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Comments for Oleg KUDRYASCHOV
Biography Oleg KUDRYASCHOV
1932 Born in Moscow
. 1942-47 studied at the children's art studio, Moscow
. 1949-51 studied at art school MOSGORONO im.I.I.Grabarya, Moscow
. 1953-56 served in the Soviet Army
. 1956-58 worked at the studio Soyuzmultfilm, Moscow
. 1958-73 member of the Union of Artists
. 1974 he emigrated to Britain with his wife and son, was granted British citizenship in 1997 he returned to Moscow
. Collections where works
. The Tate Gallery, London, United Kingdom
. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom
. National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
. Hirschom Museum, Washington, USA
. Boumans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdamm, Netherlands
. Print Collection, National Gallery of Art, Dresden, Germany
. Pushkin Museum of
. Pushkin, Moscow
. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
. Wakefield Art Gallery, Wakefield

. Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, Scotland
. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
. Trinity College, Dublin, UK
. State Library of Saltykov-Schedrin, St. Petersburg
. State Museum of Literature, Moscow
. Collection of the City New-Ulm, Germany
. Grafishe Sammiung, Schaetzier Palais, Augsburg, Germany
. The Arts Council of Great Britain
. Baltimore Museum of Fine Arts
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. 1974 Hoyerswerde (Sachsen), The Cultural Club Gallery
. A selection of works from the Print Collection of the National Gallery of Art Print Collection, Dresden, Germany
. 1975 Acme Galleiy, London, United Kingdom
. 1982 Robert Brown Contemporary Art, Washington, United States (Subsequent exhibitions in 1984, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1993, and 1995)
. 1983 Riverside Studios
. 1984 Coracle Press Gallery, London, United Kingdom
. 1986, -88, -91 Patrick Cramer Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
. 1986 Albert Totah Gallery, New York, USA
. 1987 St
. Paul `s Gallery, Leeds
. 1987 Marlene Eleini Gallery, London, United Kingdom
. 1988 The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Scotland
. 1989 Roger Ramsey Gallery, Chicago, USA
. 1990 Central House of Artists, Moscow
. 1991, -93 Francis Graham-Dixon Gallery, London, United Kingdom
. 1992 Saint-Cuillaume Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
. 1992 State Museum
. Pushkin, Moscow
. 1995 Dimock Gallery, The George Washington University, Washington, USA
. 1997 Robert Brown contemporary Art, Washington, USA
. 1997 Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, USA


. 1958, -59, -66 Exhibition of Young Moscow Artists, Moscow
. 1961-72 Exhibitions of Moscow Artists, Moscow
. 1965 Printmaking Biennale, Ljubljana
. Yugoslavia
. 1966 Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
. 1966 "Russian Art from Antiquity to the Present", Paris, France
. 1970-71Vsesoyuznaya Art Exhibition, Moscow
. 1971 "Soviet Graphic Art", Kiel, Germany
. 1976 Printmaking Biennale, Paris, France

. 1983 Third International Biennale of European Graphic Art, Baden-Baden
. 1983-84 "One of a Kind", Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore; Air Gallery, London and tour, Velikobrianiya
. 1985 "Double Elephant", The Barbican Centre, London, United Kingdom
. 1985 "Landscape Interior", Coracle Press Gallery, London, United Kingdom
. 1986 Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Peter Moores Foundation, Project No
. 8, Liverpool
1987 European Triennal of Engraving, Grado, Italy
1989 "Prints from the Collection Joshua P. Smith ", National Gallery of Art. Washington, USA
. 1990 "The Unique Print-70s into 90s", Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
. 1993 "Late 20th Century Prints", Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
. 1993 "Four Sculptures", Francis Graham-Dixon Gallery
. 1995 "Utopia", The State museum archive them
. SV Shchukin, Moscow


... In his works he breaks the traditional framework of engravings, paintings and sculpture. Kudryashov draws on the board of zinc as a sheet of paper, and on the etching paper addresses both the metal, using the hardness of her to cut and bend, creating a design of her.
Elements of relief at the same time and repeat and develop the theme of engraving, which is built on the basis of this relief. This allows Kudryashova create even more complex set of spatial relationships. Conditional space, drawing, bar, color and light prints visually are associated with voluminous shapes, play of light and shade structures in real space.
As a result, work on the topic Kudryashov was created a huge variety of options. In some of these volume elements very close fit to the surface of engraving ..., in others - large and complex structures are dynamic in space and hardly touched the surface of the engraving. ... Since 1983, in spatial interaction geometriches-cal forms were introduced elements of irregular shapes, made of thinner paper, which the artist crushed, cut, dyed and braided.
In 1988, Kudryashov entered a new phase: "I started thinking about sculpture and now I can not stop ... This was most important for me. I want to move on ...
... While interest Kudryashova to structural models, reminiscent of cubism and Russian avant-garde movement, emotional charge, contain-zhaschiysya in his strokes, suggests its proximity to the American abstract expressionism-Term. ...
Work Kudryashova carry and excite in us, in the broadest sense, a new sense of space. Beauty, strength and originality of his images are an expression of his own unique vision and reveal to us the poetry and despair of the world around us.
Christina Lodder
University of St Andrews, Scotland
"Drawing in Space"
Catalog of the exhibition at the House of hu-dozhnika, Moscow 1990

Sam Kudryashov ... no subtleties or fine art display figs in your pocket is not engaged. Master surprisingly organic and spontaneous, he drew like a madman, creating a continuous stream of graphics, in which the "stupid" rebelled, only a small island.
Fantastic expression Kudryashova graphics (imagine Leskov-shegosya became friends with Jackson Pollock, and you get some idea of what it is) gets the final incarnation in the video created on the canvas early "Army" drawings. More precisely, in their remarks, because almost all the originals were burned on the eve of departure ...
... No matter how hard, even a monstrous life, which recalls Kudryashov, "director", the whole "comics" is permeated with sparks of folklore ineradicable vitality. It is impossible to imagine the sad Bogorodsk toy - and in "Soldateske" Kudryashova no minor kadrov.Pod sound retro (tango and fox-trots Unforgettable Peter Leshchenko) pulses, . then contracting it into a ball, . some pieces flying off-Yami, . flow of being bitter-sweet and tragicomic, . nerazvodimaya she splashes on black and white components of the core of life on earth, . that so difficult to translate into izoiskusstve ..,

The ruins of Utopia - a composition
OLEG Kudryashova
Doctor of Art Sokolov
KNOWLEDGE, People's University
MAN AND NATURE, 1 / 1992

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Oleg KUDRYASCHOV, photo, biography
Oleg KUDRYASCHOV, photo, biography Oleg KUDRYASCHOV  Artist, photo, biography
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