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Bonnie Wright (BONNIE RAITT)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Bonnie Wright (BONNIE RAITT)
When Bonnie Wright has received for four Grammy in 1990, it was a well-deserved recognition of her achievements as a performer since the early 70-ies demonstrating the woman's right to hold an electric guitar and expand various musical genres

. Her love of the blues has demonstrated its first album, "Bonnie Raitt" (1971), . and although over the years, Bonnie has experimented with many styles, . such as pop, . rock, . lyrical ballad, etc., . its blues roots have always been evident in her work,

Wright was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her father was an actor, and his mother - pianist. At Wright began playing guitar at age 12. In the period of study in college in Boston in the late 60's, she was fascinated by the local folk-blues.

Even then, Wright was an extraordinary figure: a talented young girl, she fulfilled the blues with great energy and inspiration and with a masterful use of the slide, as if the blues was her second nature.

Wright comprehended the wisdom of blues, speaking with such recognized its legends as Sippie Wallace, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Son House.

Throughout her career she has combined her classical school country-blues with a modern outlook on the music and the desire to experiment. From 1971 to 1986, Wright has recorded eight albums for Warner Bros. Records, moving from pure blues a bit in the area of pop music, but without losing their blues roots.

During this time Wright performed the authors' favorite things - Randy Newman, John Prine, Eric Kaz, Allen Toussaint and Jackson Browne, and also worked with the best musicians of Southern California (in t.ch. members of the band Little Feat).

By the mid-70's, thanks to such albums as Streetlights (1974) and Home Plate (1975), Bonnie became a permanent audience of listeners, which all increased.

Wright Peak cooperation with the company Warner Bros. commercially in 1977 was the album "Sweet Forgiveness", to which was best known cover version of things "Runaway" Del Shannon.

Turning Wright from a respected figure in their own circles a star of world renown happened to her move to Capitol Records. The breakthrough took place with the album Nick of Time (1989), which is slowly but surely gaining popularity, eventually rising to the top of the charts just a year after release, and a month after awarding Bonnie the above four Grammy.

On that memorable evening, uttering words of gratitude, Wright left the personal ambitions: "My reward even more so for the direction in which I work. It means that all the performers rhythm & blues get another chance ".

Indeed, the next album, Wright Luck of the Draw had even greater success than the Nick of Time. It sold 5 million copies, and he brought Wright three Grammy awards and a first for her 20-year career hit single - "Something to Talk About", has risen to 5 seats in the charts.

Since then Wright has released three more albums - Longing in Their Hearts (1994), a double live Road Tested (1995) and Fundamental (1998). The next album, Wright will begin in 2002

. Dates

. November 8, 1949
. Bonnie Lynn Wright was born in Los Angeles, California

. November 1, 1971
. Bonnie Wright released his self-titled debut album, "Bonnie Raitt", showing remarkable possession of a classic country-blues 21-year-old singer / guitarist

December 1, 1972
Bonnie's second album, Give It Up, indicates progress guitarist, including three of its own things, and things other contemporary authors - Jackson Browne and Eric Justin Kaz.

December 1, 1975
At its fifth album, Home Plate, Bonnie recorded with his familiar Southern California artists - Bill Payne of "Little Feat" and Tom Waits. Magazine "Rolling Stone" published an article about Bonnie Wright with her photograph on the cover.

April 23, 1977
Album "Sweet Forgiveness" comes in the hit parade, and reaches up to 25 seats. A cover version of things Del Shannon "Runaway" from this album gets some recognition. The album became the first "golden" for Bonnie and remained the most commercially successful album of her until the Nick of Time.

19-23 September 1979
Bonnie Wright - one of the organizers and participants of the concert-rally "Musicians for nuclear energy for peaceful purposes" in Madison Square Garden in New York (along with Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen and others).

September 1, 1986
Ninth in a row Bonnie Wright album, Nine Lives, appears in the period of personal turmoil Bonnie. The album is not a success and became her final album at the company Warner Bros.

April 15, 1989
Nick of Time, Bonnie's first album on new label, Capitol (Producer - Don Was), enters the charts. Reaching 1 places, he became one of the major sensations of the year, and two of his songs - "Have a Heart" and "Nick of Time" also fall into the hit parade

. February 21, 1990
. At the Grammy ceremony in Los Angeles, Bonnie Wright overshadows all, . received four awards: Album of the Year (Nick of Time), . Best Female Pop Vocal, . Best female rock vocal and best traditional blues recording (for a duet with John Lee Hooker "I'm in the Mood"),

. August 17, 1991
. The next album - Luck of the Draw - comes up 2 places on the charts, while the single from it - "Something to Talk About" - for the first time Wright gets in the Top40 and took 5 th place

February 25, 1992
Luck of the Draw Bonnie Wright brings three more Grammy.

April 1, 1994
Longing in Their Hearts is the second album by Bonnie, who became # 1 in the charts and earned her another Grammy (for Best Pop Album) at the awards ceremony in March 1995.

March 6, 2000
Bonnie Wright is included in the Hall of Fame and Rock-n-roll at the fifteenth annual ceremonial meeting.

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  • Bonnie Wright

Photos of Bonnie Wright (BONNIE RAITT)
Bonnie Wright (BONNIE RAITT)

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    Bonnie Wright (BONNIE RAITT), photo, biography
    Bonnie Wright (BONNIE RAITT), photo, biography Bonnie Wright (BONNIE RAITT)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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