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Vladimir Galaktionov

( Musician)

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Biography Vladimir Galaktionov
photo Vladimir Galaktionov
Born January 12, 1968
1988 - graduated from Department of pop-jazz musical school named. Gnesinyh (now - the State School of Music and pop-jazz), where he studied with Alexander Oseychuk, Igor Bril, Alexandra Dry, Alexander Fisher, etc.
. 1992-93 - Soloist of the State Chamber Orchestra n / a Oleg Lundstrem.
. 1993 - George Garanian soloist with orchestra.
. From 1993 - participant of projects, Alexei Kuznetsov, Lev Lebedev, Alexander Dry, Lev Kushnir, Vladimir Lebedev (Moscow Big Band), Gregory Fine, Daniel Kramer and others
. Performed at festivals in Russia, Finland, Poland, Germany, a few months working in Japan. At present, regularly plays with "hot nine" Vsevolod Danilochkina and with other groups.
. Constantly involved in the records of stage performers (Vladimir Markin, Alexei Gala, Valeriy Meladze, Laima Vaikule, Leonid Agutin, etc.).
. Since 1999
. - Permanent guest soloist of the project "Second Approximation" pianist Andrei Razin.
. In 1996-98 he made three solo records: "The Road to Rainbow" with guitarist Alexander Shevtsova and pianist Lev Kushnir (1996), . "Cherokee" in a trio with a guitarist Konstantin Serov and bassist Igor Ivanushkin (1997) and "New Project" (1998) - experimental work in a duo with guitarist Alexander Kostikov,
Vladimir Galaktionov also wrote songs based on poems by Russian poets.
In April 2000, Mr.. Vladimir on the American label Headquarters Records released CD "The Russian Project". The basis of the disc went to record "Rainbow Road", made by Vladimir in his home studio in 1996-99 years (plus a few bonuses). Participated in the recording guitarists Alexander Shevtsov and Alexander Kostikov, pianist Andrei Razin, singer Anastasia Modestova and percussionist Igor Stotland. Details - site Headquarters Records.
Here's how the label describes this album:

Vladimir Galaktionov - Russian Project
The 45 minutes you'll spend with Vladimir's particular horn style of jazz transcends countries and politics. Indeed, if you didn't look at the linear notes, you probably would never guess that smooth, electronic tracks like 'Before the Solar Eclipse' were composed, arranged, recorded and mixed by a guy called Vladimir in a Moscow studio. The softness and expanse of this particular track seems like the end credits to a disaster movie. A far cry from the opening 'Russian Dance', with its playful, vowel vocals among the stretching jangles of enhanced wind chimes. But then the busy Christmas horn wails its quick notes within, not over, the backing keyboards, giving the listener a full sense of being out in the cold at a live concert. Even though it's all warm in the studio.
The traditionally mainstream tracks like 'Just:' are my personal favorites. The pictures it paints: You're in love. It's late at night. You've got nothing better to do than hold her and smile. Let the trumpet player do all the work on his blow thang and keyboard. Tonight's your night for love.
8 tracks of varying departments and paces, giving every jazz buff a crack at loving it. Luckily, it's not an import, but available right here in the US. So there's no reason not to check it out, is thereN

"The Road to Rainbow: January sun
"Cherokee": Limehouse Blues
"New Project": Russian ...
"Rendezvous" on the poetry of Nikolai Gumilev

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Vladimir Galaktionov, photo, biography
Vladimir Galaktionov, photo, biography Vladimir Galaktionov  Musician, photo, biography
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