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Monday Viktor

( Honored Master of Sports)

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Biography Monday Viktor
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Born May 22, 1937 in Rostov-na-Donu. Father - Monday Nikitivich Vladimir (1910-1979) - journalist. Mother - Sophia Tarasova Efremovna (1909-1980) - a pensioner, the years of war - the nurse. Wife - Rastorgueva Arina Alekseevna (1950g.rozhd.) - Economist. Daughter - Monday Victoria (1961g.rozhd.) Translator, a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages Maurice Thorez. Son - Monday Valentin (1962g.rozhd.), Lieutenant colonel, graduated from the Ryazan Higher Airborne School, daughter - Monday Anastasia V. (1979g.rozhd.), A student MGIMO. Grandchildren: Monday Sergey (1983g.rozhd.), Student (interested in soccer), Sunday Irina (1996g.rozhd.), Valeria O. (1984g.rozhd.), A student, Andrei O. (1997g.rozhd.).

. Victor Monday as a quietly appeared on the horizon football
. No one - not his first coach Ivan Grebenyuk, . worked in the Rostov youthful team Puffin, . nor the most experienced Rostov fans, . not even his parents - never intended, . that high, . thin, . fair-haired boy would be better over time, "nine" countries (under the ninth number in each team for many years, went on the field center-forward), . be a party to 29 matches with the participation of the USSR team, . with Goal 21 ball, . will make this team a victory lap after winning the very first European Cup.,

. Victor played for the Rostov military college, being a student of his, and then - in October 1956 to 1958 - was the aggressor Rostselmash
. After the victory in 1958 in the class "B" army Rostov went to class "A", inviting in its membership Victor Monday, which will hold in their ranks six years. Very soon he became an idol of Rostov fans, especially rebyatni. Each amateur teams best player wore the nickname "Monday".

In January 1958, Monday, footballer Rostselmash, speaking in class "B", was invited to the USSR team. Prior to this in the history of Soviet soccer was not such a case with a peripheral player in the team.

Composition of the USSR team was then so much the name that the invitation Monday to be regarded as official recognition of the football. Novice were to play and practice next to the Olympic champions - Lev Yashin, Nikita Simonyan, Igor Netto, Anatoly Ilyin, Anatoly Isayev, Sergei Salnikov, Valentin Ivanov. Sitting at a meeting of the USSR national team players, Victor was afraid to lift our eyes - close were those whom he had earlier seen the photographs, in newsreels, on television, whom he admired, sitting in the stands who have attended.

. Lev Yashin then remembered that Monday, hitting a team of the USSR, behaved modestly and discreetly, carefully learned the basics of hard science soccer
. Viktor also once recalled his appearance in the USSR team. He wrote, . as with, . as well as with other young players, . first arrived in the country's top teams, . - Mikhail Meskhi, . Slava Metreveli, . Gennady Gusarov Gabriel Kachalin studied more, . than with experienced players, . instilled confidence in their own strength, . hinted, . the demand in the national team team with all the same.,

. Victor Monday quickly became famous, for the happy combination of skill scorer and organizer of attacks
. Remembering the game Monday, Nikolai Starostin wrote: "On the field he carried a small amount of work, preferring to expend all our energies to attack other people's Gate. Ways to choose the shortest - through the center. On the flanks are rare, considering that fatigue - poor guide when scores a goal. "

Big, athletic figure of Victor liked to connoisseurs and viewers, inspired hope for the possibility of this shattering Frontline. Monday was no need to insure against a rough game of foreign defense. He himself - such Makhina - instilled in them respect.

Monday beautifully played head. The ball that had entered on his head into the net gate Yugoslav additional time in the final match at the European Cup in 1960, brought the team success of the USSR.

. Victor Monday was the last big caliber "nine", so pleasing to the eye (now at number nine players playing different games Role, and center forward in its pure form is almost extinct)
. It was harder to escape from the custody stoppers than moving and yurkim new performers of the same roles in tandem.

. Monday was only 29 years old, . when he left the soccer field, . - Two years before, he had noticeably gained weight and reduced activity, . moreover, in the spring of 1965 had surgery appendicitis, . that ultimately led to the loss of seats in the USSR team,
. Before the World Cup in 1966, its leaders have attempted to return Monday, . that time had moved to Moscow and became the Spartacus League, . but then counted, . that Victor did not meet the requirements, . imposed on a player team, . as not restored, . their opinion, . former physical shape,
. "Ended prematurely performances because of severe illness" - described in the encyclopedic reference book "Russia's football for 100 years."

. In memory of all who had seen Monday on the field, he was as bold, aimed at the gate striker, who had attacks on both feet
. Five times the Victor Monday included in the lists of the best players of the season: four times in the years 1960-1963 under the first number, and in 1959 - under the third. Honored Master of Sports Viktor Monday awarded a gold medal "For outstanding achievements in sport.

. Leaving the football field, Victor Monday, a graduate of the Rostov Pedagogical Institute, briefly worked as a coach in the team RostSelMash ", and then switched to journalism, went to his father's footsteps
. For many years, wrote in the pages of "Soviet sport" and its Sunday supplement "Football". In 1969 he headed the department of Football "Soviet Sport", remaining in that role for the further 14 years and besides being a member of the editorial board of the country's oldest sports papers, the secretary of the party organization. Victor surpassed his father, worked for several years deputy chief editor of the republican newspaper "Soviet Moldova", when he became chief editor of the weekly "Football-Hockey" (from February 1984 to June 1990).

. Monday-editor was not less strong and purposeful than Monday football
. In the weekly appeared problematic, critical articles, analyze the state of affairs in the national football and ice hockey. Monday strongly opposed the administration in the press, in sport. It is no accident when the weekly "Football-Hockey" transformed the weekly "Football", Monday ceased to be editor in chief ...

. Monday-journalist did not leave a big football - was a central headquarters of the club "Leather Ball", . for four years has led the Football Federation of the RSFSR, . was a member of the Presidium of the Football Federation of the USSR, . elected president of the short-lived Union leagues in the USSR,
. And now he - vice-president of Union Veterans of football in Russia.

. Now Viktor Monday - Advisor to the Office of the President of Russia on the Cossacks.

. The names of books written by Monday, speak for themselves: "My love, football," "penalty area", "ball - the gate," "Confessions of a central striker."

. Viktor Monday awarded medals of Honor and Friendship, . Honorary Badge of Merit in the development of physical culture and sports of the State Committee for Physical Culture, . Sports and Tourism "(2000), . Honorary Badge of Merit in the development of the Olympic movement in Russia "- National Olympic Committee of Russia (2000).,

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