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Veselovskii Alexey

( literary historian)

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Biography Veselovskii Alexey
photo Veselovskii Alexey
Born in 1843. Circumstances were such that Vesselovsky had initially choose a military career, but soon he was able to retire and enter the Faculty of Moscow University. Upon completing Veselovskii lived several years abroad, among other things, in the Slavic lands, where he was not only the history of literature, but also the history of music. The first article dedicated to his "Music of the Slavs" ( "Russian Messenger, 1866). Upon his return to Russia Vesselovsky had to teach and deal with urgent work in various newspapers that did not prevent, however, appear in the light, in 1870, his famous book: "The ancient theater in Europe". On the same theme written by a later book Veselovskogo "Deutsche Einflusse auf das alte russiche Theater" (Prague, 1875). In 1871 - 1872 years Veselovskii was an active member of "Conversations" SA. St. George's in 1873. - St. Petersburg. Gazette editorial VF. Korsch and "Week", where he spent 5 years led the foreign department. In V t. "Russian Libraries" (works Griboedova), published by MM. Stassiulevitch (St. Petersburg), . appeared remarkable sketch of Veselovskogo Griboedov, . followed by a number of beautiful sketches in the Journal of Europe "on the Swift (1877), . Moliere (1878), . "Alceste and Chatsky" (1881), . "Western influence in Russian literature" (1881 - 82; separately, . M., . 1882, . 4 th edition, . M., . 1910), . Diderot (1884), . Beaumarchais (1887), . "Dead Souls" (1891), . Byron and others,
. Essays collected in the book: "Perceptions and characteristics" (3rd edition), "Byron. Biographical Sketch "(Moscow, 1902)," Herzen-writer "(Moscow, 1909). Since the late 70-ies Veselovsky studies specifically Moliere, about which he wrote several articles in magazines "Le Molieriste" and "Moliere-Museum", as in Russian, two of the "Sketch of Moliere" (Moscow, 1879 and 1881). The first of them gave him in 1879. Honorary Doctorate from Moscow University, which opened with Vesselovsky 1881. path to a professorship at Moscow University and in the Lazarev Institute. In 1876 - 88 years he was reading at the higher women's courses in Moscow. Since 1891, Mr.. was a member of the Moscow theater committee. Since 1906. - Honorary Academician. In addition to the above, Vesselovsky belongs to a series of articles in Critical Review "in 1879 - 80 years," order "1881 - 1882," Artist "1889 - 92 years," Kiev Antiquities "and especially" Russian Gazette "of recent years. In the Historical universal literature "Korsch and Kirpichnikova they are written in English Literature departments XVII and XVIII centuries and XVIII century French literature.; For the German edition of" Kultur der Gegenwart "write an essay" Die Russische Litteratur "(BS-Lpts., . 1908),
. Several sketches Veselovskogo about Byron and Moliere is printed in the "Library of Great Writers," edited by Vengerov. In the 1 st and 2 nd editions of this dictionary Veselovskii wrote several articles on German and French writers. In collaboration with his wife Veselovskii translated a book about Shakespeare Genet (Moscow, 1877), three volumes of "Greek history" Curtius (Moscow, 1880), 3 t. "Roman history" MOEYS, "Dante" Veghel (Moscow, 1881). A brilliant stylist, gifted with a lively understanding of the beautiful, Veselovskii belongs to one of the few historians of our literature, which are able to combine expertise with breadth of vision. Prominent "molerist", . he drowned in the details, . and in a study of the great French writer, . and in its other outstanding features and complete give an exhaustive picture of the conditions of psychological and historical, . against which to create something or other literary phenomenon,
. Wrote several articles and stories in the "Conversation", "Russian Gazette" and others. S. Vengerov.

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Veselovskii Alexey, photo, biography
Veselovskii Alexey, photo, biography Veselovskii Alexey  literary historian, photo, biography
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