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Solomatin Viktor

( Lieutenant General)

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Biography Solomatin Viktor
Born September 13, 1936 in the village Detkov Chekhov District, Moscow Region. Father - Solomatin Alexander Fedorovich (1911-1974), a veteran of World War II from first to last of its days; ended the war commanding a tank company with the rank of lieutenant. Demobilized in 1946 and returned to their prewar occupations foundry ferrous castings. Until his retirement he worked at Podolsk electromechanical plant. Mother - Solomatina (Arkhipova) Maria Ivanovna (1915g.rozhd.), More than forty years worked at the plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze in Podolsk. Wife - Mitusova Elena (1946g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of AP on specialty radio engineer until 1977 worked in one of the Leningrad Institute of. Son - Solomatin Alexander (1977-1999), a career officer, a lieutenant, graduated from the St. Petersburg Higher Military Command School Kirov. December 1, 1999 died in a combat mission in the Chechen Republic. He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia. Daughter - Solomatina Elena (1980g.rozhd.), A student of Moscow State Geological Prospecting Academy. Grandson - Solomatin Viktor Alexandrovich (1998g.rozhd.)

. Childhood of the future commander was in the family's grandfather, . Fedor Solomatina Timofeevich, . former officer, . member of the First World War, . highly educated and demanding rights, . which laid the grandson of the pursuit of knowledge, . industriousness, . love for the military profession,
. In 1955, Victor has successfully graduated from high school and fulfilling their dreams, he entered the Ryazan School of Artillery. As the best cadet at the end of the first half was appointed commander of the department, and in 1957 was awarded the badge "Outstanding Soviet Army" for number 1.

In 1958, after graduating with honors from the Odessa College began an artillery officer's service, which became the meaning of his life. At the same time joined the party. First post Solomatina Lieutenant - Platoon Commander of 26 Panzer Division 3rd Army Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. He then served as battery commander in the AARP 4 Army of the Transcaucasian Military District, was promoted to captain.

1968-1972 years - studied at the Artillery Academy of the MI Kalinin Leningrad. After obtaining a diploma with honors - a reception at St George's Hall in the Kremlin, and again the troops: commander of a separate intelligence division of 30-th Guards Artillery Corps. The exercise is capable officer noticed, . and staff service has started: V. Solomatin - senior officer, the operator of Staff Missile Forces and Artillery of the Leningrad Military District, . Deputy Chief of Operations operational management staff Lenville, . first in the rank of Major, . then - Colonel,
. Service in the district headquarters under the guidance of experienced military leaders, war veterans commanders County Generals AI Gribkova, . MI Sorokina, . District Chiefs of Staff Generals VS Viktorov, . EA Touzakova, . commander of the Missile Forces and Artillery District, General Vladimir Kazakov, . Chief of Operations District Staff General N. Mikhailova, and other possible VA Solomatin secure in practice than knowledge, . he received the Academy,
. Viktor is now able to independently develop a regimental, divisional and even the army's doctrine on the use of troops in the theater district of hostilities.

In 1979 he was sent to the General Staff Academy, he graduated with distinction in 1981 and was among the most prepared operationally officers were sent for further service in the USSR Armed Forces General Staff.

Service of the General Staff was not simple. Colonel Solomatin deals with the West in the direction of the Main Operations Directorate. Events in Poland demanded not only deep military, and political knowledge. And Solomatin studied in the process of work, constantly improving their skills and accumulate knowledge in related fields. Teachers had been removed: Marshals of the Soviet Union AV Ogarkov, SF Akhromeyev, and SL Sokolov, Army General VI Varennikov, Colonel-General I. V. Nikolaev, VP Shutov, SA Dickov, Lieutenant-General GA Burutin.

Since 1983, Victor A. - Deputy Head, then Head of the Southern direction, which is the planning and management of the war in Afghanistan. Individual reports on the meetings of the Politburo, . Commission on Afghanistan, . government, . Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff, . interaction with the CPSU, . Foreign, . KGB, . Interior and other ministries and departments on all matters of war demanded the maximum-discipline, . excellent knowledge of the situation and the ability to quickly develop and offer the best solution,
. And it could Solomatin. The path from a senior officer of the operator to the direction of the Chief of General Staff was passed for 4 years - a record for General Staff! Major-General was often in the army, took part in the hostilities, was the Soviet and Afghan awards.

In 1988, General Solomatina appointed Chief of Staff of the 39 th Army Trans-Baikal military district deployed in the Mongolian People's Republic of. Here he proved useful experience in working with representatives of foreign countries, resulting in the General Staff. In severe conditions of restructuring successfully solve the problem for the withdrawal of formations and units of the army on the territory of the USSR.

In 1991, the decision of the Minister of Defense and Chief of General Staff Solomatin was returned to the General Staff as Chief of management. It was a difficult time for the Armed Forces. New responsibilities require a daily report of the rapidly changing environment, the Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff. Under those conditions Viktor was at the height.

Solomatin not only himself constantly studying, he trained a galaxy of excellent officers. Feedback from superiors and colleagues, he - the military from God, a prominent expert of his craft, a brilliant mind and tremendous abilities officer, director and teacher, always knowing what and how to do. Almost all the officers who worked under his direction in the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff, became generals. They are on their training, always and everywhere stand out and could solve the most complex tasks.

Was the general's another student - the son of Alexander - his pride and hope. All their knowledge, combat experience father passed to his son from early childhood. Here, for example, that he wrote to Sasha when he was in military school: "Thanks to the parents, standing on their shoulders, you have to go beyond ourselves and reach greater heights. You have all the makings for this and all the conditions. The main thing - you should grow a decent man. Earn your bread labor ... Son, you have to be devoted to the cause which you chose to love their country, proud of it and serve it selflessly, ignoring their personal comforts and benefits ... ".

The son grew up worthy of their ancestors. He graduated from military school with honors, became a highly educated officer. In autumn 1999, went to war with the Chechen guerrillas, where the fighting was revealed his talent and military commanders the ability.

The lieutenant AV Solomatina had a great future, he could grow into a prominent military commander, become a reliable pillar of the state, as taught by his father. But Lieutenant Solomatin Alexander December 1, 1999 died heroically. Posthumously he was awarded the title Hero of Russia.

Since 1993, Lieutenant-General VA Solomatin retired. During the years of military service he was awarded the Order of the Red Star, "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces" III degree, three orders of foreign countries, 16 medals.

Through regular participation in sports and the absence of harmful habits, smoking and drinking alcohol Viktor smart, slender and youngish. He is still faithful to its principle - keep learning, so working with the special literature. He believes that more could be done to his people and homeland.

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