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Nikita Simonyan Pavlovich (Pogosovich)

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, Olympic champion)

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Biography Nikita Simonyan Pavlovich (Pogosovich)
Born October 12, 1926 in the town of Armavir. Father - Simonian Pogos Mkrtychevich (1890-1969). Mother - Simonian Varsenik Akopovna (1900-1987). Wife - Liudmila G. Novikova, physician defectologist. Daughter - Simonian Victoria Nikitichna, dentist. Grandchildren - Gregory, Nikita, Ivan.

Parents gave Nikita Simonyan Mkrtich name, in honor of his grandfather. But in the courtyard, where the boy disappeared into the night, playing football, he was nicknamed Mikita or Mikishka: in the midst of the struggle on the field guys it was difficult to pronounce a difficult name. "Why am I so unlucky nazvaliN" - he asked his father. "You have a beautiful name, - he answered - Mkrtich means Baptist. Nevertheless, children's nickname became the name for life, which knows the whole football world.

Family Simonyan at pre-war standards, was small: the father, mother, her sister Nina and Nikita. The share of her father took many hardships. He was born in Western Armenia, survived the horrors of genocide, was living in central Russia, in Armavir - the home of Nikita, in the 30 years he moved to Sukhumi. Worked chuvyachnikom, sewed convenient and cheap shoes - slippers. This craft was feeding the family.

Nikita was dressed and shod - fleece pants, shoes, often had a dime for the movies. Favorite movie was, of course, "goalkeeper. This picture of Nikita and his friends watched countless times. It was only at the time the picture of sport. Moreover, about football. Despite its obvious absurdity, the absurdity of a purely football terms, the picture is forced to empathize with the game every time you watch again and all the harder to love the soccer.

Nikita and his buddies Paul Sichinava and Alexander Sedov were organized games: Street on the street, the area of district. In the village Gulripshi, which is 12 kilometers from Sukhumi, the guys found a terrific site, now a football field. And almost every day to persuade them to haul train conductors, filling the vestibule. Often had to travel and freight trains. The main thing was to get to the field. About the house remembered, had already come to grief when to exhaustion. Back in Sukhumi on foot. There was no electric trains, ate fruit from the orchards. There Nikita, usually waiting for a scolding. His father was a strict man - to the severity: "I do not Pappas on your shoes. Throw this hooligan you're finally a game or netN "His attitude toward his son had changed occupations after a few episodes, when the street itself heard:" Here comes Simonyan - Senior - father, Nikita ". Once he was simply caught and began to throw up, - an authority already had a son, who became famous football.

In Sukhumi, Nikita and his family found a war, moreover, have been significantly. Air raids, bombings, lined with tankers, bomb shelters, dead relatives and friends. During one of the bombs was seriously wounded and his father N. Simonyan - Pogos Mkrtychevich. Vsuhumi for all he bylPavel Nikitich. It was a stark reality. The war, however, could not take away from the boys pull to games, for companies to communicate. In addition to football Nikita interests in music, joined the brass band. First was the second pipe, and then - the first. As part of the orchestra marched at the head of the school column on demonstrations, spoke with his fellow musicians, friends at school gatherings. Favorite repertoire were "Waves of Amur", "Champagne Bubbles", Foxtrot. Played and sad occasion - the funeral. Music is not interrupted, dragging football.

Once in a vacant lot, where the boys played football, appeared Shota Lominadze - player of the local team "Dinamo", the future first coach Nikita Simonyan. The regular training sessions. Ravishing game gradually turned into a profession. Best school teams were playing adult. In all eyes, Nikita and his friends looked at the famous then forwards Avtandil Gogoberidze, Antadze, goalkeeper Sanaya, who later manifested themselves in the masters of Tbilisi "Dinamo". Shota no hindrance to the guys a mandatory program, did not suppress individuality, everyone, let us. The coach saw the striker Nikita. Nikita hours working out the shots. Simonian and his team began to meet with other junior teams of Abkhazia. All thoughts Simonyan focused on how to get the ball. Sometimes Nikita managed to score 9 goals per game. In 1944, when in Sukhumi have become accustomed to victory salute, go to the Black Sea coast have come to the famous command: Dynamo Moscow, CDKA, prefabricated unions. That's when Nikita Simonyan first "live" saw our football stars such as Grigory Fedotov, Alexei Grinin, Konstantin Beskov, Vasily Kartsev, Leonid and Sergey Solovyov ...

