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Gerd Alexander Yakovlevich

( educator)

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Biography Gerd Alexander Yakovlevich
photo Gerd Alexander Yakovlevich
(1841 - 1888) son of an Englishman who came to Russia as a teacher Belle Lancaster schools, which opened in the set we have under Alexander I. He graduated from the course at St. Petersburg University of physical-mathematical faculty; involved in Sunday schools, especially in the private free vasileostrovskoy school, whose leader was F.F. Rezener and through which passed many of the best teaching force at the time. By closing this school Gerd from 1865 to 1871 was an educator and teacher of natural history in the 1 st military school, and at one time gave more lessons in the Corps of Pages. Formed in 1870. St. Petersburg Society of agricultural colonies and craft shelters for correction of juvenile delinquents Gerd invited for the post of Director of the colony, arranged in a gunpowder factory, 8 miles from the shores of the Neva. Having traveled abroad to study the construction of such institutions in the west, . Gerd enthusiastically devoted himself to this cause, . the basis of which he decided not to participate with, . and personal influence of the Director of involuntary colonists - and it is primarily required a heart attitude toward corrupt and, . sure, . incredulous pets,
. Tirelessly working as manager of operations, and laborer, as a friend, mentor and head of embittered children, Gerd achieved excellent results, but in December 1874,. circumstances forced him to leave the colony. In 1877, Mr.. he took in his superintendence first-rate women's institution Princess Obolensky, . in 1879, . when the institution was transformed into the gymnasium of the Ministry of Education, . Gerd was appointed chairman of the teachers' council of the school,
. Since 1878. He was still a teacher Tsarevich, Grand Duke Georgy and Mikhail Alexandrovich and Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna. From the very foundation of society for dostavaniya of the highest female (Bestuzhev) courses Gerd was a member of his, . in the last 6 years of his life was chairman of the committee of society, its activities are expressed not only in care to address the financial difficulties of society, . but also in the works for the correct formulation of Studies,
. On the women's educational courses Gerd for 10 years taught a course of natural science, and at one time and courses frebelevskogo Society. From 1880 to 1883 was an expert on educational part in St. Petersburg. City Commission instituted. Gifted with rare pedagogical skills, Gerd to cause his attitude selflessly and passionately. The moral elevation of his personality is charmingly acted on all who came in contact with him, among other things, on the VM. Garshina. Manuals Gerda enjoy great spread. Thus, "Key Minerals withstood 3 editions," Textbook of Mineralogy for urban schools "- 6 books," Handbook of Mineralogy for real schools "- 5 books," A short course of natural science "- 5 books. Large pedagogical interest are his "object lessons" (St. Petersburg, 1883). Edited by Gerd transferred botanical part of the "Origin of Species" Darwin (St. Petersburg, 1867 - 68) and Part II "Foundations of Biology" Spencer. In the late 1860's Gerd informally edited the magazine "Teacher". Wed, h. Yermolin, "Essay on Life AY. Gerd (St. Petersburg, 1889).

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Gerd Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Gerd Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography Gerd Alexander Yakovlevich  educator, photo, biography
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