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KROTKOV Oleg Mstislavovich

( Artist)

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Biography KROTKOV Oleg Mstislavovich
Born in Moscow in 1929.
He graduated from Tartu State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR in 1955.
In 1955-56.. taught painting, drawing, composition in Kostroma Art College.
From 1957 to 1989 he worked in the factory of monumental and decorative art in Moscow.

Collections where works

Works are in the Saratov Art Museum of. Radischev,
Museum of Fine Arts, Kostroma, Russia,
Art Museum Research Center Pushchino, Russia,
private collections in Russia, Poland, Canada, Italy, USA, Israel.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1981 Personal exhibition. Kostroma Museum of Fine Arts. Russia;
1991 Personal exhibition. Exhibition Hall at the Vavilov Street. Moscow;
1993 Personal exhibition. Beersheba. Israel.

Autobiographical notes

Art will never die.
It is something "divine" (Of course, not in the confessional sense.) This is - dive in the unity of its constituent contrasts.
It is more social, and this is its immortality. Allusions to the topic of the day will die with him. You can arrange an exhibition, hang on the ropes and picked up trash to draw the attention of people familiar with the waste of everyday life that they usually do not notice. And suddenly becomes strange and interesting. But this interest is based on the previous routine familiarity with this material. This effect is psychological rather than aesthetic and passes on to another agency.
You can place the image subjects paints to use as material objects themselves. How to do it - knows the artist. But this raises another kind of art. Painting it is not excluded.
. Nowadays sociality in the art impertrafiruet negative, . often see, . as a very prosperous society razvlekaemo very complacent "artist", . who tries as much as possible harming the non-sensitive nerves contemporaries, . using primitive, . mostly based on rough fiziologizme funds.,
. This is not just "lowering the bar"
. It will also decrease, grounding relationship to the world, understandable, of course, disappointing in the ideological values proshlogo.Kraynyaya point of this movement - cynicism - is achieved consistently.
. In an age of standards and conformity personal, individual seems to counterbalance the general unification
. No chance this century as human rights, individual rights. Individuality is always new, it - the engine of renewal in the arts.
I believe that in our very diverse, rich with "shades" of life and death, time, nature and essence of man in its depth remains unchanged. And that was dear to his heart in the past, expensive, and now. Change only "covers". "Robes" is changing very much.
But the best of the vanguard is associated with the dream and hope - a Russian avant-garde of the twenties.


Artist paints thinks .... His idea of the model of the world, it expresses tsvetoplastikoy in the genre of still life. So viewers who are likely to reflect, waiting for an interesting meeting with the creativity of the artist-philosopher. Krotkov enthusiastically exploring the philosophical system of the world's peoples. In his still-life painter philosophical operates two polar categories: land and space, object and space, but space is naturally a social and spiritual living environment, and a great number of simple and interconnected. But she still lives tsvetoplastika has great intrinsic value. Paintings decorative strokes laid in such a way that creates the illusion of moving lines and highlights, games, roll tsvetoteney that creates the impression of the interaction of objects, luminous space, transmitting a certain state, and sometimes the mood.

M. Rusova


M. Rusova "How to spring clean", the newspaper "Moscow artist, 14 July 1991;
Catalog to the group exhibition "Living still lifes Krotkova Oleg, Moscow, izd. "Soviet Artist", 1991;
"Russian art", the newspaper "Vesti-2", Tel Aviv, July 15, 1993, p.18.

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KROTKOV Oleg Mstislavovich, photo, biography
KROTKOV Oleg Mstislavovich, photo, biography KROTKOV Oleg Mstislavovich  Artist, photo, biography
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