Nikita looked into my eyes, trying to understand how an attacker can open doors rivals. Feint, dribbling, stroke, playing on the wall, finally, biting the exact impact - all of which he drank in the performance of masters, remember and tried to play in training. Team Nikita became the champion of Abkhazia among boys, and then - the champion of Georgia. One summer day in Sukhumi came to Moscow team Dynamo-2 ". It so happened that a central striker Nikita Simonyan played against a central defender Arkady Chernyshev, in the future - one of the founders of the Soviet Ice Hockey. During the game Nikita unintentionally hurt Arkady Ivanovich. "Well, you, kid, little more care," - he heard.

At the end of 1945 in Sukhumi, the team came to Moscow masters "Wings of the Soviets". Along with them were young men, in the same year won the championship in Moscow. Sukhumskoe Dynamo have twice won the Muscovites, with all goals scored in their gates N. Simonian. Following these meetings, Vladimir Ivanovich Gorokhov and Abram Hristoforovich Dangulov - trainers "wings" invited Nikita Simonyan to Moscow in his team. But Nikita's father refused to let the young man, believing that he should get a profession. But his talent took. Craft for Nikita Simonyan was football. In 1946 he arrived in Moscow, lived in the apartment in. I. Gorokhov, who became his first coach of the capital. Three years of sleeping in a dark closet in the trunk. "Wings" is not used then so popular, as Dynamo, Spartak, CDKA, but in their composition were excellent players, notably Peter Dementiev, famous Peck, a living legend of the time.

It so happened that the first match of the national championship H. Simonyan to play in Sukhumi, against a team "Dinamo" (Minsk). Since this game is related event, nearly became a tragic family Simonyan. When Nikita arrived in Sukhumi, it turned out that his house was searched. Moreover, arrested his father. The reason for his arrest was okolofutbolnaya - in the style of those years. Georgian authorities to put pressure on the talented young striker, trying to persuade the father's arrest by Nikita move from Moscow to the team "Dinamo" (Tbilisi). And blackmail was organized at a very high level.

Nikita did not succumb to pressure and threats, and remained in "Wings of Soviets, where he played 3 seasons and scored 9 goals in the USSR Championship. He had a chance to go out on the football field, where rivals were Fedotov, Bobrov, Beskov, Nikolaev. Best school is difficult to. In the season of 1948, "wings", however, ranked last in the championship. It was decided to disband the "Wings". Coaches Dangulova Gorokhov and transferred to "Spartacus" and the players were assigned to different Moscow clubs. Simonian to address the All Secretariat was to be transferred to the "Torpedo". Simonian received the invitation in "Spartacus" and "Torpedo", . and in command of his car factory invited the director ZISa, . legendary Ivan Likhachev: "Do not you think, . that protect the interests of the sports car industry workers - more honorable and more worthy, . than advocate promkooperatsiyuN "The credibility and,
. A. Likhachev was great, but the desire to play for "Spartacus" was stronger. Especially during the years of performances in "Wings of the Soviets" had been born a sense of confidence and desire to play it for the Moscow "Spartak".

So in 1949, Nikita Simonyan linked his fate as a player and coach with this team. He had the good fortune to enter into a collective, where they played Nikolay Dementiev - brother of the legendary Peking, the captain was an experienced Vasily Sokolov, and where soon came galaxy of talented players. Partners Nikita Simonyan steel Igor Netto, Sergei Salnikov, Alexei Paramonov, Mikhail lights, Nikolay Tishchenko Anatoly Ilyin, Anatoly Isayev, Anatoliy Maslenkino. Each of these names, as well as the name of the Nikita Simonyan in football, in sports - the legend.

Already in 1950, H. Simonyan has set national record for the number of goals scored in one season. It struck the gate rivals 34 times. This achievement lasted until 1985. Only then (in very suspicious circumstances, according to many reputable athletes and soccer fans), he was beaten by Oleg Protassovs.

