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Bear Alexander

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, State Prize Laureate, Professor)

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Biography Bear Alexander
Born September 16, 1937 in White Church. Father - Bear Basil Zinovievich (1909g.rozhd.) Worked as a forester. Mother - Mary Bear Homovna (1911g.rozhd.). Wife - Bear Auntie (1940g.rozhd.). Daughter - Bear Elena (1960g.rozhd.). Son - Bear Alexey (1967g.rozhd.).

Childhood and school years were held in Alexander's hometown. He grew high, . clumsy guy, . and hardly anyone would have thought then, . that this young man laid the inexhaustible energy and strength, . nature fighter, . tremendous diligence, . monolith qualities, . which will lead him to a truly outstanding victories, . make the strongest fighter in the world,

Alexander Medved working career began in 1954, fitters at the local aircraft factory. In 1956, he called the Soviet Army, he served in Belarus. In the army, Alexander willingly performs at various competitions in many sports, but gradually the sport of courage and strength, sports brave and resilient - struggle more and more often leads him on a wrestling mat.

In 1957 he took his first acquaintance with his future mentor, Honored trainer of BSSR and USSR Pavel Vasilyevich Grigoriev. Alexander Medved was an unusually gifted and capable pupil. The first significant success came to him on the Sports Day II of the USSR in 1959, where he took 3rd place in the heavyweight division, making room for them many of the recognized masters of the mat.

After transfer to the reserve, from 1959 to 1961, Alexander Medved in school coaches at the Belarusian State Institute of Physical Culture. In 1961 he enrolled to study in this institute, where together with PV Grigoriev work with him went a senior lecturer in the fight, later professor, Honored trainer of the USSR Boleslav Mikhailovich Rybalko. In the same year at the national championship Alexander Medved won the first gold medal champion.

In 1961, Medvedev was successful debut at the world championships in Yokohama (Japan), and this year he began a period of brilliant victories on the European and world championships and the Olympics

. A. Medvedev - won three times at the Olympic Games (Tokyo 1964, Mexico City, 1968 Munich, 1972); it - seven-time world champion, three-time European champion, nine times champion of USSR, three times won the Olympics of the USSR (1963, 1967, 1971 )
. He was awarded the honorary titles of "Honored Master of Sports of the USSR" (1962), "Honored coach of the USSR" (1984), "Honored coach of the BSSR" (1979), "Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the BSSR" (1969).

For outstanding achievements in sport, a great social activity AV Medved was awarded two Orders of Lenin (1962, 1964), Order of Red Banner of Labor (1970), two orders of Honor "(1964, 1969). In 1975 he was awarded the Silver Order of the International Olympic Committee and the prize "For the noble sport", established by the International Organization UNESCO. The Central Committee of Komsomol awarded AV Medved, an "athletic prowess, and Honorary mark the Komsomol Central Committee.

From 1972 to 1992 A. Medved did a great deal coaching job as coach of the team BSSR and USSR. Under his leadership and with direct participation of the Belarusian freestyle wrestlers have high sporting results: champions of the USSR became Yevloyev B., . M. Mermanishvili, . S. Smal, . V. Orujov, . Sh Abdurakhmanov, . K. Abduldaudov, . won the junior world championship become Pirsky B., . Savin, . Savkov, . A. Sabet, . Medvedev, won the junior World Cup - Medvedev, . Savkov, . I. Hitrushko, . I. Mikhal'chuk; winner of the World Cup among adults was K. Abduldaudov, winner of international competitions "Druzhba-84" was Mermanishvili M.; became champions of Europe A. Saba and V. Yevloyev, world champions in 1991 were S. Smal and V. Orudzhev; in 1992 at the Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain) S. Smal won the silver medal, . and V. Orudzhev - bronze; national team of Belarus took the VII Sports Day of the USSR 3rd place, . Sports Day at the IX of the USSR - 1 st place, . Sports Day at X of the USSR - 2 nd place team,

. In 1970, the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport at the Council of Ministers of the BSSR and the Federation of control of the republic, . Considering his outstanding service to domestic and world sport, . established an international tournament in freestyle wrestling at the prizes Alexander Medved,
. Initially, this tournament was held in weight categories 82, 90, 100 kg, and heavyweight. Since 1972 he added the category to 74 kg, and in 1973 participated in the tournament athletes of all weight categories. In 1994, by decision of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Associated fighting style, the tournament given the highest category of international tournaments - the Grand Prix.

Since 1976, AV Medved - Head of the Department of interuniversity sports to improve the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute (now the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics), has the title of professor.

Teaching career, Alexander Medved successfully combines with research work. He has published over 60 scientific, . science teaching and teaching activities, . published 2 books - "Improved training of masters of wrestling" (1985) and a textbook for university students 'physical education students' main office "(1997),
. For a manual for students of AV Medved awarded the State Award of the Republic of Belarus

. AV Medved was vice-president of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, a member of the European Committee VILLAGES International Wrestling Federation, President of Belarus Wrestling Federation, Academician of International Academy of Sciences of Russia
. Honorary Citizen of the Hero-City of Minsk (1975).

AV Medved likes hunting. Favorite sports - wrestling, basketball, football, tennis. In music, prefers the classics.

Lives and works in Minsk.

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Bear Alexander

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Bear Alexander, photo, biography
Bear Alexander, photo, biography Bear Alexander  Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, State Prize Laureate, Professor, photo, biography
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