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( Prince of Suzdal and Gorodetsky)

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Biography KIRDYAPA Vasily
Vasily Kirdyapa (count. 15)

From the kind of Suzdal and Nizhny Novgorod led. kn. Son of Dmitri Konstantinovich III and Prince. Rostov Vasilisa Konstantinovny. Conducted. kn. Suzdal in 1383 - 1393 he. Kn. Nizhny Novgorod in 1387-1393 he. Kn. Shujskij in 1393-1403 he. + 1403 g.


In 1376, Dmitri Ivanovich of Moscow sent the governor Dmitry Volyn on Bulgarian. With Volhynia went Basil and his brother Ivan. Together, they rushed to Kazan. Kazan came out against them from the city, firing their bows and crossbows, while others produced some thunder to frighten the Russian, and some rode on camels, horses to take alarm. But all these tricks failed: Russian drove the enemy into the city, . princes Kazan Asan and Soltan-Mohammed were forced to beat a petition likomu prince, paid a thousand rubles Dmitry Moscow, . thousand Novgorod, . three thousand magistrates and heroic people, in addition, . chronicles say, . that the Russian put in Kazan, his tax collector,

In 1382 while marching Tokhtamysh to Russ father sent his brother Basil and seeds in the camp of Khan with the assurance of peace and friendship. Basil joined the Tatars on the borders of the Russian land. Approaches to Moscow, Tokhtamysh three days besieged the Kremlin, but did not have much hope to take it. Then Khan conceived trick: on the fourth day, drove up to the walls of the Horde and the princes with Vasily and Semyon, the former shuryami Dmitry Donskoy. They began to speak under siege: "The king wants you to bestow, . its people and ulusnikov, . because you are not to blame: not to you the king, . and on Prince Dmitry, . from you as it requires only, . so you met him and presented with small gifts, he wanted to look your city and visit it, . and you will bring peace and love ",
. Basil and his brother gave the Muscovites oath that Khan did not do them any harm. Those believed the Kremlin opened the gate and went out with crosses and gifts. But the Tatars began without mercy to cut clergy, broke into the Kremlin, all residents stoned or poplenili and churches ransacked. Thus the princes of Nizhny Novgorod Tatars do not have the latest service in their new triumph over Moscow assimilated. In 1383, after the death of Dmitry Konstantinovich, Tokhtamysh gave the label at the Nizhny Novgorod principality of his younger brother, Boris, but in 1387, Vasily and Semyon resorted to the help of Dmitry Donskoy and his uncle drove from the Lower. Leaving the city, Boris nephews predicted that they would cry from their enemies. The prophecy is fulfilled. In 1393, Boris has a new label Khan to rule, and nephews, as can be seen, gave Suzdal. In the same year, Basil I, the son of Don, bought Tokhtamysh Nizhny Novgorod principality, and Boris imprisoned. Vasily and Semyon remained to reign in Suzdal parish, covered on all sides now Moscow lands. In 1394 immediately after the death of Boris Konstantinovich both nephew ran out of Suzdal in the Horde, to seek a shortcut on his patrimony - Lower, Suzdal and Gorodets. Basil I sent for them chase, but they managed to avoid it, and safely reach the Horde. Later Vasily Kirdyapa reconciled with the prince of Moscow, as a 1403 year mentioned that he died in Gorodets.

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KIRDYAPA Vasily, photo, biography
KIRDYAPA Vasily, photo, biography KIRDYAPA Vasily  Prince of Suzdal and Gorodetsky, photo, biography
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