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Boleslaw Prus

( Polish writer)

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Biography Boleslaw Prus
photo Boleslaw Prus
(Prus, present. name Alexander Glovatskaya [Glowacki])
20.VIII.1845 (7) - 19.V.1912
Alexander Glovatskaya, who gained fame under the literary name Boleslaw Prus, was an outstanding master of the Polish realistic prose. He was born in Grubeshove near Lublin August 20, 1847 (other sources 1845), the. His family belonged to the bankrupt gentry.
Early deprived parents, he grew up with her aunt, then her brother Leon, actively participated in the national liberation movement. Students in the fifth class of the future writer took part in the Polish uprising of 1863-64 years. As rebel fighters, he was wounded in the fighting between Siedlce and Lublin and then spent some time in the hospital, and after the defeat of the uprising was kept for several months by the tsarist authorities in detention in Lublin.
After graduating from high school in 1866, Alexander Glovatskaya comes to physical-mathematical faculty of the Main School in Warsaw. Home School was at that time the center, where the seeds of the flow of Polish public opinion. They learned in those years coming writers Sienkiewicz, Dygasinsky, Sventokhovsky, critic and literary historian Khmelevskii and many others. Student years of the future writer was full of labor and privation. For reasons unclear to the end, most likely because of the difficult material conditions, Prus away in 1868 from the main school and in search of work embraces the most diverse work. He gave private lessons, was a factory worker, served in the statistical office.
In 1872 GDP grew devoted himself entirely to literary and journalistic activities. He puts a lot of humoresques, stories and scenes in the comic magazines "The Fly" and "The Ring" ( "spines"). In 1875, Prus was invited to work in the newspaper "Kurier Warshawski, where for twelve years of his satires appear. In 1887, GDP grew by moving to the newspaper "Kurier tsodzenny" ( "Daily Courier"), which is printed until 1901, and in 1905-1912 respectively cooperating with the magazine "Tygodnik illustrated by" ( "Illustrated Weekly"). Work in the newspapers, like its predecessor, the harsh school of life, gave Prus large supply of observations and collided with the life of various social strata.
Externally biography of Prus uneventful. In 1875 he married writer Octavio Tembrinskoy and always lived in Warsaw, only twice a tour of Galicia, and in 1895 - several months in a journey abroad (Germany, Switzerland, France). The writer was a man of reserved, modest and shy, did not like to talk about his work, very sparingly reported in the letters themselves, which partly explains the fact that about his life we know comparatively little.
Prus deservedly considered one of the founders and the great masters of Polish novels. From 1872 to 1885 he was written about sixty stories.
In 1885, Prus wrote the novel "Outpost" where with remarkable depth and fullness of displaying the life and psychology of the Polish Peasant.
The next major piece of Prus was the novel "Doll" (a separate edition - 1890). None of the works of Polish literature at the time of bourgeois society is not shown so fully and deeply, as in the novel "Doll".
In 1895 Prus graduated historical novel "Pharaoh". The novel is set in Ancient Egypt. Depicting the decline of the once mighty state, . by seeking an answer to the question about the causes of this decline - and the reader, . having an idea of the era of Prus, . becomes obvious, . that the problems caused by the problems of the modern novel, the writer of Polish society,
May 19, 1912 Boleslaw Prus died in Warsaw, before finishing the novel called "Change."

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(7) - 19.V.1912

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