Life, however, threw temptations. One of them is connected with the name of the son of the leader - Vasily Stalin, at that time commander of the Air Force MVO. In many ways, thanks to the Air Force football players were living better than all the rest. This included the prestigious officer ranks, living expenses, salaries, retirement pensions and t. n. Once H. Simonian invited to Vasily Stalin, who bluntly stated: "I swore to her mother's ashes, that you will be on my team. You understand, vows are often not give, so waiting for an answer ". Simonian said firmly: "I want to stay in" Spartacus ". V. Stalin had to retreat.

Spartacus All five attacks - Tatushin, Isaev, Simonyan, Ilyin, Salnikov - was simultaneously attacked by five USSR team. At full strength, she performed in the final match with Yugoslavia at the Olympics in 1956 in Melbourne, where Nikita Simonyan and its partners won gold Olympic medals. With this match and the tournament is linked legendary story. Before the final match of the central striker in place of the USSR national team took the young Eduard Streltsov, played well, but the finale was not announced. These rules were already in those years that gold medals were given to only those players who participated in the finals, and therefore, Streltsov, as well as some other players left without a winning team. N. Simonian, considering that E. Streltsov, who played, and well, 4 Olympic match, more than it deserves, offered Edward his medal. Streltsov refused. Simonyan was already 30 years, his football career was nearing completion. Eduardo is just turned 19. Both were worthy of gold medals, both showed generosity. And not wine, but the misfortune of the two great center forward, that neither at the Olympics or the European championships and the world in the future Eduard Streltsov was not destined to receive a gold medal.

The share the same H. Simonyan fell to participate as team captain in World Cup 1958 in Sweden, which has opened for national soccer world football, and let the world see the high achievements of Simonian and in general the USSR national team. The team entered the top eight teams in the world, worthy of playing with the outstanding teams of England, Austria. USSR squad, . for not sporting reasons, . Having lost just three outstanding players (Streltsov, . Tatushin, . Lights), . went against the Brazilian national team, . of which were legendary Garrincha, . Didi, . Vava, . Zagallo - a unique team, . a new era in football, . Team, . which debuted in the best footballer of XX century Pele, . and lost 0:2,

. Speaking for the club "Spartak", . N. Simonyan four became the champion of the USSR (1952, . 1953, . 1956, . 1958), , . 1958) twice won silver (1954, . 1955) and bronze (1949, . 1957) medals, . twice been a finalist of the Cup of the USSR (1952, . 1957),
. Nikita Simonyan participated in trips "Spartacus" in Norway (1950), Albania (1951) and in the countries of South America (1959). In 1954-1956 years he served the national team in Moscow, in 1956 was awarded the Games of the peoples of the USSR. A total of national championships Nikita Simonyan had 285 matches and scored 145 goals, one of them for "Spartacus" - 233 matches and 133 goals, becoming the best ever scorer in the club championships of the USSR. Three times he ranked second in the list of "33-x" (1950, 1956, 1957), three times, was leading scorer in the championships of the USSR (1949. - 26 goals, 1950. - 34 goals, 1953. - 14 goals), is a symbolic Club Fedotova (186 goals). Behind him will forever remain the glory of the player rapidly, possesses excellent technique, subtle positional instinct, which owns sights blows with both feet. It was characterized by a clever feint, speed dribbling, skillful stroke, excellent game in the wall, biting attack. Nikita Simonyan has always been a model of correctness and chivalrous attitude towards opponents. Per team of the USSR, after which Nikita Simonyan defended in the years 1954-1959, he held a team for 23 matches and scored 12 goals.

In 1959, the Moscow "Spartak" went on a trip to Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, where dignity opposed to the best clubs. N. Simonian was one of the most successful players in the team, scored a lot, wrote enthusiastically about him press, but by that time he had already taken a firm decision to hang up his boots

. In the autumn of that year he received an offer from Nikolai Petrovich Starostin become coach of the Moscow "Spartak", . which continued to act Igor Netto, . Anatoli Ilyin, . Anatoly Isayev - all players team of the Union, . his former partners in the football game,
. 1960, first year coach of "Spartacus" as "the first pancake is always lumpy left". "Spartacus" was not included in the six best teams in the country, . Simonian and immediately came under fire from fans: "Do not you know it - do not touch!", . "So what has brought our team!" The following season, "Spartacus" won third place in the national championship, . and in 1962 became the champion of the USSR,
. This was the first victory for Simonyan coaching career.

