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DOSTMAN Alexander L.

( President of the Cultural Foundation Artes ``.)

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Biography DOSTMAN Alexander L.
photo DOSTMAN Alexander L.
Born in 1960. in g.Podvolochinsk Ternopil region. Activities in the field of culture began with the work in the Park of Culture and Rest, Khmelnitsky, as Deputy Director. Later AL Dostman goes to work in a traveling circus, "Rainbow" in the position of chief administrator. It was here that he received the first administrator of the invaluable experience.

Since October 1987. - Work in Rosconcert "in the ensemble musical parodies V. Vinokur, first as director of artistic staging, and then Director. In 1988. with Vladimir Vinokur they founded the theater musical parodies V. Vinokur, and until 1993. Alexander Dostman was the director of this theater. To the Director of the firm "Liat-Natalie Enterteynment, AL Dostman in 1994. organized a tour of Tom Jones, Liza Minnelli, the group "Gipsy Kings" in Moscow.

In August 1994,. Alexander Dostman established the Cultural Foundation "Artes", in which as a producer has implemented a number of major cultural projects. Almost simultaneously, he initiated the founding of the Association of High Fashion Russia, becoming its president. In November of that year, the Fund and the Association held its first major event - fashion week in Moscow, which is held under the patronage of Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov.

In 1998. Week celebrated its fifth anniversary. Over the lifetime of the Week in Moscow catwalk showed their collections such houses, . as: Paco Rabanne, . Guy Lyarosh, . Lanvin, . Kar-wai, . Nina Ricci, . Jean-Louis Scherrer, . Torrent, . Pierre Balmen, . Lapidus, . Lekoane Eman, . Louis Ferro, . Balenciaga, . Loris Azzaro, . Roche, . Claude Montana, . Bryony, . Enrico Coveri, . Mariella Burani, . Roberto Cavalli, . Renato Balestra, . Rokkobarokko, . Mila Shon, . Gattinoni, . Erreuno, . Fendi, . Valentin Yudashkin, . Irina Krutikova, . Igor Chapurin, . Andrey Sharov, . Slava Zaitsev,

The natural was the creation of a weekly television program about fashion "Podium d'Art", produced by AL Dostman. The program goes on the State television channel Russia under the auspices of the "Artes" and the Association of High Fashion Russia and is very popular among visitors who are interested in the fashion world. Work and friendship with Vladimir Vinokur forever the special relationship to the genre of humor and satire. Since 1994. AL Dostman producer of "sold out and K", one of the most popular comedy programs of the State television in Russia, and since 1998. becomes a producer of another popular evening transfer VGTRK - "Good evening" with Igor Ugolnikova

. Alexander Dostman is the producer of different concert programs and fashion shows, . among them: a concert to the 35 th anniversary of creative activity and a farewell tour ID Kobzon (1997), . which, . Assessment specialists, , . concerts Buynova A., . F. Kirkorov, . I. Nikolaev, . L. Vaikule, . jubilee concerts V. Vinokur, . A. Brass ballet "Todes", . N. Babkina),

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Irina Lisovskaya for DOSTMAN Alexander L.
  • Dear Alexander L., I-Irina Lisovskaya, director, screenwriter, winner, author and performer of humorous stories, singer. I very much want to show their program, send video products, but, unfortunately, do not know where to send that! "Encourage, where and in whose name to look my art and rendered its verdict.
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    DOSTMAN Alexander L., photo, biography
    DOSTMAN Alexander L., photo, biography DOSTMAN Alexander L.  President of the Cultural Foundation Artes ``., photo, biography
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