupiliN
The plate is his favorite pianist, whose name is Paul Bley. This plate is quite original, and it is recorded by ECM. It all musicians play solo, then a duet with each other and finally one thing all together trio. I love such music, which does not look like anything.
Finally, interviews - several minor issues. First - if you do not become a musician, it would become.. kemN
What are you in a drunken videN
Not drink.
What do you karmanahN
Money (laughs)
Do you remember the first jazz party, which pobyvaliN
Remember. It was a hundred years ago in Pushchino. There was a festival of mad music, and they are very much blew sax, I very much disliked.
. With whom did you last podralisN
. Never fought.
. Your most valuable priobretenieN
. Mercedes-Benz 190.
. What do you usually complain of gostinitsahN
. In the absence of hot water
. You can read a line from stihotvoreniyaN
. Hmm.
. Now read it.. (laughs). Thought.
. You love tehnoN
. No.
. Five words that most accurately you harakterizuyutN
. A little fat Jew without glasses, lives in a persistent Lane.
. What kind of music would you have ordered its pohoronyN
. Anything with a plate of Miles Davis with Gil Evans Orchestra.

. Interviewed by Athanasius Terent'ev
. Discography Alexander Rostotsky
. With Alexander Rostotsky - "Open Your Eyes You Can Fly", WFD "Submit" C60.31107003, 1990 (LP)
. Trio Alexander Rostotsky - "Concert in the Olympic Village", "Russian Disc", R60.00255, 1991 (LP)
. Quartet Alexei Kuznetsov - "Concert in the Olympic village," WFD "Melody" A60.00363.008, 1987 (LP)
. Dr Lakshminarayana Subramaniam - "Time to change," WFD "Melody" S60.29437.001, 1990 (LP)
. Collection "Moscow Jazz Festival-84" - 1 track quintet Vladimir Konovaltseva, Mobile Fidelity (USA), 1987 (LP)
. Discography CD courtesy of Vladimir Korneev, and compiled them is part of an ambitious "Russia's Jazz Discography on CD"
. Alexei Kuznetsov - Blue Coral, SoLyd Records SLR 0054
. A.Kuznetsov-g; Igor Nazaruk-p, polymoog; Alexei Isplatovsky-b, bg; Andrei Chernyshev-dr; Alexander Goretkin-perc; Nikolay Gromin-g; Igor Bril-p; Sergei Chernyshov-vib; Alexander Rostotsky-bg
Alex Rostotsky - Let Me Stay In Your Eyes, MTM CD 60 009
A.Rostotsky-el.b, voc; Mikhail Okun-p; Stanislav Grigoriev-ts; Yuri Parfenov-tp, alto horn.

"How in the city was in Kazan"

Alex Rostotsky - Waltz For Ksenia, MTM CD 94 016
A.Rostotsky-el.b; Lev Kushnir-p; Stanislav Grigoriev-ts; Eugene Ryaboy-dr.
Alex Rostotsky - Jazz Ballads, MTM CD 94 022
A.Rostotsky-el.b, arr; Yuri Parfenov-tp; Vladimir Danilin-p, acc; Lev Kushnir-p; Stanislav Grigoriev-ts; Eugene Ryaboy-dr; The Slavyansky Orchestra strings, Yuri Markin-arr
. "Let me stay in your eyes"
. Jazz At The Old Fortress-93 (Siberian International Jazz Festival In Novokuznetsk), compilation, Melodia MEL CD 60 00957
. 1 track by Bill Skeat Quartet: B.Skeat-fl (London) / Lev Kushnir-p/Alexander Rostotsky-bg/Eugene Ryaboy-dr;
. Christmas Night, Soyuz Records SZCD 0881-97 (compilation)
. 1 track by Alexander Rostotsky-bg/Stanislav Grigoriev-ts
Alex Rostotsky Trio - Boiled Borsht, Pope Music PMG 2014-2 (USA)
A. Rostotsky - el.b; Yakov Okun-p; Dmitri Sevastianov-dr. Guests: Alexei Nikolaev-ts, tamborine; Boris Kurganov-as; Vladimir Danilin-acc.

"The Castle"

Vladimir Danilin, Alexey Kuznetsov, Alex Rostotsky - Once I Loved, Boheme Music CDBMR 812031
Vladimir Danilin-acc., Alexey Kuznetsov - g, A. Rostotsky - el.b, Yakov Okun - Rhodes piano, Eduard Zizak - dr
. "But Beautiful"
. "Three years I dreamed of you"
. "Once I Loved"
. "Goodbye"
. Various artists - First Moscow Festival "Jazz At Hermitage Garden", L-junction LJCD042
. 1 track by Alex Rostotsky's Jazz Bass Theatre (Yuri Parfenov - tp, Alex Rostotsky - 5str el.b, Lev Kushir - p, Vitaly Solomonov - 4str el.b, Dmitry Sevastianov - dr)
. "Dervish"
. Alex Rostotsky - Jazz Ballads, L-Junction CD LJ 042
. Alex Rostotsky - el.b, Yakov Okun-p; Eduard Zizak - dr.; Vladimir Danilin-acc.; Alexey Kuznetsov - g; Stanislav Grigoriev-ts; Lev Kushnir-p; Eugene Ryaboy-dr; Dmitry Sevastianov - dr; Alexei Nikolaev-ts; Vitaly Golovnev - tp; Igor Zolotukhin - g

"To John Fenton. Wind and Flower "
. "Never Let Me Go"
. "I Remember Clifford"
. Alex Rostotsky, Yuri Parfenov - Oriental Impress, L-Junction CD LJ 043
. Alex Rostotsky - el.b, . Yuri Parfenov - tp., . Yakov Okun - p; Dmitry Vlasenko - dr.; Dmitry Sevastianov - dr; Alexandr Zakarian - ss; Felix Lakhuti - violin; Yuri Pogiba - keyb, . Anton Revnyuk - elb, . Sergei Yemelianov - tanpur, . Kamal Ballan - oud, . Keshab Kanti Chowdhury - tabla,
. The Dervish (Yu.Parfenov)
. Haitarma (Yu.Parfenov)
. An Arrow In Filght (Yu.Parfenov)
. All material on Alexander Rostotsky on the server "Jazz in Russia"

. All photos by Alexander Rostotsky on the server "Jazz in Russia"

. Additional material about Alexander Rostotsky (MP3, photos, etc.) in its English pages

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Rostotsky Alexander, photo, biography
Rostotsky Alexander, photo, biography Rostotsky Alexander  bass guitarist, producer, composer, arranger, photo, biography
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