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Beatrix (Beatrix)

( Queen of the Netherlands since 1980)

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Biography Beatrix (Beatrix)
photo Beatrix (Beatrix)
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (Beatrix), the first child of Queen Juliana (Juliana) and Prince Bernhard (Bernhard), was born January 31, 1938, Mr.. the palace in Soestdijk Baarne (Baarn), where she lived until May 1940, when the invasion of Nazi Germany to the Netherlands, the family was forced to emigrate to the UK. From there, the Princess Beatrix, with her younger sister, Irene (Irene, born. in 1939) and his mother moved to Ottawa. Less than five years, when the August 2, 1945, together with the family born in Canada in 1943, Princess Margaret (Margriet) once again stepped on Dutch soil.
In Canada, Princess Beatrix attended elementary and middle school. After returning to the Netherlands, she continued her secondary education at the Workshop (De Werkplaats), a progressive school in Bilthoven (Bilthoven). In April 1950 Princess Biatrissa entered Incrementum - Department Baarnskogo Lyceum, where in 1956 she passed the final exams.
January 31, 1956 Princess Beatrix celebrated her 18 th birthday. According to the Constitution of the Netherlands, from that date it became the official heir to the royal throne. In addition, from this date it was officially introduced in Council of State.
In the same year, the princess became a student Lidenskogo (Leiden) University. At the junior year at the university, she studied sociology, law, theory of economics, parliamentary history and constitutional law. In addition, she attended lectures on the culture of Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles (the provinces of the Netherlands), lectures on international law, international relations, history and European legislation.
In the years of training at the University of the Princess visited various European and international organizations in Geneva, Strasbourg, Paris and Brussels. In addition, she was an active participant in women's student association Lidц?n.
Marriage and family.
July 28, 1965 all the media reported that Queen Juliana and Prince Burkhard announced the engagement between Princess Beatrix and the German diplomat Claus von Amsberg (Claus von Amsberg). November 10, 1965 the lower house of parliament approved a bill submitted by the Government on their marriage. The bill was approved by the Upper House on December 8 that year. Civil wedding ceremony held March 10, 1966 Mayor of Amsterdam, Gisbert van Hull (Gijsbert van Hall) in the town hall. The marriage was blessed during a service in Westerkerk, which was held by the Reverend HJ. Kater and the Rev. JH. Sillevis Smitt. Claus von Amsberg received the title of Prince of the Netherlands. The Royal couple took up residence in the castle Drakensteyn, where the princess lived since 1963. At Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus has three sons: Prince Willem-Alexander (Willem-Alexander, 1967), Prince Johan Friis (Johan Friso, 1968) and Prince Constantine (Constantijn, 1969).
From an early age the princess had an interest in various social problems. In 1956 she became patron of the National Fund to combat polio, which was established after a serious outbreak. Later the fund was renamed the Princess Beatrix Fund and significantly expanded the scope of their activities, helping the victims of other congenital diseases.
In addition, the princess concerned by the question of national welfare. This shows that the amount received by the Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus as a wedding gift, was given to them for charitable purposes. Part of this money was intended four national associations of parents of children with disabilities, the other part was spent on purchasing medicines for "Henri Dunant", the Dutch ship of the Red Cross. Prince and Princess also donated a sum to help children with disabilities Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles
. Princess Beatrix took an active part in public life: she was chairman of the working group of volunteers for the development of Asia and Africa, . member of the Executive Committee of the Silver centers (schools for children), . and also worked at UNICEF - UN Children's Fund,
International visits.
Princess Beatrix showed great interest to the inhabitants of provinces of the Netherlands - Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. For the first time she visited these countries in 1958. During the second visit she paid particular attention to social and economic changes that have occurred since her first visit to these countries. During her third visit in 1968, she presented the Prince Claus people / people of Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles. When, in 1975, Suriname gained independence, the Prince and Princess attended the celebration on the occasion of obtaining the sovereignty.
In the Dutch province of Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus visited other countries and international organizations. They were participants of the annual meetings of the Bilderberg Gr. - A forum where local and foreign politicians, businessmen, union leaders, academics and journalists to discuss current political, economic and social problems. Bilderberg Gr. Was established on the initiative of Prince Bernhard, who for years headed its.
Queen of the Netherlands.
April 30, 1980, Queen Juliana signed the act of resignation, and the Princess Beatrix succeeded her on the throne. On the same day at a special meeting of both chambers of the New Church in Amsterdam (New Church in Amsterdam) was carried coronation. Since that time Queen's birthday is officially celebrated on April 30. In addition, the 30 April - day of the coronation of Princess Beatrix, is also the birthday of Princess Juliana. Queen's Day - public holiday.
In 1981, the royal family moved into the palace Huis ten Bosch in The Hague.
. Queen closely involved in the affairs of government and therefore maintains regular contact with ministers, . State Secretaries, . Vice-President of the Council of State, . authorized by the Queen in the provinces, . mayors, . Dutch ambassadors etc.,
. Every Monday she met with the Prime Minister. Much of her work is to study and signing of official documents. She regularly takes members of parliament and other political figures.
The Queen is closely involved in the formation of new government. During her reign, was replaced by 5 Governments. After the general election or the resignation of the Government of the Queen appoints one or more officials who receive its instructions on forming a new government. The Queen makes the appointment after meeting with Vice-President of the State Council, the speakers of both chambers of the States General, leaders of parties represented in the lower house of parliament and, if necessary, with the ministers. The ministers and state secretaries of the newly formed government swear allegiance to Queen.
At the official opening of the parliamentary session on the third Tuesday in September (Prinsjesdag) Queen arrives at the golden coach of the Noordeinde Palace in Binnenhof. Plenary session of both chambers of the States General held in the Knights 'Hall (Knights' Hall), on him from the throne, the Queen delivers a speech about the political plans of the Government for the current year.
The Queen regularly hosts heads of State and Government attending the Netherlands. It also takes the heads of diplomatic missions / representative offices in the Netherlands when they take office, or resign. In addition, each year the Queen does several state visits to other countries.
Social Life.
Queen pays great attention to important events of social life in the Netherlands. She is always aware of what is happening in society and is annually visited by a large number of discoveries, anniversaries and other formal events. Regular visits to the provinces allow the queen to explore regional issues. During a specially convened working visits, she examines issues related to justice, agriculture, national minorities, the environment, as well as the interests of entrepreneurs and wage workers. The Queen also expressed interest in such spheres of social life such as health and welfare of the nation.
The Queen was particularly interested in sculpture, painting, ballet and music. She regularly visits exhibitions and performances, but also enjoy direct contact with artists. She personally interested in receiving the annual Royal Grant for his achievements in painting.
The Queen spent much time in the studio, doing sculpture, in addition, she loves horseback riding and sailing. Her favorite yacht "De Groene Draeck", presented to her subjects in her 18 anniversary. She also enjoys playing tennis and skiing.

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