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Vodovozov Vasily Ivanovich

( outstanding teacher)

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Biography Vodovozov Vasily Ivanovich
photo Vodovozov Vasily Ivanovich
(1825 - 1886). Born in a large family in St. Petersburg businessman, at the time of birth of Vasily Ivanovich impoverished. He studied at the St. Petersburg commercial school and the historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University. As a teacher in Warsaw high school and a teacher in private homes Vodovozov discovered an outstanding pedagogical talent and was much loved by pupils. Even then he knew well 10 different languages, ancient and modern, from which translated in verse and prose. At the same time he conceived plans of works on Russian grammar and the teaching of Russian Literature. Willing to work in a more user-friendly scientific environment prompted him to seek to Petersburg. With appreciated his university Nikitenko Vodovozov moved to the capital (1851), where he taught at several schools and placed their works in periodical publications. The first article of his was "Notes on Contemporary Education in Germany" in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education "(1856), in which he thanks Ushinskogo, became one of the activities of employees. Print Vodovozov articles on educational theory and practice, . on the history of ancient literature, . on the theory of Russian literature except the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ", . in the "Library for Reading", . Fatherland Notes, . Vestnik Evropy, . The Contemporary, . "Russian Word" and other publications,
. Soon Vodovozov, among other educators and innovators, has been invited Ushinsky in the Smolny Institute. Together they went out with the onset of reaction. Vodovozova fame as an outstanding teacher, had already been consolidated. Working in Sunday schools, in government educational institutions, Vodovozov always pursued the same goal - the production for the Russian school of proper pedagogical system based on universal. In 1862, Mr.. Vodovozov married EH. Tsevlovskoy. Financial position it was very unenviable. Particularly bad had family when Vodovozova removed from teaching in the 1 st St. Petersburg High School, because of his protest against the classicism of Tolstoy. No lessons, no literary works were not given enough money to live, yet not issued Vodovozov have long been preparing his "Book for the initial read. Outstanding pedagogical advantages it had evaluated public and State educational agencies. Vodovozov served with public readings and lectures, worked in the Literacy Committee, led the teachers' courses and translated the works of ancient and modern classics. Detailed biography Vodovozova, characteristic of his scientific-pedagogical views and ideas, evaluation of its educational and literary activities are given in the book VI. Semevsky, "Vasily Ivanovich Vodovozov" (St. Petersburg, 1888), there is a list of works Vodovozova and a list of some of the reviews about it. Main work Vodovozova: "The book for the initial reading (20 th edition, . St.Petersburg, . 1896); "Book for Teachers" (5 th edition, . 1879), "Russian fairy tale in verse" (1883), "Stories and Poems for Children (3rd edition, . 1904), "Literature in the samples and parsing" (6 th edition, . 1905), "New Russian Literature" (7 th edition, . 1908), "Translations of poetry and original poems" (1888), "Stories of Russian history" (Issue 1, . 13th edition), . Issue 2, . edition 11 th, . 1911), "Sketches from the XVIII century Russian history." (3rd edition, . 1904),
. S. Sh

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Vodovozov Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography
Vodovozov Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography Vodovozov Vasily Ivanovich  outstanding teacher, photo, biography
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