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Chebotarev Nikolay Grigorievich

( An outstanding scientist, corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences)

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Biography Chebotarev Nikolay Grigorievich
photo Chebotarev Nikolay Grigorievich
World famous Kazan University has brought not only geometric, but Kazan algebraic school, whose founder was an outstanding scientist, corresponding member of USSR NG Chebotarev. A graduate of the University of Kiev 1916, a student of DA Grave Krymov in 1927 was invited to Kazan for the post of Professor of Mathematics. After the division of the department into three: Mathematical Analysis, geometry and algebra Chebotarev charge of the last. In Kazan, particularly the multilateral and fruitful develop activities of Nicholas G.. He achieved brilliant successes in studies of Galois theory, theory of Lie groups, the issue of extension of polynomials and the problem of resolvents. Famous scientist's monograph can be seen in the museum: "Galois theory", "Theory of Lie groups". In an effort to expand research in Kazan, . He together with NN Parfentieva, . Chetaev and PA Shirokov seeking to establish the University Research Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics (1934) and 1935 led him, he remained a permanent director until the end of his life,
. Subsequently, the institute was named after him.

Great scientist, Chebotarev was nevertheless extremely simple, modest and sociable. "At the time of the student, . - Recalled the professor VVMorozov, . - I find it hard to imagine, . that Nikolai Grigorievich can talk differently, . than as a companion a few more senior, . which can and talk, . and in the case and argue,
. After all, Nicholas G. did not recognize the "ranks and orders," a man for him was above all a man, and he talked as an equal, and an academician, and the student, and a gardener Lyadsky garden, where he led a walk of his son Grisha "

. Exhibited in the museum belongings Nicholas G., . as a complement to the memories of contemporaries: here and his constant companion - suitcase (he did not recognize portfolios), . and an iron box with pieces of chalk (he brought her to the lecture), . in the display case - pouch, . box with tobacco, . mouthpieces,
It is said that Nicholas G. was a passionate smoker, preferred cigarettes, each of which is divided in half and inserted into the mouthpiece. But most of all he loved to roll "cigarettes"-one-half of a standard cigarette smoking-leaf paper, stuffing them with ordinary tobacco.

VVMorozov remembers that, not once, preparing the next zakurku, he quoted someone composed verses:
"Kamenetskii gentlemen, that walk on legs,
They are Turkish tobacco smoke, but tobacco in half ".
Right there in the shop window - a pen and notebook next - photo Nicholas G. in favorite position - reclining in bed, he wrote articles and books that most fountain pen.

An outstanding scientist, an outstanding teacher and lecturer, a charming man, he attracted young people. Many of his students became well-known scientists, the most significant successes achieved ID Ado, V. Morozov, NN Meiman.
So Igor Dmitrievich Ado proved the theorem that every Lie algebra has a faithful linear representations of finite-dimensional space. This result is called a theorem of Ado entered in all the textbooks of the world.

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Chebotarev Nikolay Grigorievich, photo, biography
Chebotarev Nikolay Grigorievich, photo, biography Chebotarev Nikolay Grigorievich  An outstanding scientist, corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences, photo, biography
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