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GOOD Edouard

( Artist)

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Biography GOOD Edouard
Born in 1931 in Moscow, from 1948 to 1961 he lived in Leningrad.
1953 - graduated with honors from the Leningrad Art College named. Serov ( 'Tavricheskoe').
1953 - 1959 - student of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Repin Academy of Arts of the USSR.
1961 - Alternate Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
1962 - Member of the USSR Union of Artists.
Since 1962 he lived and worked in Moscow.
Since 1992, lives in Israel, retaining the citizenship of Russia.
Member of the Union of Painters and Sculptors of Israel
. Collections where works
. Works are in the Art Museum in Komsomolsk on Amur, . Art Museum in Orel, . USSR Ministry of Culture, . Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR, . Art fund of the Moscow Branch of the Union of Artists, . in private collections in Russia, . Israel, . United States, . Germany,

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1959 All-Union Exhibition of diploma works USSR Academy of Arts. Moscow;
1960 Zonal exhibition 'Leningrad'. Museum of USSR Academy of Arts. Leningrad;
1960 Exhibition of 'Soviet Russia'. Central Exhibition Hall 'Manege'. Moscow;
1960 All-Union Exhibition of works of young artists. USSR Academy of Arts. Moscow;
1964 Zonal exhibition 'Leningrad'. The State Russian Museum. Leningrad;
1965 Exhibition 'by the home country'. Hall MOSH (race 7). Moscow;
1967 Zonal exhibition 'Painters of Moscow 50-th anniversary of October'. Central Exhibition Hall 'Manege'. Moscow;
1972 Exhibition 'Moscow historic'. Moscow;
1977 Exhibition of works by Moscow artists to the 60 anniversary of the October. Hall MOSH. Moscow;
1985 Exhibition of Works by Moscow Artists. Hall MOSH. Moscow;
1988 Exhibition of works of Moscow artists. Hall MOSH. Moscow;
1989 Exhibition of works by Moscow artists. Hall MOSH. Moscow;
1989 Exhibition of 'Self'. Hall MOSH. Moscow;
1994 Exhibition 'Art - Focus'. Tel - Aviv;
1994 Personal exhibition in the museum of the artist Fisherman. Bat - Yam, Israel;
. 1996 Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Union of Painters and Sculptors of Israel, Tel - Aviv;
. 1997 Exhibition 'Wood: and another tree: and yet' in the hall of the Union of Painters and Sculptors of Israel, Tel - Aviv;
. 1998 Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-98 '
. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1998 Gallery 'Zamoskvorechie'. Hotel "Baltschug '. Moscow;
1999 Exhibition Gallery Frieder Fyullersa. Blonkenheym. Germany.


... Does this fit into 'old-fashioned conservative,' in a diverse range of colorful and modern iskusstvaN This is a gift of an acute observer and bytopisatelya, his neuprezhdennom look at the surrounding. Such a view would not be superfluous in the knowledge of life through art. And do not be squandered: who knows, maybe themes embodied in the works of the artist and his supporters have yet to go on improving. In any case, they have secured the talent, the school and the artistic integrity ...

Gregory Ostrovsky

... At all times, and there will be people who prefer an honest, unbiased and, shall we say, 'like' playing around us life by means of traditional realistic painting. And because the art of this kind the artist can not and should not remain unclaimed ..
. Bibliography
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GOOD Edouard, photo, biography
GOOD Edouard, photo, biography GOOD Edouard  Artist, photo, biography
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