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Photo Gallery GOMEZ Inna (18)
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Biography GOMEZ Inna
photo GOMEZ Inna
. Year of Birth: 1970
. Height: 170
. chest: 88
. hips: 90
. Waist: 60
. Shoes: 38
. hair: brown
. eyes: gray-green
. Personal file:
. In 1988 he participated in the contest Moscow beauty, but life has made his adjustments and after such a start, she chose the work of the enterprise and teaching typewriting.

. Five years was married to a Spaniard by the name of Augustine, by the name of the same, respectively, Gomez.
. It is involved in scuba diving, playing the guitar and enjoys photography
. And what is most surprising: for their shortcomings with the attributes laziness and zakompleksovannost!

Likes Georgian, Uzbek, Chinese cuisine. Lives without diets, without simulators, without the hairdresser. Manicure also makes self. Read by Boris Vian, Llosa, Knut Hamsun, drives a Jeep Toyota, wants to learn how to drive a plane and believes that the gloom - a great sin.

. And one fine day she will fly to the sky in sheets, like Remedios Beautiful markesovskoy tales of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'.
. Biography:
. In 1989, Inna Churkin has won popularity by taking part in a beauty contest "Miss Moscow"
. Then she was among the 36 beauties, but also among the finalists Ina was not ... Soon after she married an Italian by the name of Gomez, but the relationship did not exist, and they were divorced.

At school, she dreamed of the Faculty of cartography, as well as very fond of traveling. And even a few years engaged in the travel club in the Pioneer Dzerzhinsky District, who organized trips to the Kola Peninsula in the Crimea, the Caucasus ... With 25-pound backpack, she had a group go to that part of the taiga, . where no one had gone before, . cross the icy mountain river (Inna seriously engaged in scuba diving), and mountain passes, . scrambling over rocks and down into the gorge, . and eat at the best half-baked mushroom with roasted garlic,

. After school trips Inna seriously carried away a photograph and collect various rocks and minerals, . to bring home tons of each campaign, . and regular congresses of the PCB (Clubs amateur song) with the participation of famous bards taught her to play the guitar beautifully,
. Recently, she participated in the "Survivor" and has won universal recognition.

She very much wanted to bring to the island camera and a guitar, but as a practical person, she opted for fishing gear. Other "Kamikaze" confined opener, church books, family photos, guitars and toys. Many of them are fundamentally committed to the island did.

- For me this adventure - a chance to look at life from another point of view and prove that the model is not capricious, weak and dull-witted people, - says Inna Gomes.

- And I'm used to the difficulties. Podium - the hard work ... House by two black "fleece" cats, which I love very much.

Love for animals manifested itself and on the island. Together with fellow Sergey Inna found sea turtles laying eggs and built for just hatched cherepashonka original nursery. She poured into a pan of water, and put the turtle. Once the newborn "caught his breath, he was released to the open sea.
Perhaps it was this act added to her points during the evening the tribal council, when it was decided to "eat" the actress Helen.

Now Inna combines work model with filming a movie and playing in theatrical productions. And with all this, his shortcomings, she still thinks that laziness and zakompleksovannost

. Filmography:
. "Summer rain", a feature film, Angel-Film, 2001
. "Love to the grave," a feature film, Gafin-Gafin filmstudiya, 2000
. "Maroseyka 12: No more bets", a TV movie, RTR, 2000
. "The keys to death, serial, NTV-Profit, 2000
. Birthday Burzhuya-2, serial, NTV-Profit, 2000
. "The Black Room" series, REN-TV, 2000


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  • Inna Gomes
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  • Inna Gomes
  • Inna Gomes
  • GOMEZ Inna
  • GOMEZ Inna
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  • GOMEZ Inna

Photos of GOMEZ Inna

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  • MoSt for GOMEZ Inna
  • Wash a good model, but in the "last hero", she looked not like the photos ... ;-(
  • Flyer for GOMEZ Inna
  • Looking for GOMEZ Inna
  • MoSt for GOMEZ Inna
  • Zoya for GOMEZ Inna
  • Personally I never liked Gomez. There is a category of women who simply be led in the right place to zakantachit with the right people. She's just somebody's muse and this "someone" with money and, accordingly, with the possibilities.
  • Liza-1990 for GOMEZ Inna
  • Yeah, you're right (and) ... The pictures it looks much better ...
  • Lilitu for GOMEZ Inna
  • Very nice and beautiful woman, and most importantly - did not go ...
  • amoon for GOMEZ Inna
  • Ina very beautiful woman. There is in her first multi interesting than a green eyes. This is just a strong character and personality.. Such women slightly. Zakomleksovannost, which she says is familiar to me. I own this. Just feel like in isolation from the world and do not understand the power of her beauty. Guys, take it higher, and you value above all other qualities.
  • kik for GOMEZ Inna
  • Inaccuracies in the article: in the beginning of the article says that she married a Spaniard and that the beauty pageant was in 1988, and in a paragraph - a beauty contest in 1989, and married to an Italian, visited
  • Sveta for GOMEZ Inna
  • As I got tired, but I do almost every day say that I am at it is very similar, even autograph. Interesting if they met her, she would have noticed it:)
  • prng for GOMEZ Inna
  • beautiful woman, sorry not fotkal in vide.interesno bare it all except the face zatsenit.Poka not aged much, could still capture the joy of the people.
  • Andrew for GOMEZ Inna
  • would like to fuck her
  • I think it is very beautiful, it felt intelegentnost and intelligence and wisdom, I think it klasseaya п¦п¦п¦я+п¦п+п¦п¦,
  • Anna for GOMEZ Inna
  • Very beautiful woman! Mystical, mysterious face, captivating eyes, these little, I put her in the first place!
  • Xenia for GOMEZ Inna
  • We are with her as a surprisingly п·п+п+я+п¦п+я- alike, not only outwardly, but what is surprising and internally! Still, there are twins in the world, there would have to see her face to face ))))))))))))
  • Serge for GOMEZ Inna
  • WORLD thine house, Ina!
  • Alan for GOMEZ Inna
  • I think that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, abd I have seen many!
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