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Andrei V. Chernyshev

( The first vice-president GAO `Moscow`.)

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Biography Andrei V. Chernyshev
photo Andrei V. Chernyshev
Born June 26, 1953, Mr.. g.Borovske in the Kaluga region. Father - Valentin Mikhailovich Chernyshev (1920-1994). Mother - Ella Chernysheva Yakovlevna (1924 g.rozhd.). Wife - Marina Chernysheva (1962 g.rozhd.). Son - Chernyshev Dmitri A. (1988 g.rozhd.).

Graduated with honors from the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute im.N.K.Krupskoy (1970-1974 gg.) Specializing in history and social studies teacher ".

His professional biography started as a history teacher and social studies in school working youth N 85 Moscow. In 1974. he joined the Soviet Army, service in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Guard with the rank of sergeant was transferred to the reserve in 1975. and immediately began work as a teacher of history and civics in school N913 Moscow in the upper grades. The school is actively engaged in public work, elected secretary of the Komsomol organization of teachers. For life to remember simple and heartfelt lines, written by high school students and devoted to him:

. "When a leave from school yard
. In the unknown life towards storms
. We will remember you always
. And my school we do not forget it!
. Teachers taught us many years
. And, opening the door for us
. Will open every little secret
. In the world we see through his eyes
Not only in school, but always around
From us, of all thank you for everything
Favorite our teacher! "

In 1977. adopted as a candidate for membership of the CPSU and recommended to the liberated Komsomol work. Until 1984. worked as head of the Propaganda Department of the Volgograd RK Komsomol Moscow, the second secretary, and then - the first secretary. He was repeatedly elected a delegate to conferences of district and city organizations, the Komsomol, was a delegate XIX Congress of the Komsomol. Elected to the governing bodies of the Young Communist League, a deputy district council. He has received numerous awards YCL.

In 1984. passes to the post of deputy head of the organizational department, and later became head of the general department of the Volgograd Regional Committee of the CPSU. Over the years, was elected party secretary of the CPSU apparatus RK, Kazakhstan Komsomol, Kazakhstan and NC district organization of society "Knowledge". In 1990. as a result of alternative elections in the first round with an overwhelming majority was elected a deputy of Moscow, Volgograd District Council. At the first session of the regional council was elected Vice-Chairman of the Volgograd Regional Council of People's Deputies of Moscow. Awarded honorary diploma District Council.

In 1991-1996. worked as a manager in a number of commercial structures: business manager, vice-president of JSC "Region" (1991-1993 gg.), business manager, vice-president of JSC "AFK-System", then - President, JSC "Sistema-Invest" (1993 -- 1996).. From 1996 to 1997. was the first vice-president VAO "Intourist". From 1997 to present - Senior Vice President of the State Joint Stock Company "Moscow". In this capacity, is implementing a policy of the Government of Moscow on the development of hotel-tourist complex of the city.

In 1996. thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences in the regulation of supply and demand of labor in modern conditions, and in 1998. thesis for the degree of doctor of economic sciences in the management of hotel and tourist complexes. AV Chernyshev is a Doctor of Philosophy, a member of the International Informatization Academy, the Academy of Tourism, the International Academy of Corporate Governance, Professor

. In the study subjects received two diplomas, licenses intellectual novelty of the International Informatization Academy, . Two of the certificate of official registration of computer programs Rossiyskogo Agency for the Legal Protection of Computer Programs, . databases and topographies of integrated circuits (RosAPO),

He was awarded the medal "For Distinguished Service to the Public Order" (1980), "850 anniversary of Moscow" (1998). He was awarded the International Prize im.Akademika B. Khariton Medals and Akademik Yu.B.Khariton "(1998), was awarded the Gold Medal of the International Informatization Academy (1999).

He is the author of several monographs and numerous publications, totaling more than 100 printed pages. The most significant among them, . published in recent years: "On main directions of development of the concept BOA" Intourist "in the market of tourist services in Russia in 1997-1998." (coauthor), . "Hotel-tourist complex of Moscow (the theory, . practice, . documents), . "The main directions of policy on tourism development", . "Ways and means to improve the management of municipal hotels of Moscow", . "Regulation of Labor in Transitional Economies, . "On some problems of managing a multi-disciplinary corporation in modern market relations", . "Corporate Governance in Transitional Economies, . "Management in Crisis",

His hobbies are chess, breeding aquarium fishes, loves to read historical and memoir literature. Favorite motto - "Through thorns to the stars".

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Russia, 103031, Moscow, Stoleshnikov Lane. 11. Phone. +7- (095) 927-11-73, fax 927-13-82.

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  • ASK for Andrei V. Chernyshev
  • I was fortunate to be a disciple AV Chernyshev in shk.? 913, where he was our class teacher in 1977, always with my classmates with genuine warmth remember Andrei Balandin. All the best to him and much happiness. Kabuzenko Andrew
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    Andrei V. Chernyshev, photo, biography
    Andrei V. Chernyshev, photo, biography Andrei V. Chernyshev  The first vice-president GAO `Moscow`., photo, biography
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