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Igor Bril

( People's Artist of Russia, professor of Russia Academy of Music. Gnesinyh)

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Biography Igor Bril
by the most popular jazz instruction manual in Russian "Practical course of jazz improvisation", with 1979. withstood the past 8 editions.

Born June 9, 1944, Mr.. Moscow. He graduated from the Institute. Gnesinyh class of Professor Theodore Gutman.

The first known broad jazz scene - in 1965, II of Moscow jazz festival. Later Soviet plastinochnaya monopoly Melodiya released a series of studio albums, on which the material was repeated Festival - "Jazz 65"

. Trio Igor Bril (Bril - piano, Alexei Isplatovsky - bass, Vladimir Zhuravskii - drums) was submitted to release three compositions, one of which - the blues "Awakening" - has written Igor Bril.

. 1966 - Igor Bril's trio (with new bassist Vladimir Smolyanitsky) becomes a rhythm section of the orchestra "SIV-66" p / Yuri Saulsky, . where Bril collaborates with saxophonist Alexei Kozlov (eg, . play Kozlov and Bril "Black and Blue" came out on the album "Jazz 67", . recorded "Melody" on the eponymous Moscow Festival),
. Igor Bril worked in the orchestra for more than two years (until 1968).

. 1968 - Igor Bril under the influence he received records pianist Denny Zeydlina significantly alter the manner of performing; starts cooperation with flyugelgornistom Herman Lukyanov.

. 1969-1971 - participated in the quintet, sextet, septet with Herman Lukyanov, a number of records in duets Herman Lukyanov and composed of his trio (with drummer Mikhail Kudryashov)
. Parallel Brill performs with his own trio, . including festivals in Bulgaria, . GDR, . in Cuba and at the festival Jazz Jamboree-71 in Warsaw (one song Bril entered the album Festival, . once on one side of the plate with the record of vibraphonist Gary Burton).,

. 1974 - a joint record in Moscow from the Polish pianist Adam Makowicz

1975 - refusal of the trio format. Speech at the international jazz festival in Belgrade with the first composition of the sextet Igor Bril, which appears in the alto saxophonist Alexander Oseychuk. Formation of the permanent membership of the sextet, in which, in addition Bril and Oseychuk, included tenor saxophonist Alex Nabatov, trumpeter Nicholas Bathin etc.. (students Bril in jazz studio Moskvorechye Palace of Culture, now the Moscow College of Improvised Music, where Igor Bril led classes jazz harmony and piano).

1976 - Igor Bril become a teacher of music school. Gnesinyh (now the State Musical College of pop and jazz). Participation in the sextet recording music of George Gershwin from the musical "Girl Crazy" with the chorus n / Boris Tevlin, performance with the chorus in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.
. 1977 - Igor Bril acquires electric piano Elca, which leads to increased early jazz-rock in its music ensemble
. In the rhythm section of the ensemble, in addition to drummer Arnold Gorokhovsky include Alexander Bryksin (Congo) and Victor Wiest (bongos), expanding the ensemble to the octet. Record first LP ensemble - "Morning of the Earth" (Melody, 1977).

1978 - Igor Bril ensemble participates in the XI World Festival of Youth and Students in Havana (Cuba). Musicians involved in several jams with the Cuban group Irakere (in different years was composed of saxophonist Paquito D'Rivera, trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, pianist Jesц?s "Chucho" Valdes and others).
. 1981 - goes LP "The orchestra has arrived" (Melody), summarizing "electric" period
. Igor Bril change the composition of the ensemble, leaving the two wind instruments (alto saxophone - Alexander Oseychuk, trumpet - Nicholas Bathin), returning to the acoustic piano and replacing bass viol (Anatoly Sobolev). The style of the ensemble is also changing, practically goes jazz-rock sound, complex arrangements are replaced by abundant improvisational solos.
. 1985 - goes LP "Before Sunset" (Melody), containing an acoustic recording of 1981-84 he
. Igor Bril again, . as in the early 70's, . many works in duets: with saxophonist Alexander Oseychuk, . Sergei Gurbeloshvili, . guitarist Alexei Kuznetsov (a track record of this duo has been published on CD Alexei Kuznetsov Blue Coral Plus "- SoLyd Records, . 1997), . singers Tatevik Oganesyan and Larisa Dolina, . pianists Tц?nu Naysoo and Leonid bird.,
. 1988 - tour in the U.S. (New York, Washington, Salt Lake City, a number of colleges and universities on the East Coast)
. Ingredients: Alexander Oseychuk - alto saxophone, Alex Kuznetsov - guitar, Victor Dwoskin - bass, Eugene pockmarked - drums. Record a show at the Village Gate released on CD by Mobile Fidelity (Igor Brill & The All-Star Jazz Band - Live At The Village Gate, Mobile Fidelity MFCD-861). One of the LP "Melodies" reissued in the U.S. label East Wind.

1989 - tour in the U.S. (Los Angeles, San Francisco). Ingredients: Alexander Oseychuk - alto saxophone, Alex Kuznetsov - guitar, Victor Dwoskin - bass, Eugene pockmarked - drums. The tour held on the initiative of the municipal authorities, Mr.. Mill Valley (California) - sister of the Olympic Village in Moscow. In three concerts in San Francisco attended by Joe Henderson (tenor saxophone) and Bobby Hutcherson (vibraphone).
. 1990 - Igor Bril creates a new ensemble, "Igor Bril and New Generation", along with their twin sons - Dmitry (soprano saxophone) and Alexander (tenor saxophone)
. Composition exists today - that as a trio, then as a quintet (plus a drummer and bassist Dmitry Sevastyanov Anton Revnyuk).

1997 - at the Concert Hall of. Tchaikovsky concert held on the 35 th anniversary of creative activity Igor Bril, he goes on stage in several compositions in the concert involved more than 20 musicians. On the label "SoLyd Records" published CD "In a way, compiled from records of previous years.

1998 - Trio "New Generation" appears in New Delhi on the Days of Culture of Russia in India; quintet "Igor Bril and new generation of" speaking at the Festival Du Maurier Jazz Festival in Montreal (Canada).

1999 - on the label Boheme Music goes CD "Time Remembered", compiled from records Igor Bril 60-70-ies.

"Jazz musician, improviser - and received an academic education. This "academic style" easily noticeable. Paying tribute adopted in jazz "hit", emphasizes phrasing, Brill, in his pianism ... namely pianistichen. He plays the piano for the piano laws, deeply feeling the soul of this instrument. Bril master of light, gentle touch, nuances and half-tones, he plays as if he was able to overcome the nature of the piano hammer mechanism ... Being engaged with students, . he teaches them to play jazz, . using the whole arsenal of so-called classical, . teaches, . that the sound should be lingering, . the acoustic grand piano - is the vastness of timbre, . that it will ever compare best electronic keyboard, . which, . however, . also need to know ... ",

. "Jazz" silhouettes "(Moscow," Muzyka ", 1996)

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