In "Spartacus" has formed a group of young players who came to replace the veterans: Vladimir Maslachenko, Yuri Sevidov, Gennady Logofet, Vyacheslav Ambartsumian, Galimzyan Khoussainov, Victor Papa, Anzor Kavazashvili. All were high-class players, they were all students Simonyan-coach. In total, the team "Spartak" H. Simonyan, worked for 11 years with a short break (1965), when he was dismissed because of the tragic episode of the fault Sevidov Yu, who was drunk knocked down, killing a famous scientist.

During his work in "Spartacus" Nikita Simonyan has established itself as one of the leading trainers of the Soviet football. It is highly demanding, thoughtful and informed decisions and tactical plans. Having a direct and decisive character, he could best realize the potential of wards. All this has created a top class team, . which under his leadership became the USSR champion twice (1962, . 1969), . thrice - the Cup of the USSR (1963, . 1965, . 1971), . twice - silver (1963, . 1968) and twice - bronze medalist of the USSR (1961, . 1970), . also a finalist in the Cup of the USSR (1972),

In late 1972, after much deliberation Nikita Simonyan accepted the offer of a better command of the Armenian Ararat (Yerevan) to lead the club as head coach. Needless to say, the hopes pinned on the arrival of a famous football player and coach in a small Armenian, moreover, that this man was himself an Armenian. By that time the Armenian football have developed their own traditions. They were not as deep as, for example, Georgia, where it was brought up a lot of outstanding players, especially after the war, widely known outside of Georgia and the Soviet Union. However, at that time, "Ararat" gathered under its wing a number of excellent students of Armenian, Caucasian Football. Under the leadership of Artema Falla team poured force. In the mid 60-ies "Ararat" is back in the big leagues. His successor, Alexander Ponomarev, the famous striker, continued the construction team. He Ararat (Yerevan) was bound to the emergence of the top-class. Measurably expanded tactical capabilities of original big-name football coach N. O. Glebov.

Getting started with the command "Ararat", Nikita Simonyan continued recruiting team to include a number of promising players. As part of "Ararat" so were the real stars: A. Andreasyan, E. Markarov, L. Ishtoyan, O. Zanazanyan (captain), A. Abrahamyan, A. Kovalenko, N. Kazarian. Before these guys Simonian set the task to fight for the highest titles. Actively assisted in the organization of the team Tarjumanyan G., A. Tonoyan, L. Kalashyan, Hovik Abrahamyan, A. Kegeyan, R. Tsagikyan - leaders of the Armenian sport, trade unions, clubs.

This unique combination of classroom trainer, authoritative football, as was N. Simonyan, talented performers, organizers of sports, to work fully do their job. "Ararat" has achieved outstanding success. First, he reached the final of the Cup of the Union in 1973, where a dramatic struggle on behalf of the Central Lenin Stadium in Moscow, won the stellar team of FC Dynamo Kyiv (2:1) and the first time in its history, won the USSR Cup.

Appetite comes with eating: Cup Winners Cup, but I want to win another championship and gold. N. Simonian and his team are hoping the entire Armenian. During their advance on the standings with the hope of watching the whole Armenian people. This energy, apparently passed on to coaches and players, and they have a tour before the end of the championship won first place in the USSR Championship. Triumph of the Armenian football, the Armenian nation and became a triumph for coach Simonian. Equally, as the success Simonyan of Armenia became a symbol of rebirth.

It happened, however, that next year the team won only 5-th place, and it was seen players and the leadership of the republic as a defeat. The situation began to take shape around the coach is not quite comfortable. At this time H. Simonyan was offered a job in the administration of football Sports Committee of the USSR, and he agreed.

For 16 years he worked as a state coach of the USSR State Sports Committee, the senior coach and head of the USSR team. With the participation of N. Simonyan USSR team performed in the final tournament of the world championships 1986 and 1990, was the silver medalist of European Championship 1988.

