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Golubinskii Fyodor (archpriest)

( Founder of Russian theistic philosophy)

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Biography Golubinskii Fyodor (archpriest)
born and died in Kostroma. After graduating from Kostroma seminary, he served in her as an informer of the Greek language, and then entered the Moscow Theological Academy, where he became professor of philosophy. Among his listeners Golubinsky enjoyed the glory of deep and original thinker, but until recently not been able to form an idea about the nature and direction of philosophy Golubinsky. During his lifetime he published - and then without a signature - just one little letter of final causes ( "The addition to the works of the Holy Fathers, 1847: Page. 176 - 205). Only 1868. former students Golubinsky begin to publish his lectures (the most complete edition made the means of the Society of spiritual enlightenment, M., 1884 and following). Vital nerve Golubinsky philosophy is the idea of being the highest. In his predecessors, he is looking primarily something that can give a firm support to this idea. Grown on the philosophy of Wolff, Golubinskii not remain alien and the new currents of thought. Most pronounced influence of Kant and Jacobi. Philosophy - a system of universal knowledge of the principal forces of nature to the external and internal, as well as on the properties of their perpetrator. This knowledge acquired by reason under the guidance of mind and with the help of both internal and external experience. The purpose of the system - to initiate, nurture and send love to the divine wisdom, the human. The main source of philosophy are the ideas of the mind, which are revealed by the evidence of internal and external sense. All this, according to Golubinsky, can be called a revelation mediocre, and it is a lot of philosophy and serves as. In vain, however, expect from such a philosophy of knowledge, which would satisfy all the quests of the human spirit: whether such knowledge is possible, it would be to ruin a man. From different parts of philosophy Golubinsky published only metaphysics. Its task is to build on the idea of the infinite, and applying it to data internal and external expertise, to bring in a system of knowledge about the properties of an infinite being and the attitude to it has a finite. Metaphysics is divided into ontology, theology, psychology, or speculative pneumatology and cosmology. As the soul and the outside world are subject to limitation, on the one hand, space and time, and on the other - the laws of reason, categories. As he and the other kind of restrictions are not only forms of our mental activity, but also the ordinary forms of existence of things. Contrary to Kant, the categories are quite applicable to being unrestricted and vsesuschestvennomu. It was all the more accessible to human knowledge, that the idea of the infinite in being and perfection is inextricably linked to human nature. Consequently, the original law of mind is that for the limited search for ultimate beginning and the prototype in the infinite. This idea is the first and the immediate beginning of all knowledge, and given to man the very essence of infinite. On certain issues (eg, the categories of evidence the existence of God, etc.) Golubinskii stops with especial thoroughness. Followers Golubinsky especially given VD. Kudryavtsev (see). Wed. "Archpriest FA. Golubinskii "(a biographical sketch, MA, 1855); I. Kolubovsky "Materials for the History of Philosophy in Russia" ( "Problems of Philosophy and Psychology, Vol. 4). The latest literature about it: A. Vvedensky Professor of Philosophy Archpriest FA. Golubinskii "(Sergiev Posad, 1898); C. The verb "Archpriest FA. Golubinskii, his life and work "(ib., 1898); his" Archpriest FA. Golubinskii as Orthodox Christian philosopher "(" Faith and Reason ", 1898, N 3). YA. Kolubovsky.

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Golubinskii Fyodor (archpriest), photo, biography
Golubinskii Fyodor (archpriest), photo, biography Golubinskii Fyodor (archpriest)  Founder of Russian theistic philosophy, photo, biography
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