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Brian MAY (MAY Brian)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Brian MAY (MAY Brian)
Brian May was born July 19, 1947 in London's Twickenham (United Kingdom). Guitar, he began to master the age of seven, and fifteen was playing in local amateur groups. Since 1965, he studied astronomy in Impiriel College, . specialized in the physics of stars, . In 1968 he received a bachelor's degree, . then entered graduate school at the branch of astronomy infrared radiation, . later taught mathematics at a London school,

As a guitar to buy the Fender Stratocaster Brian was beyond their means, he built him a guitar of its own design of a wooden mantelpiece and parts of the motorcycle - he plays on it so far.

Along with learning Mae continued to play he created the group "1984". Although in 1968 the band disbanded in May of its former bassist, vocalist Tim Staffell (then - a college art student "Ealing") formed the band "The Smile", by inviting her to drummer Roger Taylor. After leaving Staffell in 1970 to the remaining members of "The Smile" joined Farouk Bulsara, classmate Staffell, changed his name to Freddie Mercury. Established group became known as the "Queen", but with the advent of her bass guitarist John Deacon began her career.

In addition to working as part of "Queen", Brian May, made several solo projects, has collaborated with many famous musicians - such as Ringo Starr, Elton John, Ron Wood, Leo Sayer. Officially, his first independent work is considered to be released in 1983 mini-album, "The Star Fleet Project", in the creation of which was also attended by Edward Van Halle, Alan Grazer, Phil Chen and Fred Mandel.

. Written by rock composer specifically for the commercial song "Driven By You" was so successful that it became part of the first solo single, which appeared in November 1991
. In 1993 came the long-awaited solo album by a musician "Back To The Light", were his concerts in Europe and the U.S.. In 1998, Brian May has a world tour for the "promotion" of his new album "Another World".

As personal guitar of this outstanding musician, her story as unusual as solo, played on it. The neck was made of mahogany (Mahogany) taken from parts of the old fireplace (about 500 years), it's made of oak planks, tremolo bridge is made from parts of the old knife and motorcycle valves. On it were three homemade singles.

With this guitar Brian took all his creative life (she recorded all the albums, play with her all the concerts) and it was the same brand symbol of the group Queen, as the vocals of Freddie Mercury. Brian called her "Red Special". Describe its sound is no need - just listen to the guitar Queen.

Brian himself says that starting job, he did not know what he wants, but it should be something warm and melodious.

In 1984, the company produces Guild guitar Guild Brian May (BHM1) - on it were the pickups DiMarzio Brian May, a car manufactured Kahler. Up until 1996, was made about 300 of these guitars and then they stopped production.

In 1995, the company releases an updated Guild Guitar Guild Brian May (BM), which was more exact copy of his own guitar Brian May - affected by computer technology. These guitars were made around 1000 and long before the company was acquired by the concern Guild Fender (September 1996), Issue Guild BM was terminated

. It was released three versions of the tool - BM01, . BM02, . BM03 - their BM01 which was an exact copy of the Instrument Brian, . and BM02, . BM03 - modified copy (they were a little differently decorated, . they had a car without vibrato, and only two pickups - hambeker and single),

As for BM01, as we continue to go only about her, her thin body was completely flat, edged above and below the white plastic and used to produce mahogany (mahogoni). Notches on the case of very broad and they can easily play on the 20th odds.

On top of the body black plastic lining, which housed the pickups and their regulators.

When you first put his hands on the neck of the guitar, then the first thing you pay attention - is the size of vulture. He is noticeably wider and thicker than most (and perhaps all) elektrogitarnyh vultures - it is almost the same as in the classical Spanish guitar. Width of fingerboard at Nut 1 13/16 inches (compare with "gibsonovskimi 1 11/16).

On the neck there is a zero fret (the space in front of the upper doorsteps), which also adds something unusual.

Scale Length tool is also very original, just 24 inches (Gibson - 24,75; Fender -25,5;). At the fretboard 24 wide JUMBO frets and an ebony overlay.

Incidentally, similar feelings of short scale length and 24 frets can feel the guitars Rickenbacker (certainly the closest to this model of all seriiynyh models).

Grief pasted into the body (like a Gibson Les Paul). Inlay made traditional points, but their location is unusual - at 7 and 19 of the odds is worth two points, at 12 and 24 of the odds on three points.

Headstock articulated with the stamp at an angle less than the Les Paul, but rather more like a PRS.

Kolka this guitar company Schaller - the most expensive of the company, which makes splitting.

Tremolo bridge made by Schaller and also it is very unusual arrangement of the springs at the top of the shell under a plastic lining. Few of the modern guitar which is equipped with such breeches.

This is a very nice reliable "swing" with a very smooth way, the only thing that somewhat blurs the impression is that the replacement string to twist off and remove the plastic overlay.

As pickups used specially made for this guitar three single Seymour Duncan Brian May. They are not sold separately from this guitar, and, besides, they are much closer in sound to the original instrument Brian, rather than mounted on the Guild in 1984, Di Marzio.

The system installed on this guitar pickup switch makes it unlike any one of the existing guitars.

Each sensor has its own personal switch / disconnector, so you can play with any pair or three pickups at once, turning off any of the sensors.

In contrast to the Stratocaster, pickups unsoldered sequentially (not simultaneously), and each pickup has a switch phase / antiphase.

Thus, the total number of sound combinations (not sure yet about the volume knob and tone) is very large and diverse that it can not but rejoice guitarists

. However, the main issue remains the question as to whether the guitar, the Guild is similar to personal guitar Brian May? Is modern technology were able to substitute for the unique quincentennial wood fireplace?

. It is difficult to answer this question is absolutely clear
. Of course, Guild is very similar, it is similar to a guitar Brian May guitar more than anyone else in the world. We should not forget that the sound of Brian May - in addition to the guitar itself is very strong and a lot of distorting of lotions and most importantly - unique hand and unique way of thinking, which can not reproduce a single firm. This is certainly 100%.

Brian May said of the JIMI HENDRIX

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  • Brian May
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Photos of Brian MAY (MAY Brian)
Brian MAY (MAY Brian)Brian MAY (MAY Brian)

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  • Fox for Brian MAY (MAY Brian)
  • This is my favorite musician. I admit to love - a long, deep, clean. Chuchaev, you are always best, most soulful composer and guitarist of the century!
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    Brian MAY (MAY Brian), photo, biography
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