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Sambor Richie (SAMBORA Richie)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Sambor Richie (SAMBORA Richie)
Date of Birth:
. July 11, 1959
. Place of Birth:
. Perth Emboy, New Jersey, USA
. Parents:
. Joan and Adam Sambora
. Musical influences:
. Eric Clapton, LED ZEPPELIN, Jimi Hendrix, THE BEATLES
. Favorite music:
. above, plus Peter Gabriel, U2, Stevie Wonder and blues as such
. Musical Instruments:
. guitar, piano, bass, drums, saxophone, accordion and trumpet
. Hobbies:
. collects guitars and some other musical instruments

. The legendary American rock band BON JOVI - it is in any case not the property of its front man and man, giving her his name - John Bondzhovi
. This close-knit team in which everyone has the right to vote, and tries to preserve individuality, despite the fact that for nearly 15 years, the guys make common cause. Objectively speaking, the two leaders in the group - Jon and Richie. It is they who during the long vacation between albums BON JOVI decided to record his solo works, and therefore have a reason to talk about each of them separately. What a brave guy John Bondzhovi, we have already written. Let me now introduce you to Richie Sambora, with all its charms and drawbacks. Like John, Richie often called just a guy from New Jersey.

As you know, he was born in Perth Emboy, but childhood and adolescence spent in the town of Woodbridge. Now it's hard to believe, but long before the development of his beloved guitar, Richie played the piano, trumpet and saxophone. By the way, even more incredible history itself seems to acquire its first guitar. Richie wanted very much to have it, and he briefly became a donor to donate blood, but it was something he's only 15 years (according to other sources, only 12, but that I can not believe that the doctors have decided to adopt a victim of such a young man !).

In general his life - this is an excellent example of strong-willed person who can only be achieved if you set a goal. Since childhood he liked the blues, and later in life, being a guitarist BON JOVI, he released his first solo album, in which there was a place the song "Mr. Bluesman ". Eric Clapton has always been a musical idol Ritchie, and their joint work on this song, where Clapton played guitar, sang, perhaps, the most cherished dream Sambora.

His musical interests Richie never reduces to a single element. Along with the blues he listened to art-rock, normally perceived metallyug and trailed by Tchaikovsky. Until the moment when he and John created BON JOVI, Sambora played and was a session musician in many groups of small-caliber. Among them MERCY, DUKE WILLIAMS AND THE EXTREMES, THE MASSAGE (they even recorded one album), RICHIE SAMBORA AND FRIENDS, THE NEXT and REBEL. But it is in BON JOVI his talents appreciated and recognized all over the world.

Although BON JOVI he never shut himself. He composed songs and produced recordings of Alice Cooper and Desmonda Child's law, . with John Bondzhovi produced and unraveled in the United States the first "American" album GORKY PARK and participated in the fate SKID ROW, . his composition "Guitar Man" was the title track of Paul Woods,
. And this is not a complete list of third-party creative Richie Sambora. He became a superstar, he wore dark glasses, fearing that it has once again caught in the street hot girls - BON JOVI fans and saying a lot of sweet words, as if he were their fellow. In general, in his home locker room about 30 pairs of sunglasses. Even cooler is when a crowd of girls recognize him on the walk and a run starts zatselovyvat, forcing the next time be more creative in the process of masking. It has long been a Richie has his own bodyguard, but it is the usual attribute of each star.

Ritchie is married to a beautiful actress and a charming woman Lokler Heather (Heather Locklear), the blonde from the world-famous series "Dynasty" and "TJ Hooker". Mr. Sambora was able to recapture it from such inveterate rocker and Lovelace, Tommy Lee (nicknamed "T-Bone"), who then had his eye on the curvy shape of Pamela Anderson. The very same Mrs. Sambora appreciated the skill of loving husband, who in the past did not getting out of bed (s) expert Sher. At the end of last year, Richie from Heather finally happened joyous event - a girl who was named Ava Elizabeth Sambora. This gift to the happy father was a very time. His second solo album "Undiscovered Soul" was already in the last stages of refinement in the studio, and Richie to save time for family affairs that rarely falls during the tour and record albums BON JOVI.

But back in 1991, when Richie made his debut as a solo artist with his first album "Stranger In This Town". In fact, there were two versions of this album. Original - ten songs, . which is a home music library, . probably, . any feng BON JOVI, . and a special issue (which appeared later that same year) - double, . to the first part of which added to the song "Wind Cries Mary", . written by Ritchie for the soundtrack to the film "Ford Fairlane",
. On the second disc was an exclusive interview with musician, sheds light on the content of his first solo album, and not only.

Along with the album were recorded and two singles - "Ballad Of Youth" and the already mentioned "Mr.Bluesman". This work was received very mixed. After the release of solo albums by John Bondzhovi, . where he is by hook or by crook tried to break out of the sound and image, . found in the BON JOVI (and this cowboy in some ways succeeded), . his comrade, . likely, . too anxious to show, . BON JOVI that he was not on the latest roles, . but on the side will be too bad,
. Just say: he did it much worse than John

. Critics unanimously repeated, . the album is "Stranger In This Town" - is BON JOVI, . only without John, . and Richie Sambora, . no matter how he was covered by his love for the blues, . fundamentally rocker (can be, . somewhat sentimental), and he'll never escape from the "pop metal" (as some describe the style of BON JOVI),
. My personal impression of this album, in principle, coincided with the opinion of musicologists. But I would not draw from this tragedy, and reminded that most critics, . that after seven years of close and, . undoubtedly, . successful work in a team of like-minded yet unknown, . Could they alone take a chance to repeat the, . that only by BON JOVI,

Many well-known musicians are trying to find on the side of their unique sound, but the main thing, in my opinion, if it did not work a miracle - not to spoil the already constructed, and then the penny the price your diligence. We assume that Richie did it.

Since then, almost seven years - a considerable period. BON JOVI managed to release as many as four albums, so unlike what they. Tramp, John began to suffer seriously split the creative personality, good combining three of its most important natural talent: play, sing and feel at ease before the cameras. The most interesting is that history repeats itself again and Richie released his solo album a year after John's solo album. The year 1997 was undoubtedly the year of John Bondzhovi, he bathed in glory, as much has recorded three singles that went bad. Richie Sambora is now up to become the center of attention of fans BON JOVI, and if lucky, and a more motley crew of taste of music lovers.

Since 1996, he conjured in the studio with legendary producer Don wagon (Don Was), a veteran on account of which work with Bonnie Raitt, THE ROLLING STONES and B-52'S. In the same guest musicians were listed the names of drummer Kenny Aronoffa (who played in the team John Mellencamp, . Bob Seger, . Mellissa Etheridge), . James "Hutch" Hutchinson, along with Don wagon (on bass), . keyboardist Ramey Jaffee (THE WALLFLOWERS), . guitarist Ritchie Sapa and Mark Goldenberg,

Album promises to surprise all with his romantic mood and, according to the label Mercury, has a strong ballad charge. On the other hand, Western music publications that have already been on display a promotional copy of this CD, sadly note that Richie niskolechko not changed. The album contains some songs that will no doubt fall into the airwaves, but the influence BON JOVI firmly. It seems that Ritchie was buried with his favorite guitar (so it will be recorded in his will) and, apparently, to the sound of his songs ... or song BON JOVI (few people will feel the difference).

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Sambor Richie (SAMBORA Richie), photo, biography
Sambor Richie (SAMBORA Richie), photo, biography Sambor Richie (SAMBORA Richie)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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