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Baudouin I

( King of Belgium in the years 1951-93.)

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Biography Baudouin I
photo Baudouin I
Prince Baudouin (full name - Baudouin Albert Charles Leopold Axel Marie Gustave, Comte Hainaut), was born in the castle Stuyvenberg, near to Brussels, 7 September 1930 the genus. He was the second child of King Leopold (Leopold) III, and Queen Astrid (Astrid), nee Princess of Sweden.
When his father, King Leopold III, ascended the throne on Feb. 23, 1934, the young Prince prininyal title of Duke of Brabant, traditionally reserved for the eldest son of the King and heir to the throne. August 29, 1935 The Prince lost his mother, Queen Astrid, when she died in a car accident in Switzerland. In the same year, King Leopold and his children left the castle Stuyvenberg and moved to the Royal Castle of Laeken (Laeken)
. May 10, 1940, when Belgium was occupied by Germany, Prince Baudouin, accompanied by his elder sister Princess Josephine-Carlotta (Josephine-Charlotte) and his younger brother, Prince Albert (Albert), went first to France and then to Spain
. Princes returned to Belgium on Aug. 2, 1940. They continued their education until 1944 at the royal castle in the Ardennes. In June 1944, . when there was allied invasion of Normandy, . Leopold III, . Princess Lilian (Lilian), . wife of Leopold III, 1941, . and the royal children were deported to Germany, . and then at Strobl, . Austria, . American Army liberated from their May 7, 1945,
. Because of the political situation in the Belgian King Leopold III and his family could return home soon, and left Austria in October of that year to settle in Switzerland, where they remained until July 1950. Prince Baudouin, meanwhile, continued his education at Geneva College. In 1948 he traveled to the United States, visiting New York, Pittsburgh and Princeton.
King Leopold III, accompanied by Prince Baudouin and Prince Albert, he returned to Belgium, July 22, 1950. August 1 of that year, King Leopold decided to request the Government and Parliament to enact a law guaranteeing the transfer of power to his son, Prince Baudouin. In 1951, King Leopold III abdicated and Prince Baudouin ascended the throne on July 17. Baudouin I of Belgium became the fifth King of the dynasty, begun by Leopold I.
King Baudouin officially visited the Belgian Congo in May and June 1955, but not participated in the ceremony of declaration of independence of the Congo in June 1960.
December 15, 1960 King was married to Donna Fabiola Moura Aragon (Dona Fabiola Mora y Aragon).
July 31, 1993 King Baudouin I died in southern Spain. His Majesty was unable to recover after a heart attack, which occurred when the royal couple was on holiday in their residence of the Spanish. His Majesty the King Baudouin I buried in the Royal Crypt of the church Notre Dame in Laeken.

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Baudouin I, photo, biography
Baudouin I, photo, biography Baudouin I  King of Belgium in the years 1951-93., photo, biography
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