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POLISHCHUK Viktor Abramovich

( Candidate of Technical Sciences, president of Russia 'telecommunications network `, academician of International Academy of Communications)

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Biography POLISHCHUK Viktor Abramovich
Born July 13, 1938 in Moscow. Father - Polishchuk, AL. (1909g.rozhd.). Mother - Polishchuk E.M. (1907g.rozhd.). Wife - Natalya Polishchuk Stepanovna (rod.26.05.1949 g.). Children: Alex (rod.16.08.1975 g.), Paul (rod.11.05.1977 g.).

Graduated with honors from Shchelkovo Electrovacuum College (1956-1959 yy) and the Moscow Aviation Institute im.Sergo Ordzhonikidze (1959-1965 yy). By specialty - a radio engineer.

Entire professional career VA Polishchuk associated with designing and implementing automated systems for the national economy, the creation and maintenance of communication systems and information management. He began his career radiomontazhnikom, a technician in the SDB Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Academy of Sciences (1959-1960 yy). From 1965 to 1966. worked as an engineer in the MAI, where he studied the problems of creating systems of speech pattern recognition. In 1966 he transferred to work in the central headquarters of student construction detachments of the Komsomol Central Committee, became deputy commander of the All-Union student building group. From 1968 to 1975. works as the head of the Laboratory, . Division, . then the office in the Association "Programmprom" Ministry of Equipment, . automation and control systems, . where he led a team of specialists on the design and implementation of complex automated control for different sectors of the economy, . including civil aviation airport, . to organize and conduct sports,
. In 1975, he served as Deputy Chief, then Chief of the Technical Administration of the Organizing Committee, Olympic Games-80 ", where he was responsible for the technical support of the Olympic Games, including communications systems, television and information. From 1980 to 1989. VA Polishchuk - Head of Information Systems, Head of engineering and technical management of the Agency Print News. The task of Victor Abramovich was the creation and operation of systems of information and communications. In 1989 he became the first vice-president of the Association of Information Technology, which was engaged in introduction of advanced information technologies for large enterprises of the economy. In 1992-1995 i.i. VA Polishchuk - General Director of OOO "Agency Information Service". Under his leadership, the company pursued the development of software and hardware for data transmission systems. From 1992 to present - President of OAO Russia Telecommunications Network (RTN). The company, founded and headed by Victor Abramovich - one of the leading Russia's telecommunications market is Russia. She has created and successfully operated a data network on a national scale (network ROSNET). At present JSC RTS is working to create a geographically-distributed integrated digital communication network and the provision of advanced telecommunications services in Russia's regions.

. VA Polishchuk - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Academician of International Academy of Communications (since 1996)
. Has published numerous articles and research papers on professional activities, including the modeling of complex control systems, as well as a number of interviews in the socio-political publications.

. His most significant achievements in his life believed by almost zero level, large-scale complex systems for the needs of the state and national economy.

. VA Polishchuk awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1980, . for his services in organizing and hosting the Olympic Games in Moscow), . medals "For Labor Distinction" (1967, . for putting the facilities of transport construction), . "For Valiant Labor" (1970, . for the introduction of complex automated control for the objects of the national economy).,

. Credo Victor Abramovich - self-improvement and professional growth, full self-work favorite business
. He likes to spend free time with family and friends. Keen Building, is engaged in downhill skiing, is a master of sport of volleyball (since 1956). In the music of preference for Russian and Soviet songs, likes classical Russian literature and books from the series "Life of outstanding people."

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: 101000, Russia, Moscow, ul.Maroseyka, d.2/15, OJSC RTS.

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POLISHCHUK Viktor Abramovich, photo, biography
POLISHCHUK Viktor Abramovich, photo, biography POLISHCHUK Viktor Abramovich  Candidate of Technical Sciences, president of Russia 'telecommunications network `, academician of International Academy of Communications, photo, biography
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