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Taktash Hadi Hayrullovich

( poet, playwright, children's writer)

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Biography Taktash Hadi Hayrullovich
Taktash Hadi Hayrullovich (January 1, 1901, der.Syrkydy, Spassky district, Tambov province - December 8, 1931, Kazan) - poet, playwright, children's writer, one of the founders of the Tatar Soviet poetry. Born in a large peasant family. Initial education in madrassas native village, then in the neighboring village. Under the influence of his teachers began to write poems in imitation of G. Tukai (even school essays written in verse). At the age of 14 (1915) and taken to Bukhara merchant-relative, in whose home the young man had to be a janitor, and then - Assistant steward. January 21, 1918, Mr.. beginning poet publishes his first poem (in the newspaper Olug Turkistan "). Returning to his native village in the autumn of the same year, H. Taktash at the end of teacher training courses is a teacher and izbachom. In 1919 - 1920 years of a young poet living in Orenburg, where the edits together with the future writer Afzal Tagirova Tatar newspaper "Voice of the poor". Its pages often appear and verses of the H. Taktasha. In 1921-1922. He once lived in Tashkent, teaches language in the Turkistan Workers Dehkan Communist University, has written. Creates a "tragedy of the children of the Earth", lyric poetry, poems. For this period of his work is characterized by rebellious (in the words of the author gissyanistskie - from the Arabic word "rebellion") and the God-fighting rationale (researchers usually call this period romantic).

. Summer 1922 H. Taktash conducts in Moscow
. Great interest in the literary life of Moscow, listens Mayakovsky, Esenina and other Russian poets read their poems. After making a final choice in favor of poetry and literature, Hadi Taktash decides to move to Kazan, the capital of the Tatar culture (a visit to Moscow was associated with a desire to study at the Communist University of Toilers of the East).

. Thus began the last, Kazan period of his life, especially favorable for his work
. In 1927, Mr.. published his first poetry collection "The sons of the Earth, then his new works are published annually. Onstage Tatar Drama Theater put his play "hidden weapons", "Lost Beauty" and "Camille". In 1924, Mr.. an exceptionally short period of H. Taktash creates the poem "Age and the minutes" dedicated to Lenin.

As a poet H. Taktash in this period Kazan gets a new voice, a new intonation. Poems "Alsou", "remorse of love", many lyrical poems of the poet are full of deep feelings and emotions expressed in a new key - key intontsionno-verse. In 1930. H. Taktash begins to write his poem "Letter in coming", but to complete his plan he was not fated.

Sudden death (from typhus) broke creativity H. Taktasha in the prime of his life and talent. Literature has lost one of the best poets. Here's how to respond to the death of H. Taktasha in his poems Jalil:

. "We tsepeneem still
. If you carry on sombre Taktasha.
. As if the silent motor
. Which gave the whole current of our construction. "

. Creativity H. Taktasha had an enormous influence on the development of Tatar poetry
. His achievements, he has enriched the arsenal of expressive means of poetic speech, taught his colleagues to appreciate the simplicity, tonal flexibility and emotional richness of poetic language. During the life of the poet to his work enjoyed wide popularity. Until now, the creation H. Taktasha loved by the people.

VH Ganiev

Poet negasnuschey romance

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Taktash Hadi Hayrullovich, photo, biography
Taktash Hadi Hayrullovich, photo, biography Taktash Hadi Hayrullovich  poet, playwright, children's writer, photo, biography
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