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History Personalia Valeri

( General Director of the construction and assembly investment firm Strominvest ``)

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Biography History Personalia Valeri
Born April 3, 1950 in Volgograd,. Father - Prozorov Aleksandr Mikhailovich (1929-1995). Mother - Maria Prozorov Isaevna (1931g.rozhd.). Wife - Prozorova Vera (1963g.rozhd.). Children: Andrey Prozorov, (1977-1999), Prozorov, Alexander V. (1984g.rozhd.) Rezyapkin Maria (1984g.rozhd.) Prozorova Evelyn V. (2000g.rozhd.).

He graduated from the Volgograd Technical gas and oil industry (1967-1970) and Volgograd Civil Engineering Institute (1970-1978).

After graduating from college he worked as a fitter 4-th digit in the oil pumping station "Vahan" in the Tyumen region (1970) and a technician-designer Volgograd Design Institute of automation and mechanization (1971). From 1971 to 1973 held the actual service in the Air Force. Since 1974 he worked as a senior technician in the Design Institute and also studied at the institute, in the summer he worked in the student construction teams concreter, master. After graduating from the Volgograd Civil Engineering Institute, sent to the overseas production trip to the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator, where he worked as foreman in a Soviet general civil Trust N 3. Built facilities for production purposes and recreational activities, five-story residential buildings, the Palace of Culture, a warehouse of spare parts for agricultural machinery, airport. In 1984-1986 he worked in the construction administration of "Volgogradmashstroy" master, . Acting manufacturer works, . senior producer of works - supervised the construction of objects of housing and socio-cultural purpose: high-rise residential buildings, . Schools, . Kindergartens in conjunction with engineering services on a "turnkey",

Since the beginning of construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway Valery Prozorov worked as chief engineer of construction and assembly management "VolgogradBamstroy in Eastern Siberia (Khabarovsk Krai). With his participation were constructed facilities railway station Dzhamku: precast-monolithic 12-apartment houses, boiler house, train station, commercial and community center, school, nursery school, a stadium, a set of utilities. In 1987, appointed acting chief and then chief of management "VolgogradBamstroy". Under his personal leadership of one year earlier than planned was completed settlement Dzhamku, fully adapted to living two thousand inhabitants.

In 1988 he was appointed acting chief in 1989 - the chief of construction and assembly management N 2 tank of Volgogradtyazhstroy ". Has been managing the construction of the Volgograd refinery, water treatment facilities, schools for 1,150 students in the city Kalac-na-Donu, five-and nine-storey residential buildings in Volgograd. In 1989 he moved to the post of Deputy Chief of the supply department of the trust "Volgogradmashstroy". In 1991-1992, he worked the head of the supply department of the trust, then the producer works in the construction department of N 4 in cold chains for fish up to 50 thousand tons

. In 1992 he was admitted to the post of head of production department company "Construction Innovation Association Binky", . was one of the founders of this society and the principal founder and shareholder of the founders of "the construction and erection investment firm Strominvest",
. Soon he became general manager of the company, its constant leader and owner.

"Strominvest" has a state license to engage in construction activities with the functions of the customer and general contractor. It is registered in the Chamber of Commerce in Russia, is a trademark and a certificate "Rospatent". "Strominvest performs work in accordance with the program of productive activities for 1998-2003, developed jointly with the American Business Center. Currently the company "Strominvest" is one of the leading city of Volgograd and the area, . actively engaged in construction of cottages, . mansions, . social infrastructure, . housing, . reconstruction of production premises, . refurbishment of buildings and structures,
. Firm Strominvest "built 29 objects totaling 17.2 million U.S. dollars. Among its most important projects: the reconstruction of confectionery factory "confit", building high-rise buildings, industrial shoes plastic shell in the Kirov district of Volgograd.

Having studied the international experience to his company Valeri chose the Japanese model - "firm family". The company cares about every member of staff, provides a permanent favorable psychological climate, has great moral and social support. "Strominvest" provides charitable aid to hospitals, maternity and children's homes, welfare organizations.

VA Prozorov - a member of Volgograd Rotary Club, he was awarded an honorary citizen of American cities Slaydel and New Orleans and English Pearl River.

In his spare time Valeri wrote poems. Keen works of Pushkin, Lermontov, J. Byron, R. Burns and other poets, plays several musical instruments, loves music and video, played football, basketball, table tennis and handball.

Lives and works in Volgograd.

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History Personalia Valeri

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History Personalia Valeri, photo, biography
History Personalia Valeri, photo, biography History Personalia Valeri  General Director of the construction and assembly investment firm Strominvest ``, photo, biography
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