Nikita Simonyan - the second (after NA Gulyaev) in the national football holds honorary "double" - the winner of the championship and the Cup in one season as a player (1958) and as a coach (1973).

From 1991 to September 1992 N. Simonian was a deputy chairman of the Football Federation of USSR in 1992 after the conversion of the Football Federation of the USSR in Russia Football Union (RFU), was elected first vice president of RFS. In December 1998 he was elected Vice President RAF, as such works on the currently.

In Rossiyskom football union Nikita Simonyan oversees the activities of youth committee, association RFU, Veterans Committee. He is Chairman of the Technical Committee and RFU coach council, president of the International Charitable Fund "Football - children". N. Simonyan - academician and vice-president of the International Academy of Art.

In 1989 he published his book "Football - it only igraN", and in 1998 came a second edition.

N. Simonyan - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1954), Honored trainer of the USSR (1970), Honored trainer of the RSFSR (1968), Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of the Armenian SSR. For sports achievements and great contributions to the development of physical culture and sport awarded the Labor Red Banner (1957), . Badge of Honor "(1971), . Friendship (1995), . Order of Merit for the Fatherland "III degree (2000), . Jubilee Medal "For Valiant Labor,
. To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin ", . Medal "Veteran of Labor", . as well as the Olympic Order of the International Olympic Committee, . FIFA Order of Merit (2000), . Order of Spartacus and honorary signs of Merit in the development of physical culture and sport "of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of the USSR" (1986) and the State Committee for Physical Culture and Tourism (1996), . Honorary Badge of Merit in the development of physical culture and sports of the State Committee for Physical Culture, . Sports and Tourism "(2000), . Honorary Badge of Merit in the development of the Olympic movement in Russia "- National Olympic Committee of Russia (2000),

In 1997, Russia's soccer centenary observed. During its century of history, especially the second half of XX century, domestic football has generated a lot of famous, including the world-famous names as among the players and coaches. The share Simonian, . which in 1996 changed his eighth decade, . fell human and sporting good fortune to be friends, . friends, . out on the field with such world-recognized players, . the British Bobby Charlton, . Billy Wright, . Brazilians Pele, . Garrincha, . Vava, . Didi, . Zagallo, . Germans Helmut Sean, . Franz Beckenbauer, . Ferenc Puskц?s, . Yozhesh Bozsik, . Gyula Grosics, . Kievites Valery Lobanovsky, . Oleg Blokhin,
. Specific lines in the biography Simonyan associated with the great Vsevolod Bobrov, unique Grigory Fedotov, legendary Eduard Streltsov, best goalkeeper of the XX century, Lev Yashin. The share fell Simonian human happiness to be assistant, . disciple of the legendary Nicholas Brothers, . Andrew, . Alexander, . Peter Starostin, . Gabriel Kachalina, . Nikolay Gulyaev, . other prominent figures of the century: People's Artists of the USSR Nikolayevich Ruben Simonov, . Anatoly Petrovich Ktorov, . Igor Ilyinsky, . Georgy Menglet, . Leonid Osipovich Utjosov, . Viktor Yakovlevich Stanitsyn, . Mikhail Mikhailovich Yanshina, . Nikolai Nikolayevich Ozerov, . Viktor Ivanovich Korshunov, . Evgeny Svetlanov, . Armen Borisovich Dzhdigrahanyana,
. They loved football, loved the "Spartacus" were all friends, NP. Simonian.

Hobby N. Simonyan, as in childhood, is music, especially classical. He loves classical music and art historical literature, concerts performed by full symphony orchestra, the best domestic and foreign films. Is a fan of theater, particularly fond of small, Vakhtangov, Moscow Art Theater and the Theater of Mayakovsky. Of foreign actors Jean Gabin highlights, Jack Nicholson, Marcello Mastroianni, from domestic - by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Igor Elias and others.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Nikita Simonyan Pavlovich (Pogosovich), photo, biography
Nikita Simonyan Pavlovich (Pogosovich), photo, biography Nikita Simonyan Pavlovich (Pogosovich)  Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, Olympic champion, photo, biography
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