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Valery Panyushkin

( Journalist, Special Correspondent ID Kommersant)

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Biography Valery Panyushkin
photo Valery Panyushkin
born in June 1969, he studied various meaningless things, like the history of jousting and court balls in Renaissance Florence. Then, fasting long, he decided to become a journalist. He looked like written notes in the magazine New Yorker, has written the same way, and immediately began to demand, as always in demand people do not insist that the bike must invent.

. Then Panyushkin glorified in the narrow circles of people who pay his salary, a series of articles about the orphans, the disabled-rights defenders and other social injustices, including death.

. In 2001, the utterly mad, went to the Big Eight summit in Genoa, and from there a long time sympathized antiglobalists and called the heads of the most economically developed countries in the world of earth worms
. Around the same Panyushkin done in New York, where after the September 11, went to join in the uncompromising fight alone against the TV company CNN, the government and the United States Congress that they did not bomb Afghanistan.

. A similar liberal-pacifist propaganda Panyushkin unfolded in several online publications, who were publishing, as well as the Internet itself as a whole, according to an invention of pornography, which is now very difficult to use for nepornograficheskih goals.

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  • Alexei for Valery Panyushkin
  • Do not you run into one of the best Russian journalists!
  • Alexei for Valery Panyushkin
  • Do not you run into one of the best Russian journalists!
  • Alexei for Valery Panyushkin
  • Do not you run into one of the best Russian journalists!
  • njk for Valery Panyushkin
  • Read some Panyushkina, then Khakamada ... too personal, but in comparison with Valerii so-so ... So my dear ... to Solovyov, "the sun of the current journalism" at first did not risen ... then tuned to work ... that's still trying to overcome a purely mercantile considerations - for the book is in fact paid for ....
  • Andrej for Valery Panyushkin
  • After his ignorant, unprofessional, deceitful and disgusting article "Wounded Life" about the city of Chita in The New Times opinion among residents and natives of this city is absolutely unequivocal.
  • Marat for Valery Panyushkin
  • After reading the article "one of the best journalists," Mr. Panyushkina one conclusion - this man skygazer and ham filled with a sense of his own greatness. More heinous slander against my hometown, I did not read. God will judge him.
  • Anonymous for Valery Panyushkin
  • Hands off!
  • Latvian journalist for Valery Panyushkin
  • Russian journalism in on deep dependence from government, from many kinds of administrations and oligarchy. Laconic - they are lying not only to world area but to themselves nation, to Russians. they dont have a lot of potentialities to work difirent, in other case they are risking with their life's, and family. Valery Panyushkin is very sparse example - he is fighting for democracy in country where totalitarianism is playing a real tone.
  • adelia bertetto for Valery Panyushkin
  • I higly recommend the brilliant book: Valerij Panijushkin (Panyushkin), пСАКЕБЙЮ (Rublëvka: player's handbook ) 2013 - IT L?Olimpo di Putin 2014.
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    Valery Panyushkin, photo, biography
    Valery Panyushkin, photo, biography Valery Panyushkin  Journalist, Special Correspondent ID Kommersant, photo, biography
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