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Timothy Buldakov

( servitor Yakutsk district is known for his travels to the Arctic Sea)

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Biography Timothy Buldakov
In 1649, Mr.. He was sent with a detachment, as a clerk for the collection of tribute to the Kolyma. Coming out of Yakutsk in the autumn, he just managed to reach Zhigansky (now a small town on the left bank of the Lena River, Yakutsk region), spent the winter here, and only 2 June 1650, Mr.. sailed to the mouth of the Lena. Hence, he wanted to immediately set off to sea, but because of the ice stayed on the ground about 4 weeks and only half of July reached Omolaevoy lips (Omolay river, flows between Jana and Lena, just south of the mouth of the Yana). For several days he hovered around his lips that because of contrary winds and ice, and finally, along with eight kochami trade and industry people he met about Omolaevoy lips, after many obstacles and suffering, reached the mouth of the Yana. Then he managed, floating to the east in a very short distance from the shore, it is quite possible for shallow water Koch, round the North Cape, or the Holy Nose (which is almost Buldakov first and walked) and enter in Chrome lip. But at this time (the month of August) started cold: sea on the visible area was covered with ice, Kochi primerzli and Buldakov decided already with travelers, taking provisions, go by land. At the time charges rose by a strong wind from the shore and broke all the ice (1 September), which suffered in the sea, and with him, and Kochi. A few days wandering around on their Buldakov kochah, . carried along by winds between the ice, . from which more than once in danger of being completely worn, and finally, . wind ceased, . polynya were covered with ice, . and Buldakov, . after the study of ice thickness, . Cossack Andrey Pogorelov, . going to be on the ice to go to the bank, . as a new storm has claimed them even further into the sea,
. After five days, the wind ceased, and travelers on the ice, . stretched to the extreme hunger, . cold, . works and scurvy, . had at last reached the mouth of Indigirka, . where, . although it was less difficult, . but with the same distress, . continued our journey along the river bank, . 300 miles, . to the cabin Uyandina, . where they found help and spent the winter of 1650 - 51,
. Court, all of them were exterminated by ice. In 1651, . Lent, . of Uyandina Buldakov went through the mountains to the Kolyma, . sledges, . and went so far as the river Alazeyki (which flows at a distance of 500 miles, . on swampy land and empties into the Arctic Ocean the five estuaries, deep and rich in fish) for a month, . feeding on the bark of the road,
. With Alazeyki to the Kolyma was another week and here zazimoval, receiving a salary from the sovereign's boyar son Vasily Vlaseva. What followed was a Buldakova, Miller, who reported on this expedition, says nothing. See. "Works and Translations of the Academy of Sciences", 1758, t. II and Sadovnikova, "Our explorers" (Moscow, 1874). V. R.

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Timothy Buldakov, photo, biography
Timothy Buldakov, photo, biography Timothy Buldakov  servitor Yakutsk district is known for his travels to the Arctic Sea, photo, biography
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