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VCOs Karl Fedorovich

( Historic, genre and portrait painter)

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Biography VCOs Karl Fedorovich
(1830 - 1877). General education in Riga cathedral school. Arriving in 1850. in St. Petersburg, came to the draftsman and lithographer Pappe at the same time began to attend evening classes of the Academy of Fine Arts. Within two years, was admitted to the Academy students. His main mentor there was Professor PV. Basin. During the passage of the academic course has received four silver medals for excellence in drawing and painting and a small gold medal for "written in 1860, by competition, now:" Olympic Games ". In 1861, Mr.. received the title of class artist of Article 1, and a gold medal for the program: "The Grand Duchess Sophia Vitovtovna at the wedding Vasily the Dark". Soon after that went to the city for execution Yelabuga images for the iconostasis there the Holy Virgin Protection Church, and there, but these images, has written numerous studies, folk life. In 1863, Mr.. went abroad, as a pensioner of the Academy. Visiting Leipzig, . Dresden, . Prague and Munich, . settled in Paris and the first time engaged in writing and execution of paintings: "Edita Lebyazhya-neck is on the field of battle Gastingskoy corpse of his beloved Harald", . remaining unfinished, . portraits (a portrait of the writer Markevitch) and some other works,
. In 1868, Mr.. the Paris salon was his picture: "The Eve of St. Bartholomew's night, attracted attention. Being afterwards sent to St. Petersburg, it gave the artist the title of academician and was acquired by the Emperor, still Tsarevich. Excellent repetition of this pattern made watercolors, is at the Museum Academy. Returning again to Paris, wrote a picture: "Children with kittens," "Sick Child", "Gypsy caught in a tambourine thrown her coin," head of a medieval knight "and" L'Italiana with flowers ". Over the last Academy elevated it to the rank of professor. On his return in 1872. in Russia, he was elected to the board of the Academy and was appointed professor of teacher in her. In the same year made a trip into Russia. In St. Petersburg, he completed several works, . initiated abroad, . and written portraits of the former director of the Marine Institute of Rimsky-Korsakov (this school), . Mrs. Soldatenkova, . born Filipson, . and Princess Baryatinsky; ceiling on the main staircase Anichkov Palace (Flying Night and emerging Aurora); the image of St. Anne and Prophetess of the Annunciation, . for the Empress, "Sermon on the Mount" and "The phenomenon of the risen Christ of Saint Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church for, . built by Count von Derviz in Lugano, . and others,
. In 1874,. Guna have revealed signs of tuberculosis, and, on the advice of doctors, he traveled to foreign lands to seek refuge from the disease in the climate, more fertile than the St. Petersburg. But this measure proved in vain: the fatal illness soon brought the artist to the grave. He died in Davos (Switzerland). Gun must be counted among the best painters of the Russian School. He was not endowed with fervor and especially resourceful imagination, but had a significant observation, well known figure and has a strong and harmonious color.

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VCOs Karl Fedorovich, photo, biography
VCOs Karl Fedorovich, photo, biography VCOs Karl Fedorovich  Historic, genre and portrait painter, photo, biography
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