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Biography ANOUCK Lepere
photo ANOUCK Lepere
Born: Antwerp, February 13

There is a type of girls who want fashion. This luxurious princess-punk, rough beauty that strikes us in the eye c editorials of newspapers. It reminds professional rockers like Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde and Siouxie Sioux.
The credit for finding such an image belongs to the French legend, Elizabeth Dijan, one of the leading editors of fashion.
In the early 80th years in the fashion magazine "Jill", Didjan able to move at that time a new punk-rock style, and this in an era of domination of Paris chic.
Find this season it is in this tradition - the nineteen Belgian model Anouck Lepere.
Interestingly, Anouck in high school models, but never intended to be her. "And how it all began" - reflects the black-haired beauty, sitting in a photo studio business center, dutifully obeying the make-up artist.
"I studied architecture in the city of Antwerp. My school - a small world. All relate to each other in a very friendly. Some of my friends are working models. Some of them have participated in shows in Paris and once asked me if I do not want to participate. I, of course, agreed ". I must say that Anouck refuses to acknowledge that these friends included such rising stars of fashion, like Dries van Noten, Oliver Theyskens, and W <. The demonstration shows the level of course, was a kind of casting for its participation in the Fall 2000 Chanel show.
It is not difficult to imagine that the school of architecture is very complex program. As career model can be combined with the requirements of the school.
"Actually, I took a break. My program is designed for seven years of training, I'm going to miss one year, but later I will continue my studies! "
The transition from studying the dynamics of the construction of buildings to posing for the camera is very emotional. "When the agency IMG has asked me, I was very interested in the opportunity to come to New York City and see its sights. Model business attracted my attention more because I had the opportunity to travel and communicate with people from different countries. This is a good chance to see the world in all its diversity ".
Her clear mind and a fantastic self-control has a unique impact on other. Her calm reaction to the constant invitation to the VIP fashion circles (V cover, Bazaar, Vogue Italia, Sportmax and Vuitton campaign) seems surprising. And if this exclusion remains in front of the camera?
The images it creates a very beautiful and stylish. The only question remains about clothes for filming on the cover of the magazine MODELS.com. Perhaps the whole point is that now, too much leather clothes and fishnet stockings.
Anouck unblinking look into the camera and is in a terribly uncomfortable leather suit, very frank fishnet stockings and shoes, old-fashioned boats. Then Anouck arranged for a cheap pink rug and stares into the camera. Everything is ready for filming. The hair is not very clean, the lips are not very bright, light is directed at her. Anouck looks into the lens and slightly rises. Everyone crowded around. The picture Anouck slightly raised on the hands, knees slightly exposed forward, his eyes froze in front of camera. Her face is beautiful, the body is tense. It is sexy and very elegant: just what is required for image. "So, take off!" - Announces Martha.
During the next four hours Anouck posed frame by frame, following the instructions with the calmness of a professional, fully surrendering work. In the end, I made fun shooting: "You're a girl who does not care about the fact that it is primarily a model". Anouck laughs. "Yes, but this does not mean that I want to be mediocre".
Three days later, looking through pictures, we notice something common in pictures Anouck. You see, there's even a hint of uncertainty or awkwardness. She is so naturally keeps itself is simply amazing. The fact is that for the first class of models, posing in front of the camera is a dynamic, aesthetic ritual, representation. And in the work Anouck felt echoes of the steepness of the elusive young Mick Jagger, reckless chic Iggy Pop, nihilistic head Miss Joan Jett. This is the difference between mediocrity and a star.

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  • sasha for ANOUCK Lepere
  • Which is incredibly pure girl, . it is natural in advertising "Hugo deep red", . how I do not have any chance at least to be present at your shows, . Anouk! With Love, . from Togliatti (Russia). What is unimaginably pure girl as it is natural in advertising "Hugo deep red", . how much there are at me no chances even to be present on your displays, . Anouck! With love, . from Tolyatti (Russia),
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