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Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich

( Award 'Ovation', director of the collective Philip Kirkorov, executive director of 'Tutti-Management'.)

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Biography Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich
photo Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich
Born in the Crimea, in the village of Grain, January 4, 1939. Father - Nepomnyashchii Naum S. (1900g.rozhd.), Was the first chairman of the country's first farm, for the work was awarded the Order of Lenin. Mother - Agnes Homeland Ilinichna (1900g.rozhd.), Was a specialist in cotton production. Has two children. Daughter Anna, from her first marriage, 1964 g.rozhdeniya. Lives and works in Canada's leading coach-choreographer for the figure-skating. Ibid live three grandchildren ON Nepomnyashiy - the object of his special pride. Two of them - Boris and Yuri - champions in taekwondo in youth discharge. Younger, Elian, is engaged in ice hockey, team entered the Olympic Reserve of Canada, the style of play is likened to the famous Sergei Fedorov. Son - Alexander (1974g.rozhd.), Is Director of the famous pop artist of Russia - Klara Novikova, has a daughter, Elvira (1996g.rozhd.).

Virtually all life ON Nepomnyashiy linked to a domestic platform. In 16 years, after graduating from high school, Oleg went to Moscow and entered the Institute of Oil and Gas Industry of. Gubkin. A short time later transferred to the correspondence department and was passed along to the studio pantomime.

After graduation O. Nepomnyashchii became a soloist of the Moscow Youth Ensemble Pantomime. In 1968. He goes to a teaching job in the All-variety-circus school. In the 70 i.i works in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, creating pop art, along with the great Kazakh actress Guldzhihan Galiev. They created the first national Kazakh music hall - Gyulder (in Kazakh - flowers). Parallel, he is teaching at Ballet School. Many of his students are now well-known actors, teachers, administrators, Greece, Germany, Israel, as well as in the current CIS. In the last quarter century Role Oleg Nepomnyashiy - administrator, director, manager of the pop stars of the first magnitude. He works in the ensemble of "Moskvich", together with Alla Pugacheva, Julius Slobodkin, Valery Durandina; ensemble Chervona Ruta, in both Moscow Circus, Sergey Obraztsov Puppet Theater. The name ON Nepomnyashiy inseparable names Sofia Rotaru, . which he spent several years working as its director; Alla Pugacheva, . (program "has come and say"), . Vladimir Presnyakov (program "Vladimir Presnyakov Show" and "Farewell to Childhood").,

. Recently O.N
. Nepomnyashchii - director of one of the most famous and talented singers of Russia's pop Philip Kirkorov. Participates in the creation of the program "I do not Raphael" and "The best beloved and only for you" world tour, Philip Kirkorov. ON Nepomnyashchii is executive director of "Tutti-management", created by A. Pugacheva. F. Kirkorov, K. Orbakaite.

He is laureate of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow (1957), winner of National Prize "Ovation" in the nomination "Manager" (1995).

In his free time favorite hobby is car. He loves painting by Ilya Repin, I. Levitan, classical music, especially by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Favorite foreign performers - Montserrat Caballe, Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley.

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  • Anna for Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich
  • I wonder how you can get under your top?? Would you like to become a producer start-up group. Playing in an interesting, unusual style??
  • Lisa for Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich
  • Unusual I have. Propose ... I'm waiting!
  • Dmitry for Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich
  • Hello Oleg Naumovich listened to your lecture on the master-class in RMA.Ochen want to work for you.
  • Leo for Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich
  • Hello Oleg Naumovich! Admire your talent! You Happy New Year! I wish you health and all the best! It is a very old friend, neighbor Leva Vashurin (Potapovsky lane D12)
  • Leva for Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich
  • Hello Oleg Naumovich! Admire your talent! I wish you health and success! (lev Vashurin)
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    Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich, photo, biography
    Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich, photo, biography Nepomnyashchii Oleg Naumovich  Award 'Ovation', director of the collective Philip Kirkorov, executive director of 'Tutti-Management'., photo, biography
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