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Akimov Ivan

( Artist)

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Biography Akimov Ivan
Born in Moscow in 1957.
Graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Collections where works

His works are in private collections in Britain, Israel, Canada, USA, Portugal, Finland, Germany.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1983 15-th Moscow Youth Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1986 17-th Moscow Youth Exhibition. Artist's House at the Kuznetsk bridge. Moscow;
1989 Outside the genre. Youth Palace. Moscow;
1989 Young Artists from Russia. Addis Ababa. Ethiopia;
1990 ART Myth 1. Fair. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1990 ART London. Gallery of the "Union", London;
1990 Russian avant-garde contemporaries. Gallery "Cooling". London;
1990 Modern Soviet Art. Gallery "da Prasa". Porto. Lisbon;
1990 ART Los Angeles. Galleries "Cooling" and "Union". Los Angeles;
1991 ART MIF 2. Moscow International Art Fair. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1992 1 st exhibition galleries "STANBET". Hall of Directorate of exhibitions and auctions of the International Cultural Foundation. Moscow;
1993 ART MIF. Dar Gallery. Moscow;
1994 "Soviet Painters". Gallery "Nina". Cambridge. Kingdom;
1994 Way-writing. Dar Gallery. Center for Contemporary Art. Moscow;
1994 In each picture house. State Museum of Architecture named Schuseva. Moscow;
1998 Between the song and the fate of. State Literary Museum. Moscow.

Personal exhibitions:
1991 Personal exhibition. Artist's House at the Kuznetsk bridge. Moscow;
1996 IvaNYushki. Moscow International Fund for UNESCO. Moscow;
1996 Sasha and Vanya in "Bad apartment". Apartment Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov. Moscow;
1996 Signs. All-Russia Library for Foreign Literature. Moscow;
1997 Milestones. Gallery Moscow room ". Moscow;
1998 Dreams in the Summer Garden. Gallery "Summer Garden". Moscow;
1998 Portraits de femmes Russes. Atelier "Z". Paris;
1999 In search of meaning. Gallery "Summer Garden". Moscow;
2000 New IvaNYushki. Gallery "Summer Garden". Moscow;
2000 Men and Women. Gallery International University. Moscow;
2000 Glass Rhapsody. Gallery Museum. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

Painting began in 1983, and in 1984 I began exhibiting at the Moscow Youth Exhibition. So what I did at first, it was customary traditional depiction. Landscapes, still lifes, portraits - everything was so, like many Muscovites my generation ... In 1986 he went to Kargopol, a little later began corresponding "Kargopolskaya series, which even today may continue. Major changes and a departure from the old manners began in 1988.
I was heavily influenced by Nikolai Andronov phrase: "We must be able to watch Fertility. He gave me the first still life, which I wrote at home, where he is now working as his studio, I have no. Year 3-4 after the initial communication with Andronov, I realized that he was speaking about reproduction and the ability to watch them, the rights. I have a good library on art, but to practical lessons in painting books and albums, I saw only the outside surface, as a spectator, not as an artist.
. Write and draw it more interesting because of it's my personal pleasure, for life and work in harmony with oneself is more money and pay
. It seemed to me strange and surprising ...
At exhibitions I hardly put on display, looking for a single wall. I do not get along with any neighbors ...
I often lacks the traditional means of painting. Strangely enough, but there is a lot in my paintings because someone is something I bring, and I begin to think how this relates to the fact that I do on canvas. Boots, for example, relate to "Kargopol series, more precisely, they came out of it, to materialize. And when there were boots, they are simply faced with the already-existing stars. This game became my style ...
Recently, I was drawn to the beauty, I want to work with acrylic paints, markers ...


"Fresh Momentum for Moscow Art.", The Cristian Science Monitor, April 22, 1992, p.14 (in English. lang.) In. Khan-Magomedov, "In search of meaning," independent-simaya newspaper, August 28, 1993, Moscow;
Booklet Gallery STANBET, 1992, Moscow.

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  • LU for Akimov Ivan
  • Paintings Ivan is Mother Russia, it is difficult to understand, but to live without them, sadly. It is better to see even the little that is created huozhnikom.
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    Akimov Ivan, photo, biography
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