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Rebekah TSUZMER Moiseevna

( Artist)

Comments for Rebekah TSUZMER Moiseevna
Biography Rebekah TSUZMER Moiseevna
Born in 1918 in Odessa.
. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of arts and crafts (existed prior to 1953) in 1949.
. In 1953, started its exhibition activity, was awarded a diploma at the exhibition of ceramics in Gdansk.
. In 1986 he was awarded the title of Honored artist of Russia.
. In 1990 was awarded the State Prize of Russia

Collections where works

Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery,
State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin
. State Historical Museum,
. State Museum of Ceramics and Manor Kuskovo "XVIII century.,
. All-Russia museum of decorative and folk art in Moscow,
. Museum of History and Reconstruction of Moscow,
. State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg,
. Sergiev Posad State History and Art Museum-Reserve,
. Reserve Museum Alexander Pushkin in the Michael

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1973 31-th International Ceramics Competition. Faenza. Italy
1977 Personal exhibition. Moscow;
1979 Personal exhibition. Leningrad;
1983 Personal exhibition. Yaroslavl. Russia;
1984 Personal exhibition. Kostroma. Russia;
1990 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

The world seems to me a vibrating structure, light-emitting. From the flow of light, . washing everything in nature, . born my improvisation - a special state of joyful ease, . when his eyes with astonishment, . as if by watching the movement of the brush, . and there is a strange and unfamiliar world, . so similar to the surrounding, . but my,
. Then ease disappears like a mirage, and there comes a long job.
Man with his meditations and doubts, nature, city, carnival, theater - is the theme of my paintings and graphic sheets. Classes in painting and drawing became for me the need. Images ballpoint pen with a slightly tinted watercolor sheet surface reflect my moods, impressions, dreams. I draw without a pencil, trying once equipped suitably drawing in a sheet. This form of unchains while discipline. It is also free to try to work in earthenware and fireclay.
Ceramics, like the fugue, polyphonic. It merged the three voices: sculpture, painting, graphics. Only when the harmonic of the merger, it sounds clear and clean. Clay does not tolerate violence against them, and is subject to the laws laid down in its very nature. The mysterious world of two elements - fire and water, uniting with the earth, forms a miracle ceramics. How often does this seemingly "mild" material becomes threatening and capricious. But sometimes gives unexpected joy of ceramics. When the whim of Taming of the fire, awakened to the life of the alloys colors create harmony colors, multi-layered, deep, luminous. This feature of the material makes unpredictable, prompting the experiment, which has no end.


Work in architecture brought to the work of Rena Tsuzmer developed sense of ensemble. Still remains the defining pictorial interpretation of the theme, for which often only serves as a form of background. But along with this great value purchase sculptural and architectural elements - columns, capitals, strata. Appears desire to introduce visual elements, . revealing the essence of ceramics, . - Demonstration of material, . its structure, . especially fireclay, . like unfinished edge of the sculpture - the classical principle, . showing the "technology" manipulating clay.,
. But this demonstration of "-designed, man-made runs parallel with the growing increasingly soulful inspired the overall content, as manifested in the beautiful decor, and in the form
. There is a new synthesis, often built on the contrast and the acquiring of this special urgency and poignancy. Paintings Rebekah Moiseyevna unusual and fascinating ... All of them generate vague associations, memories, carry the viewer into the country sound and a little sad tales, where candles are burning, where there is an old, dear heart, furniture, and the world is reflected in the magic mirror faded, worn in a carved frame.

H. Voronov


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. Booklet "Rebekah Moiseevna Tsuzmer, 1979, Moscow;
. Product group exhibition of works of Moscow artists, 1982, Moscow;
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. V. Kodik "Window to the World", newspaper "Youth", August 16, 1983, Yaroslavl;
. Catalog solo exhibition Rebekah Tsuzmer "Pottery, painting, drawing, 1990, Moscow.

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Rebekah TSUZMER Moiseevna, photo, biography
Rebekah TSUZMER Moiseevna, photo, biography Rebekah TSUZMER Moiseevna  Artist, photo, biography
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