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Robbie Williams

( Musician)

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Biography Robbie Williams
Earn Great Britain beginning of the millennium. Came out of the boy-band. From the British "Simons" or "Na Na"-nushek, so to speak. And you know - all the cute pop-boys' people immediately suspect you know what. But in the history of Robbie - even more fun. When nosy manager Nigel Martin-Smith in 1990, had built "Take That", where was our young Robertushka was taken a bold and ingenious solution - the first round of the boys will not just anywhere, and in gay clubs. Do you think, why it suddenly occurred to Nigel ц?ц?ц© radical myslyaN Nevertheless, the course turned out to be a winner. Audience 'I took this ". And in 1995 production of "Take That" sold in Britain in the same quantities as when a plate of another team cute guys - the Beatles, which is true, gay clubs not taken, but the manager they had a gay .

. But after that was something! Simply - Otpad
. Robby fell in love with Liam Gallagher, the same guitar-kicker schizo -. He began with him often and even promised to stop annoying "Take That" and a solo artist to record an album in the spirit of "Oasis". Shortly nervous Liam could not resist the attention and Robbie became publicly called Robertushku "fagot", bringing it up: fights. What were they byloN

In 2000, Williams released the album "Sing, if win". There, he performed a cover version of a gay anthem of the 70's, song, disco diva Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive", remade it into a "Supreme". In this program, we can say little thing Robbie said frankly: "Oh, how many in England lonely hearts. A pochemuN Simply - all the cool girls already married, and cool guys - blue. But you must survive and this ". In the ditty "Kids", which Williams played with the "damned lesbian" as she had called all the same schizophrenic Gallagher, originally rhymed words: sodomy, monogamy, Billy Connolly, ornithology. No comment.

But, sorry. The texts of these songs not written by Williams and Gay Chambers (yes, Gay - exactly for those who doubt, is written the name of a collaborator Robbie Williams). But here is not so simple. Robbie, somehow suddenly for no apparent reason announced to the world that Gay (Chebmers) not only writes and plays for him, Robertushki, but also for several years: sleep with him.

UV: Yes, how many of you can. About Gay patriarch Sir Elton less information goes. But the courage, we go further. In 2000, Williams sent concerts in loving the city of Paris. There he welcomed the audience thus: "But, actually, and I, Robbie Williams. Your favorite fag. And today, my ass, too, with me ". And finished his speech at the concert Robertushka the following passage: "From now on I'm not Robbie. Just call me Robert. Consider that this is my coming out. However, I was joking. "

That, and I understand how you know all these zamorochki. Or maybe, as they say many of the boys, who as a child loves to experiment sexually, just Robertushka prikalyvaetsyaN, including in bed with a gay. Chambers. Maybe, in fact, Robbie Williams is not blue, and white. And fluffy. As you dumaeteN

. With all this joy - no matter, . What is really sexy in poppulyarnogo British singer Robbie Williams, . interesting thing, . he theme of this without straining can turn into a joke, . can easily poprikalyvatsya over yourself, . spit on all the public opinion,
. Which of our pop-stars and zvezdulek can muster such muzhestvaN So much for democracy, here's a pop-freedom.

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Robbie Williams, photo, biography
Robbie Williams, photo, biography Robbie Williams  Musician, photo, biography
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