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Ann Innocent Fyodorovich

( philologist, writer and educator)

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Biography Ann Innocent Fyodorovich
Born in 1856. He graduated from the course of History and Philology of St. Petersburg University with a degree of comparative linguistics, in which for some time and read a lecture at the University for Women in St. Petersburg. Pedagogically-administrative career distracted him from the strictly scientific studies. He was director of the board Galagan in Kiev, then VIII school in St. Petersburg and the gymnasium in Tsarskoe Selo. Excessive softness, . which he, . the opinion of the authorities, . in troubled times in 1905 - 06 years, . was the reason for his removal from that post: he was transferred to St. Petersburg district inspector and remained in that post until 1909, . when - shortly before his death - retired,
. Since the autumn of 1908 he lectured on the history of Greek literature at the highest women's literary history courses (NP. Raeva). Died suddenly of a heart attack on Nov. 30, 1909. - A literary work. has as its center of his interest in the ancient world, its circumference - the latest literature, as Western European (especially French), and Russian. In the ancient literature of his work focuses on the monumental translation of 19 dramas by Euripides, . that he intended to publish in 3 large volumes, . as possible, and 4, . adding to the drama and the surviving fragments of the lost, . sometimes very large and interesting, this last part of the program remained unfulfilled,
. Each of the tragedy was to be prefaced by an article containing its analysis, evaluation and, often, compared with the parallel story of the tragedies of modern literature. Sam A. managed to publish only the first volume ( "Theater of Euripides' t. I, St. Petersburg., 1906), with six tragedies and introductory article on the ancient tragedy, the remaining transfers were also performed by them and in 1910 prepared for printing. A translation. among the best in Russian literature, and to penetrate into the spirit of the original, and literary finish, but they are sometimes uneven, where, due to the haste of work, inspiration left an interpreter. In the field of Russian literature A. belongs to a series of critical articles as Gogol, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and the latest writer (Gorky, Andreyev, Balmont and others). They are collected in two "Book of Reflection". Their common advantage - accuracy of observation and originality judgments, with elegant, often whimsical, but always brilliant exposition. Often they raise their paradoxical contradiction, but always awaken the mind and not give dry up interest. In the field of modern Western literature A. particularly interested in French poetry, as "Parnassians (Sully Prudhomme, Leconte de Lisle and others), and" damned "(Verlaine, Baudelaire and others). Their he readily translated, it is dedicated and critical articles, partly included in his "Euripides," partly backlist. German literature, he did not understand and did not like, except for Heine, the interest for which the foreigner is usually associated with lack of understanding of the present German poetry. The fourth group consists of the experiments of its own, forcing him to consider a camp of the modernists. These include collections of his poems: a) "Quiet Songs" (under the pseudonym Nick. T-o), accompanied by a collection of poetic translation "Parnassians and cursed, in 1904, and b) Cypress Chest, 1910, and c)" The third book of poetry "(1910, forthcoming). The refinement of language and rhymes characteristic A. par with the best representatives of modern poetry in the direction of his, he - extreme impressionist. Special department of this group comprised of four original dramas A. on Euripides subjects: "Melanippus-philosopher", "King Ixion", "Laodamiya and Famira-Kifared; interesting of them -" King of Ixion, "which feels intimate proximity to the author portrayed the hero. Mixing the ancient story and the ancient forms with modern-morbid sensitivity is calculated not just in taste but in the eyes of those available to such a synthesis, these tragedies will remain the best works of a feather. - Wed: "Apollo" 1910, N 1, N. Gurevich, in Russian Thought, 1909, N 12. F. Z.

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Ann Innocent Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Ann Innocent Fyodorovich, photo, biography Ann Innocent Fyodorovich  philologist, writer and educator, photo, biography
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