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BATT Jennifer (BATTEN Jennifer)

( Guitarist)

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Biography BATT Jennifer (BATTEN Jennifer)
After the rising popularity of electric guitars in the late 80's, Jennifer Batten today, perhaps the most famous female guitarist on stage. She separated from her peers at the beginning of his career as a master in the two-handed tapping technique, which has become popular thanks to aces like Eddie Van Halen. Guitar Press led the hunt for her, because she no longer carry the column in Guitar Player magazine and appearing as part of implementing the training CD. From teaching activities, she moved to creativity

. The main turning point came in 1987 when she was chosen from over 100 guitarists to play superprofessionalnoy group of Michael Jackson, with whom she toured the world for fifteen years and has played for more than 4.5 million people
. Tour with Michael Jackson helped her to further develop their musical abilities. Jennifer not wasted a single drop of time after the grand finale "Bad" tour, having plunged into the work on his own album with renowned producer Michael Sembello. Beautiful results of this can be heard on her album "Above, Below, and Beyond", whose name accurately describes all conceivable diversity within the allowable. After this debut issue of the world understood the genius of Jennifer.

Earlier Batten was taken simultaneously in 6 different groups, playing everything: from rock to metal to fusion and funk. Her video collection includes many records, such as Natalie Cole's "Wild Women Do", Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker", Sara Hickman's "Take It Like A Man", plus an interview with the world's first guitar video magazine Hot Guitarist. Shortly after the album's release in spring 1992 she was asked to speak again with Michael Jackson in his "Dangerous Tour". She accepted the offer and went to Europe and Japan. January 31, 1993, she joined Jackson, to take part in the Superbowl TV show, which saw the amount of 1.5 billion people in 80 countries. It was the largest audience in television history.

In 1996, she recorded a track on Carmine Appice's "Guitar Zeus", which recorded such solo guitarists like Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, Doug Aldrich, and Brian May. She also participated in recording their debut CD DOC TAHRI, who introduced himself as "Einstein was a Bullfighter" from X-"Public Image", in which bassist Bret Helm. In 1998 Jeff Beck is constantly trying to persuade Jennifer to accompany him on tour. She appeared on the release of the freshest album Beck - "Who Else", which includes in addition to musical ideas like a guitar and guitar synthesizer. In a tour of Jeff Beck, it has recently launched in Europe, Japan, South America and twice in the United States.

She recently completed her new solo album, "Jennifer Batten's Tribal Rage Momentum", just before Michael Jackson called him again at 2-year world tour, to support his latest double album "HIStory". New Project Jennifer is very different from the first album and is heavily influenced by the global music. This is a hybrid of rock and very exotic sounds, including African drums, Australian didjeredoo and Scottish pipes. It sounds like a rich and whimsical journey around the world. In the cast includes Ricky Wolking - bass (Hoey, MaCalpine, Householder, The Nixons), and Glen Sobel (MaCalpine, Saga, Impelliterri). He left in 1997

. Spring of 1998 Jeff Beck asked Jennifer to join his group, . and together with drummer Steve Alexander (Duran Duran) and bassist Randy Hope-Taylor (Incognito), . They toured Europe, . Americas, . Japan and the United States, . and also recorded a CD Jeff "Who Else",
. The tour lasted until October 1999.

Official English site, Jennifer Batten

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Photos of BATT Jennifer (BATTEN Jennifer)
BATT Jennifer (BATTEN Jennifer)

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BATT Jennifer (BATTEN Jennifer), photo, biography
BATT Jennifer (BATTEN Jennifer), photo, biography BATT Jennifer (BATTEN Jennifer)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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