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( Singer, guitarist, composer)

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Biography REED LU
Vocalist, guitarist, composer Lou Reed (real name Louis-Fer-Bank) was born March 2, 1942 (according to some sources - 1943) in the U.S.

. Lou Reed has played in numerous school bands, but seriously engaged in music in college - in 1957, his band The Shades ochrednoy signed to RCA, who released their debut single "So Blue"
. Tracks to love New York disc jockeys, a time she never left the air, but was soon superseded by new groups.

. After graduating from the University of Syracuse, . Reid, where he studied poetry at the course Delmora Schwartz (on the first album is the Velvet Underground song, . devoted to this poet), . musician found a job in the firm seyshnmena Pickwick Records, . which specialized exclusively in replicating the top grossing artists,
. (Reed has never left journalism and regularly wrote for such influential in the world andergra-Undan publications, . magazine as "Fusion" and the newspaper "Village Voice", . - So, . in 1977 he was awarded the Joint Council of the U.S. literary journals for his poem "The Slide".) A lot of Lou Reed songs of the period included in the repertoire of different groups, . a venomous dance performance "The Ostrich" (1965) so impressed the management company, . that for the "promotion" single, Reed had to organize a group The Primitives,
. In the composition of this team included John Cale, a future colleague of Reed on one of the most influential groups in the history of American rock Velvet Underground.

. Lou Reed led the Velvet Underground from 1966 to 1970 - during this period he wrote the vast majority of musical and textual material, and, indeed, alone defines the concept and the evolution of
. Most of the songs that Reed wrote for the Velvet Underground, represented a "truncated" rhythm & blues, accompanied by poetic illustrations on the vicissitudes of life in the big city.

. After the release of Lou Reed from the Velvet Underground (he left the band in the midst of recording a fourth album, "Loaded") in the group emerged a creative vacuum, . but himself Reid, . shaken to its decisive step, . also was far from the peak creative form,
. He tried to find himself outside of music, and almost two years had not touched a guitar. Only after moving to London (1971) Lou Reed started working with the British rock musicians - so, in 1972 came his first solo album, "Lou Reed", a record which was attended by Steve Howe and Rick Ueykmen of Yes. The disc had some excellent things, originally destined for the Velvet Underground, but despite this, very coarse-produced virtually destroyed plate. Nevertheless, Lou Reed on tour in England with a group of New York teenagers The Tots had some success and enjoyed the favorable response from the British music press.

. The second album Reed - "Transformer" (also 1972) was recorded under the guidance of longtime admirer David Bowie, Velvet Underground, . who was able to accurately capture, . and above, . convey to the listener a powerful charge of decadence, . characteristic of the period of work of Reed,
. Crowning jewel of the album - "Walk On The Wild Side", . devoted to the spiritual father of the author, . Great American artists and counterculture Andy Warhol, . - In 1973 the track entered the UK Top 10 and took 16 th place in the charts the USA is one of the few hit singles Lou Reed.,

. But Reid did not want to be led by commercial success and make a career in the primitive harmonies pop-rock, . in the 1973 album "Berlin" returned to the style of early Velvet Underground, . - But the impact Bowie affected, . and the music of those years, Reid clearly listened to the characteristics of glam-rock topics sadomasochism, . imitation of suicide and death at the hands of terrorists (on a concert during the song "Heroine" of the crew of Reed shot the singer blanks from the gallery) on the background of total nihilism brought him phenomenal success - a musician throwing an open challenge, . and the audience liked,
. This period is characterized by creativity Reed parody and an incredible mixture of styles; a huge role in his work played by guitarists Dick Uagner and Steve Hunter - they helped "build musical muscles" 1974 albums "Rock'N'Roll Animal" (this live album was recorded in Academy of Music in New York) and "Sally Can't Dance" - the last Top 10 hit in the U.S. on the day of release.,

. Evidence of the rapid growth of the creative Reed became a double studio album "Metal Machine Music" - atonal passages of electronic instruments and sound effects - mainly based on loops and beklupov - have led critics to fury, . But this music, . according to some experts, . formed the basis of the so-called rock-avant-garde,
. Thus, some journalists were convinced that Reed's career on this album is over, and called the disc "Musical suicide", others said "Metal Music Machine" a masterpiece of rock, to understand that the public has yet to grow. RCA Guide to the plate "immature", and in 1976, Reed had to go to the company Arista Records.

. The next album - "Cone Island Baby" (no contract terms, . He was recorded on RCA) is the most unpretentious in the arsenal of Reed, . However, because of its soft and muted harmonies born beautiful "Rock'N'Roll Heart", . generally recognized as the best disk Lou Reed 70-ies,
. But as it turned out, Lou Reed has not been fully exhausted itself as the spiritual leader of the New York subculture, and a powerful attacker album "Street Hassle" was the clearest evidence of this. The title track single out individual (later reworked this thing Simple Minds) - it, . and "Dirt", . and "I Wanna Be Black" showed multifaceted musical talent, . capable of, . seemingly, . finally found style, . throw in a completely different musical spheres.,

. Lou Reed was among those who created the myths and legends of rock: so, there is a version of that recording the album "Street Hassle" to participate anonymously, Bruce Springsteen, and the anonymous Reed worked with Kiss, Niels Lofgrenom and, more recently, with the RM Dawn
. With Reed always worked the most titled rock musicians - the legendary bassist Jack Bruce, jazz trumpeter Don ^ ERRI, the famous drummer Fred Map, violin virtuoso Jean-Luc Ponty and bassist Fernando Saunders of his team.

. Albums "The Bells" and "Growing Up In Public" this was not successful, but, nevertheless, made it clear that Lou Reed has become a truly great masters
. In 1980, Reed married Sylvia Morales and met the 80-ies already in the status of rock stars - it was very fruitful collaboration with guitarist Robert Quine (ex-Void-Oids), . who made a huge contribution to receive the recognition of all musicologists albums "The Blue Mask", . "Legendary Hearts" and "Mistrial".,

. However, the greatest success had fallen to the lot of the disc "New York", 1989, which made a superstar, and Reed, by definition, the magazine "Time", "brought laurels chronicler chronicles of modern life and mores of American capital"
. It. certainly. best solo album, Lou Reed, which is stylistically connected to all the best elements of both his individual creativity, and work in the Velvet Underground of the early period. The ironic, pessimistic, cynical, but extremely touching, "New York" had such a stunning success that by 1990 several commercial "flops" solo discs Reed early 70-ies became "golden".

. "Songs For Drella" was an epitaph for Andy Warhol - in the recording of the album involved a colleague of Reed's Velvet Underground, John Cale, and the CD received some kind of a return to rock and roll through both creative musicians
. In 1993, Lou Reed, along with his companions made a "ritual resuscitate" Velvet Underground - the group in classical composition gave a series of concerts at home and in Europe (in particular, . all music observers noted the success of the Paris program),
. In the mid-90's Lou Reed still works as a solo artist, though, in fairness, it should be noted that there is nothing equal to the "New York", he still could not be established.

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REED LU, photo, biography
REED LU, photo, biography REED LU  Singer, guitarist, composer, photo, biography
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