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Peter Weinberg Isaevich

( Famous poet and translator)

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Biography Peter Weinberg Isaevich
(1830 - 1908).
He was born in Nikolaev, graduated from Kharkov University in the course of History and Philology. On literary career came in 1851. the translation of the drama of George Sand "Claudie" (in 1901. in St. Petersburg. was celebrated on the fiftieth anniversary of the literary activity Weinberg, counting from the emergence of this translation). In 1854, Mr.. Weinberg published in Odessa book of his original and translated (from Horace, Chenier, Hugo's) poems. In 1858, Mr.. Weinberg moved to St. Petersburg from Tambov, where he served (hence his nickname humorous - Heine from Tambov), and began to put poems, original and translated, as well as articles and bibliographies etc.. in the "Library for Reading", "Illustrations", "Iskra", "Contemporary", "Alarm Clock" and other journals. In "The Bell" was printed a poem Weinberg, Jacob Rostovtsev the day of his birthday, gain the approval of Herzen. In 1861, together with AV. Druzhinin, K.D. Kavelin and VP. Bezobrazov Vernbeyrg undertake the publication of the weekly magazine "Century" which took first big success, but in early 1862. transferred to another edition. Many translated from Heine, . manner which is sometimes very successfully imitated in their original poems, . Herwegh, . Fallersleben, . Chamisso, . Lenau, . Gutzkow and other poets, has translated nine of Shakespeare's plays, . tragedy Gutzkow "Uriel Acosta", . Lessing - Nathan the Wise ", . Longfellow's poem "Evangeline", . Lena - "е+iе+ka", . Sheridan's comedy "School for Scandal, . the tragedy of Shelley's "Cenci" and many other major and minor works of European poetry,
. Distinguished by a sonorous and beautiful verse, translations Weinberg at the same time, remarkably close to the original. It is printed in newspapers and magazines articles about the different works of Russian and foreign literature, individual monographs (for example, in studies of. Hugo and Freiligrath), articles about the theater, on the phenomena of social life and t. n. Collection Etudes Weinberg of Western writers (Goethe, Lenz, Leopardi, Lena, and others) came out in 1907. entitled "Pages from the history of Western literature". In the late 60's and 70's of the Weinberg published in Russian translation (his own and others') writings of Goethe and Heine, and then - Selected works of Burns in his translation. Of the original poems Weinberg (cm. article about them SW. Veselovskogo in the History of Russian Literature of XIX century ", under the editorship of Professor Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky 1912), some printed Weinberg under his own name, others - under the pseudonym" Heine from Tambov ". Last, the most famous group, along with the playful, harmless things, contains a witty attack on photophobia, superficial liberalism, national self-adoration, jingoistic patriotism, sycophancy. The best thing is not humorous Weinberg - "To the Sea". Collection of original poems Weinberg was published in 1901, at the time of his jubilee. In 1868, Mr.. Weinberg moved to Warsaw, where he obtained the position of professor of Russian literature at the Central School (soon renamed the University), and where published "The historical songs about Ivan the Terrible". In 1873, Mr.. He returned to St. Petersburg and entered the service on the Office of Empress Maria. For many years he taught Russian and foreign literature on women's educational courses, . at one time Inspector Kolomna girls' high school (St. Petersburg), has issued a number of collections, . relevant manuals (European Theater, . "Russian writers in the classroom", . "Russian History in Poetry, . "European classics, etc.),
. Great importance for the promotion of Western literature were public lectures, which Weinberg is one of the first to read in the provincial towns. Weinberg was assistant professor of St. Petersburg. University Department of General History of literature, took part in St. Petersburg. theatrical-literary committee, in 1905. was elected an honorary member, took an active part in the works of Literary Fund (the last years of his life as chairman) and the Union of Russian writers to the close of the last in 1901

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  • Ellen Weinberg Mausner for Peter Weinberg Isaevich
  • His nephew was Jacob Weinberg (1869-1956) a prolific Russian-Jewish composer who wrote many secular and religious works, including the first Hebrew opera, "The Pioneers" (1924) and 3 versions of the Gettysburg Address set to music. His music is in a collection at the YIVO archive at the Center for Jewish History at 15 W 16th St., NY, NY 10011 and the catalogue # is 1516. I am his granddaughter.
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    Peter Weinberg Isaevich, photo, biography
    Peter Weinberg Isaevich, photo, biography Peter Weinberg Isaevich  Famous poet and translator, photo, biography
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